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Shawna H Words About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Shawna H Business Conferences Testimonials

My name is Shawna Hart, I’m from New Fairfield, Connecticut. I am in the health and fitness business. I own and operate a personal training studio and a Yoga Studio. After losing a, a full-time employee, the next day I woke up and said I need to find a better system. So I just did an online search and, you know, skepticism took place. So I started looking at a couple of the companies, the thrive 15 website caught my eye. I filled in a contact sheet and I think I was called within five seconds. What they had to give to me, really spoke to me.  was sold coming down here to the business conferences. I had already had a few coaching phone calls that were awesome and kind of made me accountable maybe do homework and things that I said I was going to be doing for years, literally before I joined up with thrive.

So when I came down to the business conferences, I just kinda wanted that additional assistance. I wanted to get the homework done. I wanted to have somebody guide me with the systems that I need to put in place to make my business really thrive and I’m getting it now. The business conferences is an awesome environment. The energy’s great. Some of the people that work at Thrive are amazing. So I’m really glad I came down. What I’ve learned since I’ve been here is extremely valuable and I can’t wait to get it in place. I am going to probably change my systems, change my hiring system, scripting, create systems, be hiring people all the time. Actually last night after my first day at the business conferences, I went back and put an ad with three job positions on some sites and I’ve already gotten I think four or five resumes.

So I feel like I’m in a much better place. What I like most about the business conferences is the atmosphere is awesome, the lighting is awesome, the energy is awesome. There’s a lot of passionate people. Clay is amazing.  I feel like I’m at a comedy show at the same time,  I’ve been laughing nonstop, but he’s using the comedy to drive home a point and uses a lot of metaphors which speak to me and, I just love it. I would recommend the business conferences to anybody that has a small business and wants to bring it to the next level. The presentation style is awesome. As I said, it’s a little bit like a comedy show a from day one and it’s, it’s very organized and timely. They start on time, they end on time, exactly what they said would happen at the conference has happened.

While teaching you things and explaining things to you, there’s also a lot of stories, a lot of jokes, a lot of experiences, they share a lot of videos that can also speak to the same topic that they’re trying to bring. The atmosphere is amazing. I mean, you walk in the door and you instantly feel like, Whoa, this is someplace that I would love to come every day. And it’s inspired me to try and bring home this same energy to my own studio. Just from the music playing, the lighting people, the things that they got going on. There’s a money ice sculpture over here to keep our water cold. Those are the cool things that you walk around. There’s something to look at literally every step of the way that you wouldn’t see anywhere else or at other business conferences.

I haven’t been to that many business conferences, but I’ve done a lot of studying and training. I’m traveling at least once a month and this business conference has been awesome. It is also very different from the other ones I’ve been because the atmosphere is really fun and just kind of playful. I had kind of said, no, I’m not going to go down. I’m just going to work with the business coach. But I’m so glad that I did because I think it drives home all of the points that I was covering when I was meeting with my business coach. Now I just didn’t see the reasoning behind why I was doing some of the tasks that the coach had me do and now I understand why it’s important. I’ve been given experiences from other business owners and things that they’ve experienced that really tell me, hey, this is why you’re doing it and why you need to do it. So I’m inspired to go home and put it into place.


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