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Bob and Mike’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Bob’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Bob Dudley, I’m live in broken arrow, originally from Florida. I came to Tulsa to go to Oru. I was scanning through the radio, listening to the normal political programs and ran across and thrive time show. No, I didn’t think the conference was a scam at all. I’d been listening to the podcast and it was a lot of good information they’re given away for free on the radio, right education and really thought it was good. I figured it was going to be the same great material in the business conferences as well. Oh, this place so unique. The artwork on the walls, all the quotes is very inspirational and educational. It’s just a very different environment that you’d find in most businesses and to me it, it motivates you, there a lot of energy here. Yeah. The teaching is great. It’s practical information and it just keeps you in a lot of the training sessions.

At other business conferences you have to wait, to get a good nugget, good information, but they’re few and far between. Here it’s just a constant stream, the constant barrage of just useful information, practical tips, things that you can use right away. What people are missing out is getting all the information in one place. This is a test the of system, it’s been proven and it works, and you can get bits and pieces from other places and try to put it all together yourself. Or you can come here to a seminar like this. This one in particular. You just get all that useful information. It’s laid out well. It’s practical. It’s in a workflow that you can actually implement and make sense and you can be a success. You don’t have to be a genius to do this. You just be consistent and follow the plan that’s been proven and will work for you too.

So the difference is I listen to Tony Robbins and it’s interesting. Good stuff. It’s hype and up sell you more height and yes, you can get motivated and you can overcome your own the things that are getting away yourself, but it’s it’s hype and it’s going to fade. It’s not practical enough for you to actually put it into practice and keep using. I would say you need to come to one of the business conferences if you have a business and want to grow, again, it’s proven system. You don’t have to learn everything on your own. As a small businessperson, you can’t do it all. You can’t learn it all, so they have a system that actually works, has been proven, and you just pick it up and you adopt it and put it in place and you will succeed. That’s worth its weight in gold.

Mike’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Originally from Tulsa, 1953, moved to Kansas after that. I’m 64 years old and my name is Mike peece. I heard about the business conferences from I think it was through a facebook blog through the general contractors that I associate around the United States with. I really don’t know how I heard about it the first time. I think it was through a blog on facebook through other general contractors throughout town out states that I keep track of. All the business that I own is that I’m a general contractor class. AICC tested also in a gutter company. My background is chasing hailstorms. Hurricanes, tornadoes, had a stroke three or four years ago, decided to stay at home in the Kansas City Metro area. This is all just about business practices for me. I know the game, but I don’t know how to run the business and described the atmosphere of the office and the team here as energetic, focused, very informational, bring out the great coaching skills are things I already know, but they brought out the best and I appreciate that place.

The presentation was truly, truly unique. It was more of an atmosphere of upbeat, motivational, but at the time was full of facts. The motivation was only to get through, to dwell on the fact that you were learning what the most valuable things I’ve learned here today from this conference was not only teamwork, but also focused on different things of accountability. Spreading the word about accountable. You have my team to make them more successful. People missing out on coming to this business conferences is that the things you don’t know you don’t know. So if you don’t come to this conference, you’re not going to know. And I’m telling you, there’s a wealth of information here. A real good reason to attend this conference is not that you, the things that you prejudged or answered your region of this meeting. You’re Adeline. You need to come and then you’ll find out what it’s all about and it will help you.


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