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Part 2 of business coach transcript.

Business Coach 288

Clay Clark: Meta wedding.

Dr. Zoellner: Yes, it sounds good now. Of course when that day approaches, be like why did we say yes to that?

Clay Clark: By the way, I’ve done some crazy ones. Sharita, I don’t know if you know people who do this but I’ve done a wedding on a pontoon boat, not bad for a business coach eh?

Shereeda Bent: Love it.

Clay Clark: Grand Lake.

Shereeda Bent: Love it.

Dr. Zellner: Nice.

Clay Clark: Keystone. Done a outdoor deal where it was in Sapulpa and they had just recently buried a body right near the site where the bride and groom got married.

Dr. Zellner: Okay, now we’re getting a little weird.

Clay Clark: I’m not kidding. I’ve done a wedding where the bride came in on a horse and let’s just say the bride weighed almost as much as the horse. And she kinda started to fall off the horse. I have done these things. So, you talk about weddings, Z, there’s so many crazy scenarios. I don’t think you understand what you’re signing yourself up for, your a business coach not a DJ. You’re talking about going to Israel and going hey lets go wave the Israeli flag around the Ghazi strip and see what happens. That’s the kind of craziness. You’re just provoking that sort of activity.

Dr. Zellner: Well, and provoking I am. SO there it is. The gauntlet’s been laid out there so-

Clay Clark: Meta wedding.

Dr. Zellner: Hustle up, buttercup. There you go.

Clay Clark: [email protected]. Now, the next move. We as business coach pros are talking about getting things done. Step number four is you’ve got to use one day timer. Lee Cockerel, he’s the former executive vice president of Walt Disney World Resorts. He once had 40,000 employees that he managed. He says you either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.

Shereeda, you’re a mom. You have demands as a mom. You have demands in business. You’re a wife. So all these different hats you’re wearing. Why is it so important to use one day timer for you and not seven or three?

Shereeda Bent: Sure. Well this is great. Clay and I were actually talking about this and you kinda helped me work through that some time ago. I was a multi-notebook person. I had my to-do list for home, I had my to-do list for work. Just, here’s my to-do list for my goals or my trips or things like that. And so, it sounded like a great idea but just over the years I learned from you, you wanna pull everything into one place because you’re trying to find the notebook that has this in it and you may not be able to put your hand on it right away.

Clay Clark: I’m gonna tell you, Z a confessional here. Before I had the one day timer and before I was a business coach, I was supposed to be somewhere and I’m going gosh, I’ got a lot of time on this Saturday. Nothing’s going on.

Dr. Zellner: I’m ma plant a tree.

Clay Clark: This is great. It’s back in the day, before I had one day timer. And I’m going, yeah so what you wanna do. And all of a sudden it occurs to me, I’m a wedding DJ. There’s probably a wedding I’m supposed to be leaving for right now. And I find the super day timer, I get to the wedding, I set up on time. The customer has no idea how stressful it was for me. But I’m like, that is it. I’ve read the books about having one day timer but I almost missed somebody’s wedding. I’m switching to one day timer, Z. That’s what I did.

Dr. Zellner: You have to. When we all have stories out there. Until you switch to one, I mean, I got really smart a few years ago and I thought I’m gonna, these personal assistants, that seems like a good idea. I’ve never had one. I think I’m gonna get one. So I got a personal assistant and I try to funnel everything through them. My personal assistant had my schedule. Course, I had my schedule cause I had people that still had direct access to me, right?

Clay Clark: Yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Zellner: I had another manager that had kinda been my suedo personal assistant up to that point add another schedule. I remember one day, and this happened to me more than once, I’d have like three lunches planned on the same day. I’d be like, hmm, what am I gonna do?

Clay Clark: Which one should I do to?

Dr. Zellner: And what I do, I just have ’em all come, I just said pick a restaurant and have ’em all show up and it just kinda awkward but I’m just like hey, I’m multitasking. Here’s the game we’re gonna play. Each one of you take out a credit card and we’ll mix them up in and the waitress can pull one. That’s who paying for dinner today.

Clay Clark: You’re meeting with like a financial planner and then like a florist for your kids wedding at the same time going-

Dr. Zellner: What’s really weird is that they’re competing in the same industry. Kind of two contacts from competing companies giving each other skunk eye the entire lunch and they can’t talk about their products because they think its some kind of big secret in front of the other one.

Clay Clark: Why don’t you two work together and come up with a package in the middle and sell those lenses to me and sell those frames? Why don’t you two work together why I go order some guacamole? Business coach moves people!

Dr. Zoellner: Yeah, exactly. I tell you what, you put your bid down on this piece of paper and slide it to me on the table. You put yours down over here and we’ll just see which piece of paper wins.

Clay Clark: Now thrivers when we get back we are going to be wrapping up this topic of how to get stuff done. Then we’re gonna get into the deep weeds which is not what we do as a business coach, the details of how to plan your businesses financial future. It’s so much to pack into one show, how can we do it? I don’t know but we’re gonna do it today and I’mma tell you what, during this break you have two assignments. One, go to Oklahoma Joe’s get some baked beans, two, go to and book those tickets baby, baby.


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