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Josh and Brian’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Josh’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Josh Wilson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I heard about the thrive time business conferences after I started using thrive for business development a few months ago and heard about it from there. So we own a living water irrigation. We do irrigation, drainage in outdoor lighting, and I just want to learn how to implement better marketing strategies and better sales conversion just as far as the thrive team and how they execute, how they produce things. It’s just remarkable. The atmosphere, the feel, the presentation is just top notch. Clay’s a delivery of presentation style is very unique. I think it’s very noteworthy and very catchy. It’s not just a lot of blah, blah, blah rhetoric. There’s actually some entertainment value to it, but there’s a whole lot of huge intrinsic value in the information that he’s espousing. I would say so far the most valuable thing I’ve learned is a distracted time, distracted time with my wife, distracted time with my family.

I’m distracted all of the time in my business. I’m constantly doing five things but not doing one thing the right way. My favorite aspect of these business conferences so far is getting to talk to other small business owners, getting to see their perception on things and how they’re doing things, and then just learning a whole bunch of information to implement my own business. I’d say the biggest thing people are missing out on by not attending this conference is, number one, the tremendous value. I don’t think you’re gonna find this level of knowledge and information and it tremendous assets for this value anywhere. You just can’t find it. The monthly fee that we pay for thrive is a 10th of what it should be worth. I believe that everyone needs to attend to at least one of these workshops. I’ll be attending another one just to continue to learn, but I believe every small business owner, every manager, every person who wants to grow and develop themselves should attend at least one just to glean knowledge from it.

Brian’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Well, I’m Brian Driscoll from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m a regular listener of the thrive time radio show and I have heard about the business conferences and finally worked it into my schedule. I own a small manufacturer’s rep firm. We are a business to the business marketing company. We market high tech products to business and I’m really looking for modern ways to do a better job at my job. So the atmosphere that you find here is very hard to find this type of optimism. I feel like a kind of surrounded myself with likeminded people here, very upbeat environment. Clay’s delivery and presentation is the perfect combination of humor and a life lessons, and that he is willing and able to communicate in a and just a fun way. I just soak it up. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is probably that I’m not alone and that everybody here is trying to learn that one trick or trade, but I don’t know that I can zero in on one thing except that I can do it.

My favorite aspect of these business conferences is really the energy. And, I have not found myself a fading out or a falling asleep. It’s just full of energy, full of ideas and, honestly I can’t write fast enough. So I’m hoping I can remember most of these tasks and items. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what they’re missing out on. And you really can’t motivate people that don’t want to be here to be here. A while you can do is expose them. And it’s disappointing sometimes, man, if you’re a business owner and unless you have all the ideas already, I mean, I think you’d be way too close-minded if you didn’t open yourself up to attend one of these conferences.


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