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What David and Thomas Say About Thrivetime Business Conferences

David F’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is David Frederick and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The biggest thing I have learned from these business conferences are the three-legged stool of marketing, which really simplifies the day to day activities of what we should be doing as a business entrepreneur or business owner leadership. That would be the biggest thing. Really just the step by step on how to deal with sharing that vision with your employees and what business is all about, how it’s about me. The decor and experience of these business conferences are really indescribable. I’d say it’s the Disneyland of business training. I mean, it’s phenomenal. It’s energizing. I mean, I can live here. I love it. I’d say it is very eclectic. I’ve been to lots of business conferences and you know, it’s kind of the same old, same old. This one is changing all the time. It’s funny. It’s humorous, interactive. You get your questions answered, you’re not embarrassed.

There’s no dumb questions and you learn something. Literally, I’m writing things down every five minutes. I want to remember. It’s good information, but it’s the simplicity of applying that information. It’s taken all the stresses of a business owner and he showed you very step by step clearly how to do it and how to move forward, and he simplifies it so it’s obtainable, so you don’t have to be an expert as a business owner. Sometimes you think you have got to be an expert at everything and he shows you don’t have to be those things even if the things you’re not the best at now. There’s been no upsells at all and it’s really taken the resistance down. Every session I’m coming in not having to put up sales resistance and feeling bad because I’m not going to buy something. It’s completely for me.

It’s pretty awesome. Like I said, I would almost call it a business spa. It’s, it’s all about me. It’s the answer. My question is to satisfy my investment for being here rather than pushing me into some product purchase. Now, this is phenomenal. This is the best value. Any business anywhere. I’ve done lots of business conferences. I’ve led conferences, I’ve trained conferences. I’ve been at many around the world. This is the absolute best within the first hour of being here. I called for my business owner friends said they have to be here before this blows up and quadruples in price. Once again. It’s like a, it’s simplified the business processes. It makes it fun and it restores kind of why you’re in business in the first place that restored that vision, that fashion, that why. And uh, and it’s very practical. So you’re going to, I’m going to walk away with answers. It’s going to actually make me money. So money’s not the only thing, but it’s important. And I filled the many things here. I would just sip, I’m going to take it and make money and also be more peace and less worried about it.

Thomas C’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Thomas Crossin. I’m originally from Houston, Texas. I own a real estate photography, marketing drone, videography company. I’m also a coaching client of Clays so I heard about the business conferences through him. I think the biggest thing for us with the conferences and we kind of have all the pieces and have learned everything, but being able to kind of put it together and kind of go through everything maybe that we did in the past and how we can change going forward is kind of what we hope to get out of the conference. I think so far in the conference we’ve learned some little things that we’ve been doing wrong maybe the whole time and just little tweaks that we can make that’ll really help our business keep growing. I really liked the energy at the conference. You’ll have everyone here, I don’t know, 100 plus people a really good environment and really get you excited to be with like-minded people that are all kind of focused on the same, same goal for each of their businesses.

The energy here is very high energy. He’s got good stories. It’s nice to hear stories from someone that has practical experience and that’s done it and not just some guy that you don’t know anything about that you can’t verify any of his stories. You can’t verify anything about his company’s. Uh, everything about clay. You can look up, you can read about the companies and see that it’s all real stuff. The thrive 15 world headquarters is, is awesome. It’s big, it’s exciting. A lot of motivational stuff. Uh, the pinion wood is great, so it’s a good environment. I’ve actually never been to another conference, but from what I’ve heard, other business conferences, you know, maybe it’s 100 bucks to start, but then by the time you leave you’re spending a couple thousand and you know, you’re, you’re signing into a contract.

That kind of stuff, Clays all about not doing that. He has some other offerings, you know, thrive, stuff like that. But you know, it’s there if you want it, if you don’t want it, no big deal. I think if you don’t come to the conference, you’re missing out on kind of that full experience from starting business day one, how to set your branding to how to grow, how to hire or fire people, how to do interviews. A lot of conferences focused on one aspect of the business, whether it be marketing or SEO or starting or growing or getting funding. The thrive conference really has a lot that encompasses all of that, so it’s a lot more benefit for one conference.


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