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What Derrick and Danielle Say About Thrivetime Business Conferences

Derrick L’s Business Conferences Testimonial

I’m Derrick Lynch and I’m from here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m in the piano service industry. I tune pianos and I also service everything that has to do with the touch and the piano and the tone as well. I actually have my parents are friends of family and so we’ve known of these business conferences for a long time. I wanted to learn marketing skills, I come from a skill base background, so the idea of selling to me what’s completely for it and this conference is definitely geared towards selling and knowing how to do that well. So the primary thing for me was learning how to sell and Clay lays out three legs of a stool as an idea to help focus Getting really good at what you need to do to sell your product well. These business conferences as a whole is really good because he keeps it engaging.

He does not let you get distracted with just mindless talking. He’s always keeping it fun. He is funny and always giving you good content, so if you are paying attention and you ask questions even you’re going to get really, really good value from it. He has fun. So if he’s presenting, he’s going to make it as fun as possible so that you are always clued in. He brings in funny examples that really illustrate what he’s trying to get across. This place is lively, everybody that is here is amped up to learn, to grow and to make sure that you are as effective as possible for what you want to achieve. This conference is, like I said, geared towards selling, and so if you want to know how to effectively reach your audience, this is really good for that. It’s not going to get bogged down in tons of theory is really practical stuff that you can apply right when you walk out the door, you’re missing out on the skills that you can take right when you walk out the door.

Danielle’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Danielle and I’m from Long Island, New York. The Thrivetime business conferences headquarters is fantastic. It’s homey and businesslike at the same time. It’s got a very relaxed atmosphere, but you can tell things are still doing in the regiment that they need to be done. So far I’ve learned that little things make a big difference. The no brainer idea is something that we want to instill, it sounds like a really great idea. It’s getting those people in the door and once they’re in the door of how to get them to join your group, to join your company during join your organization. Clay’s presentation style is very comfortable. He is in there with you, talking to you, not at you, and he is. He jokes around a little bit. He shows you stuff, so this visual versus him speaking. He’s not just sitting there lecturing to you. There’s a lot of mixed visual interaction.

This program and the people in it are they’re telling us what they’re going to do and honestly seemed like they’re doing a lot more than it may even be paid for. They seem to be jumping in and helping us with every little thing that we need. Every time we turn around somebody who’s willing to help us, help us improve it, help us do better at it from what little I’ve seen already. Just from this perspective, this place seems like everybody’s on point. Everybody does what they’re supposed to do, throw. Clay and the business conferences team is obviously extremely successful in what they do and it is because of what he now teaches to others and how to be successful. So it definitely sounds like something that any business owner who’s looking to make any move forward in their company should jump into.


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