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Greg, Monique, and John’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Greg’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Greg Lusby and I heard about these business conferences from a friend of mine that has done this several times and thought I should know about it, should be involved in it. I am in the auto repair business. What I’m trying to learn from this is how to do it better, be better at marketing, have better employees and a better website information Everybody is very helpful at these business conferences. Clay’s attitude and everything towards what he’s doing is great. Time flies during these things. You don’t even know that you’re actually in a seminar, you think you’re at a comedy club. The Internet presence most definitely was helpful. How to hire employees is what I’ve learned so far. What I’ve learned so far from being in the business conferences, is how to hire better employees and how to increase your web presence and make it better from what I’ve experienced right now. If you don’t show up here, you’re gonna be missing some vital information that would help increase your business and your profit and you not being at work all the time and hiring the right people to run your business. So you need to attend to at least once just to make sure you know what you’re missing.

Monique’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Monique Armstrong and I’m involved in franchisee for subway stores. I heard about the business conference through the thrive time show. I feel that people call this the number one business business program because it gives people a beneficial information that allows them to expand their business and grow. Some of the things that I’ve learned at the workshop so far is the best methods to broaden your business through using the Google Internet access and how to set up your website so that you can actually be exposed to being the top. It’s exciting. I mean there is so there you get a chance, the opportunity to meet lots of new business owners, business owners that are having their minds expanded and it’s an exciting program and you learn a lot. It’s been wonderful place. He (Clay) has that enthusiasm. He has that passion. He has excitement, which makes me want to just learn more and get to the point where we can expand our business and be successful as well. The atmosphere here is inviting, warm, exciting, and there’s nothing you can tell that there is a lot to learn. I will say this, if you decide not to attend the conference, you miss out on opportunity to be able to learn, grow, and expand your business and take it to the next level.

John’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is John Shea and I”m from Owensboro, Kentucky. I actually worked for river city church and clay is our pastor’s coach and he came to the church and spoke to a group of us on a Saturday for about four hours. Well, I don’t actually own a business, but I manage a company and also worked for a river city church. So, I really like implementing the business world into the church world. So I think that’s pretty cool. The atmosphere of the business conferences office here at thrive time is pretty unique and it’s very positive feeling very encouraging when you walk in there. There’s not much room for negativity here. Clay’s delivering presentation style is different than most, and it is what it is and what he gives you, his golden and if you would just make the choice to implement it, it’s life changing.

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned here at the workshop is really how to manage people just across, your marriage, your family, your business, and even in the church van. My favorite aspect of the workshop so far would probably be, um, really how to bring volunteers in because I, I worked at the church, so bringing volunteers in and just getting them encouraged to serve people that don’t attend the thrive time workshop or missing out on just a lot of core values, a lot of information to be able to just really change every area of their life. Everyone needs to attend at least one thrive time workshop because I will use a word that is used around here a lot. It’s epic.



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