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Kim, Charlie and Caitlin’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Kim’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Kim and I’m from Claremore, Oklahoma. I originally heard about the thrive time show business conferences from my husband. He has been listening to it for quite some time and I started listening to it as well.  My husband and I own a glass and mirror shop and we were hoping to learn more marketing and how to get at the top of Google on the Internet. I find that the atmosphere at the thrive office and their employees is energizing and motivating and make you want to work at your business harder. I really enjoy Clay’s presentation and delivery. He makes it fun and he seems like he wants to share everything he knows and it doesn’t matter if he makes any money off of it or not. I’ve learned a lot of things at the seminar right now, but I would think a full.

I’ve learned a lot of things at the seminar for the last couple of days. Some of the favorite things I’ve learned has been, how to get at the top of Google and some of the marketing and hiring seminars that have been that I believe someone should attend at least one of thrive business conferences because they’re very positive not only in how to grow your business, but how to do things in life in a positive way. No matter what you do.

Charlie’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Charlie Adams. I’m from Elizabethton, Tennessee. I am currently a chiropractic therapy assistant with Dr Dennis’s office at Elizabethton Chiropractic and I’m looking to in the future, get into the cartooning business. Originally heard about the thrive time business conferences from Dr Dennis. He invited me to come along with them. Originally what I wanted to learn was to promote myself better and to just let people know what I’m about. So far I’ve learned a lot more of that communication is important in business. That’s one thing that I needed to know. Probably the thing that I liked most about the workshop is that it’s a environment that is easy to get involved in place. Teaching style is very involving and funny as well. The atmosphere of the thrive 15 headquarters is awesome. Every other workshop I’ve ever been to is very clean. The very cold atmosphere and this one, everybody makes you feel more welcomed. If you decide to not come to this conference, I’d say you’d be missing out a large business opportunity.

Caitlin’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Caitlin Gibson and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I originally heard about the thrive time show business conferences through my uncle, pastor Brian Gibson. When I came to the thrive time show workshop, I’m an I’m in business school of Finance and accounting major and I was looking to get useful practical tips from people who are out in the field everyday and learning all these things that they can’t teach us in business. I would describe that atmosphere of Clay’s business conferences and his team is super motivated, driven. A determined team, has all kinds of fit and the culture is phenomenal. The delivery and presentation style is super real, super raw. Clay doesn’t beat around the bush, he’s super truthful guy and you can expect nothing but honestly from him. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from this workshop is how to create the divide between the personal and the work parts of your life, scheduling time blogging, creating a schedule that works with the flow of your life so you don’t overbook yourself. If you can’t make it to the thrive time show workshop, you’re missing an essential aspect in their life that creates function and sustainability in your business that you need. In order to thrive, everyone needs to attend at least one thrive time show workshop because it’ll. It’s an essential building block into building your business because it motivates you. It motivates your character and motivates you to be able to thrive in your business and create a nice atmosphere that everyone wants to work in.


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