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What Bryce Hood Says About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Bryce Hood Business Conferences Testimonial

Hi, my name is Bryce hood and I’m originally from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and I am a CPA and a financial advisor, so I pretty much handle everything that is tax and money related. Well we are actually clients of Clay Clarks and so he’s been really helping us revamp our marketing model for our business and so that’s kind of how it spurred. He just mentioned that he does these business conferences and it just a two-day crash course over what his process is and how to really benefit your business. And so we’ve been to a couple of these business conferences now. We absolutely love it when we decided to attend this conference, you know, we really just wanted a big picture view of Clay’s process. Like I said, we are clients of his and so we really deep dive into our own specific industry, but we like to take that big picture view of how he could really help any industry in any business because we do work with so many different business clients that we really like to be able to apply some of that to help them.

Also, if they are not currently a client of Clay’s or if they haven’t been to one of these, why they should show up so far at the business conferences, is you get a lot of information. It’s kind of information overload and so we pick and choose some small things. Some of the more key things that we find out is just really being able to hold our employees accountable. I’m not allowing mediocrity and really expecting excellence in every area, regardless of what position you hold with our company. So what I really liked most about the workshop is really the atmosphere, getting to know a lot of other business owners, whether they’re from Tulsa or anywhere else in the United States, is really just that word of mouth. Getting to know other business owners, what are they taking away, how can we help them? Also, how can they help us?

I love the real just overall marketing aspect of these business conferences. Clay is unique from a marketing style and a presenter. He’s not your stereotypical, I’m just going to stand up here and read off a prompter. He’s real, he’s real funny, he’s real personable. For two-day conference, you really get a lot out of it and it’s entertaining. The atmosphere here is unlike anything I’ve ever really been to. You walk in, it’s a big open room. Everybody’s laughing and smiling and having a good time. You can really tell everybody enjoys being here from the moment they walk in the doors. So as a CPA, I attend a lot of different business conferences. Most of them are continuing education, some of them are business building like this one, and this one has just a different feel to it. It’s more energetic, it’s more fun. You get a lot more out of it. Information wise. If you decide not to attend one of these thrive time conferences, you’re really missing out on growth opportunity for your business. You’re not taking advantage of the tools and the successes of other people, whether they’re in the same industry as you or not. They really can help you take your business to that next level. But if you don’t attend, and maybe you’re okay with where you’re at, I guess.


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