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What Rusty W Has A Lot To Say About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Rusty W Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Rusty Walker. I’m originally from Oklahoma City and the business that I’m involved with is Nook and Cranny. My wife started the business up, so I’m currently employed with another company as an employee but not with her business, but I’m helping her along the way so I’m here to learn and grow the business together with her so we can make it bigger for ourselves. I originally heard about these business conferences through my wife. She has actually been done this before, after meeting up with clay, so this is her second time to do it as well. And I’m along here for the first time with her. What I’ve learned so far…man, there’s a broad variety of things here but I would say things I’ve learned is just the qualities of an A-Player. One of the best things I saw right now we just did was about the employees and hiring process that was probably the most interesting thing because I think that’s probably one of the hardest things is people with the business, the hiring, and the firing and then how to deal with that.

You get the emotional connections but just get to the core values of what you know needs to be done and how they relate to you. I thought that was very key and a very good thing to make you get through that because eventually, you’re going to have to do that or have somebody do that for you, but you need to know how to do that as well so I thought it was very beneficial. You know, I liked the energy, it’s low key. I mean, young people dressed up, the people are still wearing a tee shirt. People here that are here, they’re here to learn and they’re all kind of in the same aspect of what you are here to grow their business or start a business. Networking with all these other people here, I am learning not only about my business, but I’m learning about these other people and what they do and then, you know, and you can kind of get with them and see what they’re doing, what they’re not doing, and just know it’s just good networking.

Clay’s presentation style is very energetic. He’s very outgoing, eccentric, funny. He’s got the humor to go along with it. He’s energetic, which is great, it’s about business, but I like somebody that has a sense of humor because everybody, we can all relate to the humor and I think that’s a good key to get somebody to relate with you even if we’re trying to get a serious business aspect, but have a little bit of humor with it. I like that it’s got a local filter. You get a lot of these business conferences that I’ve been to personally throughout my years of business and some of them, they seem more corporate, but this one seems a little bit more free-flowing and just kinda, we’re going here, we’re going there, but it’s just more casual.

If you’re not attending this conference, obviously you’re missing out on the networking and this is what it comes down to. This is the knowledge of what you’re learning here. I can’t explain it to you unless you’re here. What you’re missing is just the great knowledge and the business aspects of what they’re going to prevent going to provide you for starting your business. And if you’re a first-time business owner or if you’re somebody who has a business and you’re trying to expand that and grow it and you’re stuck, this is a place to come, this place for you to grow that.


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