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Learn What Paul H and Jason R Love About Thrivetime Business Conferences

Paul H Business Conferences Testimonials

My name is Paul Hood, I’m from Tulsa Bartlesville Claremore area. I’m a CPA and a financial planner. We have offices in three different cities. We do tax returns, accounting, auditing, we do retirement plans, financial planning for individuals and businesses. Well, I really like cars. I’ve been into cars. I’ve got some very exotic cars, I’ve got McLaren and I met up with Steve Currington who has a Lamborghini and we have a car club. Steve introduced me to clay when I was looking to learn how to take my business to the next level. I’ve got a very successful practice in three different cities and I make good money. I was just wanting to take it to the next level with systems and processes to where I can drive my cars more. What I’ve learned, is my college degree is great for preparing me to be a technician, but not to be a business owner and to create a process or a business that can continue without me when I’m not there.

I’ve been looking at it, looking for such processes for awhile. And, what Clay is showing me at these business conferences is how to do that step by step out. I’ve enjoyed the entire business conference but what I’ve liked the most is Clay’s presentation style. You need to go to seminars. I’m 49, I’ve going to business conferences or seminars for 30 years and this first seminar I’ve gone to that is both entertaining and it’s very useful information. The atmosphere of the thrivetime show business conferences headquarters is really actually kind of convincing me to change the atmosphere of my offices even though they’re traditional CPA practices. I want to come back to the other business conferences when I came here a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to come back. Clay’s presentation and training style is really like nothing I’ve seen before. Most business conferences I’ve gone to are very “suit and tie” very, you know, try to stay awake during and drink a bunch of cups of coffee but Clay is very entertaining.

The information he has, I’ve heard before, I’ve heard pieces of it, but the way he puts it together in a total package with his presentation style is, is both entertaining and very knowledgeable. People are missing out if they don’t come to the thrive business conferences. If they like working 60, 70 hours a week and barely getting by then it is not for you. If you’re a position like me, make good money, but you’d like to buy back your time, you’d like to still make the money but not have a business that’s dependent on you showing up, come here. I

Jason R Business Conferences Testimonials

My name is Jason Ralston and I am from the Tulsa area. The thrive time business conferences I heard from the podcast as far as just doing a different business podcast. I saw that Clay was from the Tulsa area and so I checked him out and that’s how I found out about the business conferences. What I was looking to learn from the business conference is several different dimensions. I’m an assistant to website design and online marketing company here in the area, in the Tulsa area. I also I do other ministry work as far as helping grow organizations and helping to put the right people in place. And, so it was kind of a twofold thing, business sense and in ministry sense, which as we know, they all come together. The atmosphere here at thrive business conferences and the team members, phenomenal. Again, A-type players, they know what they’re talking about and if they don’t, they’ll tell you, but they’re transparent and that’s what I love about it.

They’ll get you the right answer at the right time. Clay’s presentation style and delivery. It’s very authentic. He’s very raw, very real, and he tells you like it is and that’s very uncommon in today’s society. It’s to the point it’s very refreshing to see that. As far as the most value that I’ve gained in today’s workshop or in the last two days has been the “six f’s” which then lead into your goals, writing your core values. Again, I’ve done that, but not to the extent of what they talk about and, and as far as hiring people in the process of hiring people and weeding them out. And so that’s probably the two biggest things.

My favorite aspects are just having other opinions. Other people come up, they have been there and done that. Again, I’m sure Clay has done most all that himself personally, but having other people speak on behalf of the hiring process of taxes as far as with Paul Hood. So again, just having different people and their expertise coming up, answering those the lawyer questions with, with Wes Carter, I think was his name. Just having different people with a different perspective is awesome. If you decide not to attend a thrive time business conferences, you’ll be missing out on life itself because the principles that they teach. It’s not only business, it’s not only ministry, it’s not only, it’s just life principles and end. If you want to live a successful life and be free in your life and have a successful family, marriage, children and a business, if, if you don’t want that, then don’t come. But if you want a successful business, a successful life being a successful person in those avenues, you have to come to the business conferences


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