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What Albert and Tom Say About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Tom’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Tom, I live here in Tulsa and I own a business, Oklahoma siding, and insulation company. Originally I heard about the thrive time show business conferences on KFAQ radio 1170. I started listening to a clay Clark and Dr Zoellner on the thrive time show. What I was wanting to learn is more about systems. Kind of how to take all the pieces of the puzzle, that as a business owner we kind of inherently knows are there, but to learn to kind of put them together and develop processes, systems to be able to make the business run more effectively. At the business conferences, I’ve learned a lot about marketing, the three legged marketing stool and to effectively use three elements of marketing to bring in a consistent number of leads to produce the workflow, to meet the goals that we’re trying to accomplish in your business.

The workshop is very fast moving. It’s not boring. Not only is there a lot of good information that we can use, it has a lot of humor built into it. There is a ton of information that can be used and I enjoy the fact that it’s all put together in a nice book as well that lays out the steps of everything that we really need to do to grow the business, to make it more effective ways. Clark Clark’s training style, the way he presents these business conferences is that he has a lot of humor. It’s very high energy, very fun. It doesn’t get boring. We don’t sit in on one thing too long, but we’ll keep moving along, which is very easy to sit through. The atmosphere of the thrive 15 headquarters is very nice. There’s always music going on. It’s high energy. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere.

As far as the decor, I love that everywhere I look, there are quotes from Napoleon Hill, from a lot of the movers and shakers in the business industry and it also smells of pinion wood with all the time. One of the things that makes these business conferences difference is how usable all of the material are. It’s not just a bunch of ideas, but it’s actually a bunch of steps, action steps that we can take. It’s going to be something we can utilize right away in our business. If somebody decides not to attend the conference, what they’re going to be missing out is a lot of ways they can grow their business effectively, real-life situation type stuff. Not just ideas. They’re going to be missing out on a lot of great education.

Albert S Business Conferences Testimonial

Well, my name is Albert Sells and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well, I stumbled upon your radio one day listening to a 1170 and normally I don’t listen that early during the daytime, but I turned it on and started listening to clay and Dr z and just kept listening. I kept listening and heard about the business conferences and I’ve heard about two or three other worshops in the past and decided it’s time for me to attend so here I am. Well, I own a medical information business and what I have learned is how simple business is and how simple it can be. If these steps are implemented. Let me tell you, the atmosphere here is relaxed. I expected Clay to walk in with this three-piece suit. Designer suit, designer shoes, designer haircut. I expected the same from Dr. Z and to see those guys in jeans and shirt ball cap. I absolutely loved it. It’s smooth and easily digestible. Clay’s style is so easy to digest and a fourth grader could understand it well. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned so far from clay and Marshall is “kiss”. We called it kiss back in the day. Keep It Simple Stupid to simplify. Keep it simple, make it fun and appealing.

I’ve never heard about your smell, the smell of your business, and that made me really think that when you do have visitors come in, you have to have not only that visual ambiance but that smell, so that’s what I’ve learned so far. If you don’t attend the thrive time show business conferences and you listen to thrive time show on the radio than let me tell you, you are absolutely missing out on 90 percent of what it takes to make a business successful. What you hear on the radio is absolutely just a small percentage sitting in these seats. Learning from these guys that is bread and butter, meat and potatoes, and I’m a meat and potato guy. I believe that everybody needs to attend a thrive time workshop because of what these guys teach you here. They teach you how to run and market a modern business. A business is that my father and my grandfather worked at and started in the fifties and sixties is really not relevant to how young people do business now. So these guys take that relevance and they teach it to you and if you noticed a lot of the people here are my and we’re learning, so I love it. I absolutely love it.


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