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What Cody A Says About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Cody and Rachel A’s Business Conferences Testimonials

My name is Cody Albright and this is my wife Rachel Albright, and we are from Oklahoma. We don’t actually own a business yet, we’re starting a business with my father in law called Sierra pools and spas.

I heard about the thrivetime show business conferences from my dad who listens to the thrive time show on 1170. He’s an entrepreneur so he recommended this conference to us. I have learned the skills to get started with the business. I kind of came in not knowing even where to start, where to begin, just feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the whole process. I feel like clay really gave us the information to not only get started but once we do get started to get moving with the business and actually get things rolling. Being in the beginning process, I don’t know much. I didn’t come in into these business conferences knowing what to expect.  I didn’t know much about sales, business, marketing and I learned nothing like this in high school. And so I feel like I learned actually a tremendous amounts of things, practical things I could put to use.

I would describe the thrivetime show business conferences as a very welcoming atmosphere. Warm, is that a word? A relaxed Place. Clay is a very great speaker. He made it really fun. Lots of energy. So I would say I had a great experience. Very homey. It’s awesome. It’s a little bit eclectic, bu you definitely get a sense of what they believe in and their energy here and their purpose here. You can definitely see it all over the walls and everywhere. I would describe Clay as a very well communicator, very funny, very energetic, very passionate, very knowledgeable, and just fun to listen.

The thrivetime show business conferences are very interactive.  Clay always was there to answer any questions that we have at any point we could answer any question or ask any questions and he was very willing to answer them, he’s very approachable. You can talk to him about anything. People that cannot come or haven’t come to a conference I would say they’re missing, just the jumpstart to get their business to a place where it’s serving them and where it’s really making the profit that they want to see. It’s accomplishing the goals that they have in their mind. Say they’re missing the practical skills to make that happen. Clay does not try to upsell you on anything, he’s definitely here to just help you out. He wants to give you all the skills that you need to get your business where you want it to be. So there’s no pressure. It’s totally no pressure and I’m a people pleaser so I would fall into the sort of things. But yeah, I would say it’s very relaxed, very nonpushy.

It’s definitely worth your time. It’s definitely worth the money because all the things that he’s going to teach you. You learn a ton in a very quick amount of time, but they’re (everything you learn) all very applicable if you actually put in the time to use them.


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