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Business Coach : Be Financially Free

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Entrepreneur or employee, what do you want to be?  As an employee you will be kept to a tight schedule   You have to work a certain number of hours a week. You have to do everything the way your employer states. You have to work along side drama ( other employees foolish behavior). You have to follow a dress code not of your choosing. You should work hard even if they do not have high standards. You work overtime Because others do not pull their weight. You can never expect to be financially independent. You will get stuck in a rut   You will never experience your total potential. You have to manage within their boundaries. Do you like those scenarios?  If not call Clay Clark, business coach expert at 855-955-7469 for an opportunity to get out of a rut. Listen to the Thrivetime Show where Dr Z and Clay Clark wine and dine you on business practices.

As an entrepreneur who uses business coach, you have unlimited possibilities. You can set your own hours. You can have financial freedom. You will have time freedom. There is no ceiling to your potential growth in business and personally. You hire A and B employees who work for you and not against you. You set the standard. Your schedule is of your own making. You have the opportunity to mentor. You get the satisfaction of working out your vision ( not someone,else’s.) there is no cap on your finances. You can expand you can retire early. You have time for faith, family, relationships and fitness.

What is your choice?  If you choose to want the best for yourself you will choose to be an entrepreneur. How do you do this?  First, you will want to join forces with a business coach company. Thrive 15 is the best out there. They do it all. They hook you up with mentors in the business. Men and women who are entrepreneurs like yourself who have already accomplished what your end goal is,success. They have already been down your road and care share the pitfalls arms traps that you need to avoid. This will save you so much time and angst in the long run.

Go to Thrive 15 ‘s website at the and see what others are saying after receiving the help they needed. Some of these companies are: IBM, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, Dunrite Plumbing, Barbee Cookies, Trinity Employment, QuikTrip, Oxifresh, Elephant in the Room, Sprik Realty and more   Join their ranks of successful entrepreneurs. Receive the satisfaction that come with success. Enjoy the time freedom that comes with success.

Entrepreneur or employee, which do you want to be? Do you want Freedom of time or to be  chained to a job. Do you want to invest your time in someone else’s dream or in your own? The choice is yours. Make the right one. Get the start you need and call Clay Clark today at 855-955-8769. Listen to his live radio broadcast on the Thrivetime Show

Business Coach : Resource For Growth.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

As a business owner, I’m sure you have researched the way to business grow. You’ve accumulated much information, but are not quite sure which steps will be efficient. You need these steps to be put in a linear path for your business to grow. Why not leave this to the professionals? You can either allow your business to grow fast, or you can allow your business to grow slow. Would you choose to grow your business seven times faster if you could? The best option for this is through business coach. Inexperienced coach will put you on the path to success. A few steps toward success is duplicating your business and translating your numbers. The best resource for growth in your business is the Thrivetime show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, loves to hear your questions at 855-955-7469.

Documenting your business has been a phrase you’ve heard with success. Maybe you have not heard of documenting your business to be successful. Don’t worry, you were not the only one. Starting your business, it wasn’t just for a hobby. You have goals. Goals were to game time and financial freedom. Your business happens to be something you love, but the main goal is to meet the life you want to live. did you want to work for yourself? Maybe you had to go all of it getting more time with your family? Whatever they desire, you started your business to live a certain life. I want to work is required to building a business. As a business owner, you do not need to be reminded of this. You continue working many hours because you know at the end of the day, it will pay off. Listen to business coaching.

You need to do a few things before it pays off. One very important aspect of your business is to start documenting everything. You need to document every aspect of your business. This includes checklist for maintenance, checklist for anything repeatable, sales calls, etc. If your employees need to pick up the phone a certain way, document this. Do you have rules in place for a reason. Your business needs to set a certain ambience. To do this, your employees need to listen. Employees need to know how to keep the ambience. This in return, will lead to time freedom through business coach. It will allow you gain the time freedom you desire.

Documenting your business is extremely important. It is important because it allows you to not have to work in your business. Do you know the difference between working in your business and working on your business? Working in your business means working like an employee. When starting a business, entrepreneurs tend to make a job for themselves instead of making a business. Gain a coach for experience. Their experience will allow you to create a business instead of creating a job for yourself.

The best business coach in the whole world has grown many different businesses. He is full of experiences and knowledge. Gained the knowledge he has received from growing businesses. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469. He will answer your questions on the Thrivetime show.


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