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Steve and Stacy’s Experience At Our Thrivetime Business Conferences

Steve’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Hi, my name is Steve Fowler and I’m actually from Catoosa. I am an electrical contractor. I actually heard about the conference on the radio or listening to the thrive time show. I think people call this the number one business program because when you have a business there’s a lot of areas that you’re not familiar with and so they bring, they bring the message to everybody that has a business to questions that I have. I think a lot of people have the same questions. What I’ve learned so far with the business conferences actually, that we really need to be the top of Google and their teaching everyone how to get there so that, that’s my, that’s my ring away from this. What I like most about the conference is just seeing all the other business people that are here, just getting the knowledge that they’re seeking.

I’m sure everybody’s just absorbing all this and I just had to take action. Clay’s presentation and dictation style is, he’s very motivated. You can tell he really, really wants to help everybody get to where he is. He enjoys what he’s doing and you can tell that and everything that he’s doing, I would describe the atmosphere here is very open. Everybodys is themselves, they’re not going to be something they’re not. You’re just free to roam around and see how, how they do everything. Everybody’s very upfront and very helpful. This conference, is a lot different from other business conferences that I’ve done. They’re not trying toupselll anything. They’re just giving you the way to get to where they are. So I really appreciate that. If somebody doesn’t decide to not to, to come to the conference, I believe they’re missing out on people were at the top of the industries, have the knowledge and they’re just missing out on it.

Stacy’s Business Conferences Testimonial

Stacey pearson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I originally heard about the conference through the podcast, which I love. It’s my favorite part of the day where I get to laugh. I think the atmosphere is very energetic, let’s put it that way. You get a little bit of everything from suit and tie to hoodies and tee shirts and uh, and I think, you know, a lot of different business people can fit into either end of that spectrum. So it’s Kinda cool, kinda different and I don’t fall asleep. That’s the most important thing. It’s one of the few seminars I’ve been to where I didn’t fall asleep. So I have created a product for the estate planning industry and it’s for families raising children with challenges, disabilities and special needs and I’m needing a little bit of help to learn how to get that product which is new to the marketplace, to the market.

And so I figured this was a good place to start and I’ve learned a lot here. Well, I love clay, his presentation style. He’s kind of like a Robin Williams where that anything can trigger him to have a thought. But to me, everything he brings in from those random thoughts really have something that I can learn from and I just find myself just cracking up and smiling all the way through all of his presentations. I just love it when he’s teaching because everything he has to say teaches me something or resonates with me. I decided love his style. So the most valuable thing that I’ve learned so far in this seminar, should I call it a conference? You liked the color. I’m going to start over.

Okay. So the most valuable thing that I’ve learned in the conference is how my website should be set up, what it should and shouldn’t do, and the different elements and, and things that need to be going on with that website. I learned that I’m just doing it all wrong and I also have some great ideas for how I can build a business around what I have in a way I hadn’t thought of before. So score. So I think the reason why everybody needs to attend one of these conferences is because no matter where you’re at in life, whether you want to be a business owner or you are a business owner or you know that there’s more you could be doing to bring in income, I just think you’re gonna. Find something here and a place that you fit and you belong. And as long as you think plays as funny as I am, you’re gonna. Be Really happy that you gave.


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