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Speaker 1: Step one, ready? Learn the steps from business coach prosBusiness Coach 266

Speaker 2: Step one.

Speaker 1: On Facebook advertising or any other form of advertising you have to know your demographic. Z, can you talk to me about why it’s so important to know who your target market is and who your target market is not as a business coach and business owner.

Speaker 2: First of all, demographic you know we’re in Oklahoma and the geography … Oh, no, demographic I was going over geographic-

Speaker 1: Oh, geological formations.

Speaker 2: Sorry, I was pontificating on the wrong thing. Well, you have to know who wants to buy your stuff and you can’t say well, you know, we get guys on here, we get Thrivers, we get business coach guys on here all the time and they make the same mistake, they take the same bait and they say the wrong think almost every time. We say who’s your most likely buyer and they go, you know, really I got to be honest with you, everyone is. You know, I mean everyone is you’re just like no.

Speaker 1: Coach, do you know who buys from you, and Z, do you know who buys from you?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 4: Yes.

Speaker 1: Soccer moms.

Speaker 2: Soccer moms are my target. If you’re a soccer mom out there I’m talking to you.

Speaker 1: This is like the 106.9 listeners. They’re in their Suburban’s. Coach, do you have a lot of Suburban’s in your parking lot, a lot of SUV’s?

Speaker 4: Yes.

Speaker 1: Z, do you have some Suburban’s out there?

Speaker 2: In the day it was minivans. I saw a minivan pull in and I’m like oh yeah. There’s my people. There’s my people but not as a business coach.

Speaker 1: This is the kind of music they know. The soccer moms, they don’t know the actual lyric to the songs.

Speaker 2: No, no, because the kids are picking the radio station.

Speaker 1: They all know the chorus and then they get the chorus. We at 106.9. [inaudible 00:47:42]. Oh, man. Z, do you advertise on 106.9 occasionally?

Speaker 2: Absolutely I do.

Speaker 1: Why do you advertise there?

Speaker 2: Well, because the soccer moms are listening to it because-

Speaker 1: “What do you need.”

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah, because the kids in the car get to pick the radio station. That’s just one of the rules of law. The kids pick it that way they behave themselves a little bit and mom can actually get where she needs to go without some big fight in the back.

Speaker 1: You’re saying that you actually though intentionally market to soccer moms over there at Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates but not thrive’s business coach right?

Speaker 2: Yes, because they are kind of the health coordinator of their family. They tell their kids where to go. They tell their husbands or boyfriends where to go. They make those decisions for the family more times than not, and so that’s my most likely person I want to get to. Does that mean every one of our patients is a soccer mom? No, but they kind of help drive health care in the family. We have done research and figured it out and so therefore by reaching them that’s why I don’t advertise like on radio stations that are predominately male driven stations. You go oh, that’s not fair. Dudes need to see too. I know dudes need to see but as a general rule of thumb I’ve learned over the years that it’s the soccer moms, it’s the moms of the household, it’s the wives that are help making the appointments, help making the decisions and-

Speaker 1: All Bieber all the time.

Speaker 2: Bieber is just Bieber fever.

Speaker 1: [crosstalk 00:48:52] Bieber fever.

Speaker 2: Yeah, basically Bieber Fever.

Speaker 1: Coach, do you market to soccer moms too or do you focus on like male sailors?

Speaker 4: No, it’s soccer moms, and in fact every one of my … The men that I talk to, they always say let me talk to the boss of the family first. Let me find out the schedule. Let me find out what the kids are doing.

Speaker 2: Yeah, let me find out the schedule. You know, if I owned a car repair store, Clay, I would be … You know, if I sold auto parts I would have a different mindset.

Speaker 1: If you-

Speaker 2: If I sold haircuts for just a men’s only grooming lounge I would advertise someplace differently.

Speaker 1: If you advertise for Massage Envy and your target audience was soccer moms then what you would do is you would be on 106.9 marketing to those soccer moms, wouldn’t you, Z?

Speaker 2: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: Absolutely, and that’s been a good niche for you for 25 years. I mean, you’ve been marketing to that same niche for a long time.

Speaker 2: For a long time and it’s working, but you have to be purposeful in finding out what your demographics are. Who’s going to … If you say to yourself, you look in the mirror and go, well everybody … Stop that. You’re most likely your highest … You know the one that’s going to give you the best bang for your buck, you know.

Speaker 1: Z, if this song isn’t playing every 30 minutes to your audience, if the people you’re marketing to, if you’re going to market to soccer moms and they’re not hearing this song every 30 minutes, it’s not your target audience. Bruno Mars is everywhere.

Speaker 2: Bruno Mars, everywhere.

Speaker 1: Justin Bieber.

Speaker 2: In fact we actually have a Bruno Mars cutout and we have him electronically move every now and then he waves to soccer moms.

Speaker 1: All right, so number one, know your demographic. Number two, you have to have a clear message, a clear call to action, so Z, what’s your call to action right now at Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates?

Speaker 2: Well, we’re always driven by value as a business coach. I’ll just tell you a little quick story. When I was a young boy, big family, I needed glasses and it barely we were … I was active, shocker I know, and I’d always break them. Well, we couldn’t afford to go get them replaced for another, you know, the year or whatever’s going to come up, so I always went around with tape on my glasses. That will build some character in a young man, I promise you.

Speaker 4: I remember you guys.

Speaker 2: I promise you that. It will build some character.

Speaker 1: That’s why you’re so resilient now.

Speaker 2: That’s why from lots of scrapping. That’s why I always carry around some duct tape with me too. I said to myself listen, I want to be able to have a value driven business to where kids that are in my shoes from, you know, years ago could come in and it doesn’t cost, you know, their dads three paychecks to get him a pair of glasses and so I always drove all my commercials, if you’ve heard anything or seen anything about me as far as making a commercial, one of the things I always try to get in there is value, and so one of my call to actions is always a value deal and right now it’s a $99.00 package. You can come in and get glasses and eye exam and everything included for less than one hundred bucks. This is knowledge you can apply from a business coach.


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