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Kerry and Trent’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Kerry’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Kerry Pitts and I’m from Oklahoma. Clay does a radio talk show program that I listened to or I get to listen to sometimes at lunch, so some of the marketing things that I’ve learned from this conference is having a three-legged stool, which is three different approaches to marketing and not relying just heavily on one source, but to rotate all three of them and that you can never quit marketing, so that always has to be part of your budget for your business and just because you’ve grown and you’ve become more successful, you still have to have that dedicated time to bring a new referrals. I would describe the thrive 15 world headquarters (where they do the business conferences) as very comfortable, very approachable. It smells great as soon as you walk in, you notice how clean and open and friendly and just relaxed. It’s not stuffy.

It’s a great environment to learn. Clay’s presentation style is very interactive. He does have a time that he wants to present you with the information, but he always backs it up with a lot of real world, real situation, business examples to go along with it, and I liked that because it makes it very practical and I retain information better when I have a real source and a real story to go with the principal so he blends those two really well. If you’ve never attended a thrive 15 conference and you’re in business, I think you’re missing an opportunity to grow your business and give it a solid foundation. Everyone who decides to be an entrepreneur does it with the thought of being successful, but they don’t realize how much behind the scenes strategy that it takes. And if you’re serious about your business, this is one of the business conferences I wouldn’t miss.

So after attending this conference, I have not experienced any upselling. I know that Clay has more to offer and that makes me curious, but he’s here to present with you and he says constantly throughout the seminar, I want to make sure you have a plan when you leave here. So while you’re here, he’s focused on you and creating something that you can go home with and implement right away. I think you should attend the thrive 15 conferences if you’re in business. I think there are many things were excellent about what we know, but what we don’t know, the business part and putting it into motion, you need someone to coach and give you a strategy and that’s what the conference is done.

Trent’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Trent Creekmore. I am here from Claremore, Oklahoma, and I heard about the thrive time show business conferences on my lunch hour during work. Every day at lunch I go out, sit in a truck and I turn on clay and dr z every day because it’s faith for me. I’m getting ready to start up a media production company and I’m looking to see how I can manage what the business can do, how it can grow and to wear when I’m ready to hire employees and people. I’m looking to be able to see how I can manage that.

That the atmosphere around here is stellar. I love the whole vibe of the whole thing. It makes every day. It makes me feel very good about myself and Clay always makes me feel great. My Day is epic every day I hear them. The most valuable thing I’ve learned at the workshop is making sure that I have my ducks in a row and executing each bullet point two. I learned a lot from the HR section in this, definitely on how to hire and look for class workers. My favorite aspect of the workshop so far, I think we’ll have to besides all of it, is the aspect of it for me is just the whole vibe. Clay is just, he’s so emotional and you can tell he cares about what you’re doing and how he wants you to be successful. If you, if you do not attend these business conferences, you are not going to be successful in your business.

Ever since I started listening to clay and Dr Z, that’s what made me decide I can do my business and I would have been going about it the whole wrong way if I did not listen to what these guys are saying right now. Oh, everybody should attend at least one, at least one thrive time workshop. It will change your world. I promise you, it will change everything you think about how you run your business, how you look at life, and how you take everything and put it all together and manage a tour. You can be with your family and be successful.


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