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Business Coach : Work Wholeheartedly

Business Coach : Work Wholeheartedly

-So you know, this thing at Thrive Clay, it’s like I’ve read 100s, I would probably say 1,000s of books. And it’s like getting to the chapter that I really need to read and having to read through 180 pages of why are you wasting my time to getting right to where it works! Bam, right there! That’s what I would be excited about Thrive for. Access to the best business coach.

-I think some of your cons that I know of in the construction industry and different industries, they have been stuck and they couldn’t grow. I mean, they’re working hard, every day they get up early, they’re working hard, they’re making sales calls, they’re trying to service clients, they’re not growing.

They meet you, you teach em’ two or three keys, they unlock the lock, they’re off the races. I see that all the time. What kind of specific things could maybe a client learn up here on Thrive? What kind of topics can they learn?

-Well, first of all how to show up with your whole heart. That’s the big thing I see that people have got this half ask attitude. Is that better for the–

CLAY (OFFSCREEN): That’s better for the kids.

-OK, it’s better for the kids. You know, my kids may watch this.

CLAY (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, that’s true.

-So they got this half hearted attitude and they’re showing up saying why am I not succeeding? You gotta show up with all your heart. Business is this creative process of creating something of value and serving other people. It’s this compassionate expression of your creativity. A business coach will tell you that doing things wholeheartedly is the only way to do things.

-I think about like to– and probably people don’t know this because they know you as the successful, visionary leader– You had your CPA. Right? Or you still have your CPA, you are a CPA.

-CPA, constant pain in the–

-Ask. You go back to the–

-In the abdomen.

-Abdomen, abdomen. Now Tim, what kind of person should subscribe to Thrive? What kind of person would benefit from Thrive? What kind of person could use a business coach?

-That’s a great question, Clay. And I think first of all, people that are dissatisfied with where they’re at. People that are feeling down on themselves, that think they should be further. I believe that frustration can be their friend and not just their foe.

It’s a good thing in their life that they’re feeling down because that’s an indicator that something’s out of whack and we need to get some medicine. We need to get some care on that thing. You know, Thrive or a business coach is going to be that medicine directly to that wound to turn that around.

-Another thing is for people that want to grow and they’ve tried growing and they’ve been somewhat successful, but they’re not able to sustain that growth. And so people that want to grow and keep growing, this can be perfect because we’re going to give laser focused advice and saying OK listen McFly, when you’re here, do this! A business coach will help you to sustain growth.

-Another thing we’ve got is people that want to move from doing a job– I mean there’s a lot of entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with that they’re as employed as– and they’re the ones that own the business.

CLAY (OFFSCREEN): They’ve created a job.

-They’ve created a job and they’re a slave to the job and there’s no joy. And business is this expression of creative compassion. It doesn’t mean you jump to work and you’re handing flowers out to people as you come in, like a ballet dancer. It’s not that.

It’s to really begin to love their work. To love what they’re doing. To love serving people. Well we shift people from tolerating this thing to really celebrating where they’re at in their business.

-I will say this, it’s a capstone thought I think, but I know that when I’ve spending time with you– and a couple weeks ago we got a chance to go meet David Robinson. And when I’ve spent time with Arthur Greeno, and then the guy who started Hobby Lobby, and these different people– I always come back going I wish I could’ve recorded that.

Or I wish I could go back there and get that advice again. I wish I could hop back in. And I love the idea that they’ll be hours and hours of phenomenal content from yourself and people who know more. And it’s great because you know a lot about a ton of areas, but even you have advisors and consultants that you hire.

-I can’t wait to subscribe to Thrive. I mean, I haven’t told you this. Do I get some kind of a thing for being a friend?

-You want to talk to Dan. He’s on the camera. He’s the one you need to talk to.

-We need to do this. But here’s the thing. It’s not hours and hours. Here’s what I like about this. It is hours and hours and you’re– there’s no dimmer switch with Clay Clark. OK. Just whatever camera’s on me.

OK, so I understand that about you. It’s hours and hours. It’s not dozens, it’s not 100s, it’s thousands! But here’s what it is. It’s little snippets. Not just to tease, but it’s enough to really show you– it’s a five minute sesh with me that says get off your ab–

-Abdominal region.

-And really go after it. It’s these 15 minute segments of saying OK, let’s focus on this all of life and all this noise all around you. We’re going to come right here and we’re going to nail this right here.

-All right. Hey thank you so much for your time.

-It’s been great.

-Appreciate it.



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