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What John Carter Says About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

John Carter Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is John Carter and I’m originally from Namibia. I’m involved in bathroom remodeling originally. My wife, she actually came up here for a interview trying to get a job with thrive time and so then I actually got plugged into the coaching system and then Marshall asked me or told me about the business conferences. Before I started with the conference, I realized that I was hitting a wall and that I needed to make some big-time changes in order to grow. And I wanted to learn how to make my business better and to grow my business. I’ve learned so many things. I’ve learned how to optimize my website, I’ve learned how to hire people. I’ve also learned how to get A-players and also learned how to keep the players. I also learned that there’s a wealth of knowledge in reading and always and also whenever I’m looking for A-players that I basically have to start with my core values whenever I’m hiring people and reinforced my core values throughout the hiring process, whether it be the, whether it be the first initial group interview.

I liked that we could ask questions and that Clay and Marshall and everybody could actually give input into my business when it pertained even though I am in a way different category or area construction. I love that it really doesn’t have to do that much as sales. It all has to do with business systems and they’ve been able to put that into my business and into me. I’ve also like that they’ve had different business conferences speakers over here giving away a different perspective and different mindset, but also felt like most everybody that came to the conference had the same mindset.

Everybody wants to grow, everybody wanted to be in a different place and everybody was willing to make changes for that. So at the thrive 15 headquarters, I’ve experienced a lot of energy. I can walk away from here with a lot of energy, a lot of ideas, and I like the smell.  I also really liked the way that people carry themselves, there’s a lot of charisma. What makes the thrive 15 conference different from all the other business conferences is that they’re not trying to upsell anything to me, they really focus on my personal growth as a business owner and also in growing my business without them getting something out of it. So right up front there I purchased an opportunity to get everything that I want for myself and they don’t really want anything. They’re using the law of reciprocity so they’re just giving back the whole time, giving back, giving back, giving back and eventually both of our business will grow in that way. But if people didn’t come to see or come to participate in a Thrive conference, they would miss some really key big time game gradients into making a successful business. There are so many things that we know, that we read about, but we always forget those things so we don’t practice them and this is going to elevate and also bring about and maybe it reintroduce new ideas for, for us as business owners to implement into our businesses.


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