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What Elizabeth, Tyler, and Matthew Say About Thrivetime Business Conferences

Elizabeth W’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Elizabeth Walker and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I own a business called Nook and Cranny Home Keeping Llc. I heard about the thrive time business conferences on the radio show. I was looking to learn pretty much anything there is to learn about business. I’m a new business owner less than a year, so I really needed to know everything about everything. I have learned how to implement systems, from hiring to the actual day-to-day systems in the company. I liked that the workshop gave tangible systems, but it was very entertaining and interactive. Clays presentation style was energetic, it was exciting and it gave me hope that there’s actually a lot of success still to be done in my business. Well, the atmosphere was energizing and figuring nothing boring about it. It was absolutely exciting. While we’re not sitting in chairs grouped all together and huddled, looking at powerpoints, so whole time, we were in a nice comfortable area. We had plenty to drink, we could get up and move around if we needed to. We could interact with each other. People are missing out on concrete examples of how to run their day to day business. Very simple things, and maybe that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned is that this can be simple and I think that’s what they’re missing out on by not coming to these business conferences.

Tyler H’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Tyler Hastings and I am from New Orleans. We originally heard about the thrive time show business conferences through our thrive business coach Marshall. We decided to attend the thrive time show conference. We were looking to learn all about the different aspects of the business. We’re currently working on accounting, hiring, firing, really anything really relative to business. So far at the conference, we’ve learned that there are processes for all the things we’re struggling with. It’s been a great tool and we were looking forward to implementing everything we’ve learned so far at the conference. I would say Clay’s presentation is extremely unique, extremely motivating, and really engaging. So it’s, it’s been really fun. The atmosphere at thrive 15 world headquarters is remarkable. It’s unique, it’s fun, great lighting, great music, great smell. They cover all the, all the different areas. This is the first conference I’ve attended, so it sets the bar pretty high. If someone doesn’t attend the thrive 15 business conferences, I think they’re missing out a community that you get with other entrepreneurs as well as kind of a one stop shop for everything you may be wondering about, but haven’t had the chance to look into or are fine so far.

Matthew’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Matthew, I’m from Tulsa. I’m an aviation quality control and I’m looking to get into audio visual. I originally heard about the thrive business conferences from the company that I worked for. When I came here I was originally looking to learn more technical stuff about, not necessarily specific to my business but just for business in general. Specifically what I learned is what kind of profit margin I want to look for. A lot of it’s other stuff I’ve already kind of realized and learned throughout time but they kind of reiterated that. Also what I like about the business conferences is that Clay, he makes it entertaining, he’s a good speaker. He’s very dynamic, very entertaining. He kinda reminded me of Jim Gaffigan the comedian. The atmosphere is definitely energetic, very good, very good vibe to it. I would say this is more to the point, tere’s not a lot of fluff to it. If you don’t attend of of these business conferences you’re definitely missing out on entertainment and good business tips.


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