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What Keith Has to Say About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Keith’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Keith, I’m with Witness security on from here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I first heard about the thrive time business conferences through Clay Clark. He’s been working with my business now for fairly close to three months. It has been a phenomenal experience of him being able to teach us is methods and processes just on a one to one basis and then he talked about the business conferences on the radio program so therefore we decided to come. Few things that we’ve learned is, just a simple basics of how to do sales appointments, how to convey your thoughts to our future clients and be able to help them decide what they need as far as their security needs. And also, just the basics of the internet and how to function that and make that work for you in a business. Also, as far as not only the Internet but just a general roundabout business principles and you need to everybody so that people will call.

No real experience that I’ve experienced here. Not only is it just exciting, just the way they mixed with just funny stories, funny real stories to be able to help people to understand that, you know, building a business is hard work and not only is their hard work, but it is rewarding if you follow through with the same principles and methods that he puts forward if you choose not to do so, then you probably choose to fail. Amazing Faculty is able to tell stories that not only are they real, but they’re funny, but yet at the same time, teach them what the principal that we can apply to each and every day to day practice in whatever business it is. So, therefore, if you take these principles and he applies, know through the stories that he, he conveys and everything, virtually a guarantee that they’ll work.

I’ve attended a few workshops at different times or business conferences in the past, but as a rule, they do have something that you’re going to have to buy in the end. That’s the thing about this. There is no buying anything. You take the principles that he provides to you with the them the methods that he provides to you at no cost for the most part and make them work for you and there is no upset. He provides you the materials for you to do that work and if you choose not to do the work, that’s between you and whoever, but he’s not trying to sell you anything. He’s just trying to help her. I’d recommend just about anybody and I have recommended in the last three months I’ve recommended dozens of people to at least listening to the program and try to apply some of the things that they talk about in the thrive time show. And if you do, I guarantee the work just got to apply it.

Rachel W’s Conferences Testimonial

My name is Rachel wimpy and I’m originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. At these business conferences, I’ve learned so much in my head I feel like it’s about to explode, but a lot that has taken away from it is working on your business instead of in your business because they have the tendency to just want to do it all myself I’m in. That’s one thing that Clay really teaches us, to have systems in place that you don’t have to be there running it and your business can actually run without you. It’s just awesome. It’s like an entrepreneur playground. It’s amazing here. So it’s really awesome. I mean, a fun atmosphere, lots of cool stuff, lots of fun quotes. It’s just a really cool place to be. Clay’s presentation and just his style is so different than most.

He takes the time to just kind of answer your questions about your business rather than just a generic answer. He’ll personalize it for different people’s businesses because everybody’s is different, but at the same time, you implement those very same systems that he’s discovered throughout all of the businesses. He’s funny and shares just a lot of good information. Really good presentation. If you don’t come to one of these business conferences, you’re just going to be missing out on so much, so much actually applicable. Like I’m a knowledge that’s applicable rather than just like, you know, accounting information. Like it’s just very, it’s very hands on. And the thrive 15 conferences has been great because there is no real upsell like he’s not pushing anything down our throats. I’ve gone with several different, um, I’ve gone to different conferences before where my husband and I had been upsold like over and over and over and over again, and they’ve just been pushing that down our throats.

There’s none of that here. It’s been really nice. Most business conferences are very, very expensive. And um, to just go and then get sold again to spend even more money. Um, this one’s very affordable. It’s definitely worth it. it’ll completely change your mindset. It’ll change your life. It’s definitely worth it. I recommend that people check out the thrive conference, because it will completely change your mindset about, you know, just working your business, working your business, working your business to actually being a business owner and actually being able to apply all that knowledge that you will learn here. It’s going to change your business. It’s going to bring you from where you thought you could go to hire. It’s very, uh, you should definitely do it. You should definitely check it out.


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