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What Clayton and Mckenzie Say About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Clayton S Business Conferences Testimonial

I am Clayton and I am from the Dallas Fort Worth area. I originally heard about the business conferences through my son and daughter in law who is franchising a product that is currently working with Clay Clark. I’m looking at starting a business and helping people that are currently looking for work to find that job and get back in. The workforce was on service, learning about techniques that would be helpful in me starting my website, doing the branding, doing the sales and the things that would make in that despair is very laid back. It’s entertaining. It’s very beneficial in learning. It definitely keeps you motivated and keeps you alert and focused on what’s being said.

Clay’s presentation style is definitely unique. There is no dead time. He’s always making noises, but it does keep you entertained. It does give you good life examples to show what per se. It’s just not leery, but there are facts and there’s a piece of evidence backing it up. Probably for me, because my background is in sales so the process of the sales process and the five steps to close to basically going through the actual sales process or all the way through the close and making sure that you come back with money was very helpful. Thes business conferences are very entertaining. You get, get a chance to meet other people who are just there to learn. Don’t be shy, be able to introduce yourself to others that are attending the business conferences because not only can you learn from people such as clay and Marshall, but you can also pick up tips and things as well as network contacts are the people that are also attending the conference.

Well, if you decide not to come to the business conferences, you’re going to miss out on some really key techniques that can really help your business, particularly when it comes to the web and using reviews and things that can help drive business to your company and your sale. So that would be one thing is is that if you decide not to build, is that you are missing out on a potential process. They can help your business grow. And not just scroll by a few percentage points, but the possibly double and triple your business. I think one reason why it’s important for people to attend the conferences, that if you’re in business, you’re wanting to succeed in business, you’re wanting to benefit people, but you’re also wanting to create a profit. And the thrill is really important about this business is that it’s what the purpose is to help you be successful in your business. So not only are finding a service or a product, but you’re making money at it and you’re making money to create the life that you want to create.

McKenzie Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Mckenzie and I’m originally from Oklahoma City. I am involved in a pest control business. I originally heard about the business conferences through the radio show that we listened to. I feel they call the program the number one business coach program because it is very informative, it has a great atmosphere and you get a lot of information and a little amount of time. I’ve learned a lot of things in the workshop so far different areas of the business and how to improve and continue to grow. What I liked most about the workshop was how interactive it was. I felt comfortable asking any question that I had and the answers I got back or exactly what I needed to year based presentation style plays. The presentation style was very energetic. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. I would describe the atmosphere as very casual and professional at the same time. I’m a very comfortable atmosphere. This conference is different from other business workshops because there are no upsells. It’s a different sort of atmosphere to it. It’s, there’s no pressure at all. You’re missing out on so much. If you decide not to attend this conference, um, your business, I don’t see how it could grow without attending conferences like these.


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