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Why Trey and Delbrook Really Enjoy Thrivetime Business Conferences

Trey Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is trey, I’m originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but right now I live in Joplin, Missouri. Yeah. So I am in the fitness industry. I am the assistant manager for fitness. We have three locations in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in Joplin, Missouri as well as we’re building one in speak in Kansas now. So actually heard about these business conferences from my parents, Amber and Charles Colaw. They love thrive 15 and they would testify for it to the ends of their day. So I really am excited to be here and learn and keep learning from, from Clay and from Marshall and from the whole team. They don’t try and upsell you on anything so far. I’ve been here, this is my second day, going through the program and I haven’t felt like they’re just trying to sell me their book or these different things.

They’re giving all of this information away and they really genuinely care about building your business and making you successful. The thing that I’ve really taken from these business conferences is that a three-legged stool, a marketing stool. So it’s just different ways that you really don’t need to make it super complicated when you’re marketing to people, you really only need three basic things that we go through and there’s no need to overcomplicate it. So I really love just the atmosphere as you can probably tell. There’s music playing behind me. The venue is incredible as very well decorated. It’s very comfortable, and in my mind, I kind of expected this classroom style, a style seating, and there’s going to be really boring, would be here all day. But so far it’s been really energetic, really fun.

There’s lots of momentum and people here at these business conferences are just excited to be here. Clays presentation has been energetic, it’s been incredibly knowledgeable. He knows his stuff. Everything that he says he backs up with people who have done this, who are succeeding in the industry, who are continuing to put forth new ideas and bring these things to us. So I really love that. This isn’t just some opinion that he’s bringing. It’s really cited information. Everyone is eager to learn and eager to help others learn and we’re just really trying to help each other out in attaining this similar goal of achieving our dreams. And that’s really what I think is all about. You are missing out on a community of like-minded men and women who are doing these things in real life if you decide not to come, you’re making a huge mistake because we have people, young, old, you have people on the industries of all different types. If anything, it’s just going to be a great opportunity to meet new people.

Delbrook Business Conferences Testimonial

I’m Delbrook and I’m from Vinita, Oklahoma. We heard about the Thrivetime Show business conferences through our son, which actually is employed by HoodCPA and associates and here we are. We actually own a decoration apparel company, custom apparel. We print on demand and do embroidery and screen print, direct to garment a. What we want to learn is we’ve got the good people. We definitely got a good product and are just looking for better ways to do it more efficient. Describing the atmosphere here is perfect and much better than I ever would have dreamed. I expected to come to an empty conference room with some donuts and coffee, but just kind of over the top. Clay’s delivery and presentation style is a lot like your best friend or somebody you can relate to.

My daughter, she’s 21 now I’m near 50 and we can both relate to him. So he puts it across very clear and good. One of the most valuable things that I’ve learned so far is really the need to record conversations. We’d never really thought of that and just different little things that I’m picking up on through there. The Google presence with your reviews and things are great, but little things I’m sure we’re going to gain a lot more. And that was just a half a day. If you are one of the people that don’t attend the business conferences, what they would be missing out on is obviously the transcending the best way of and processes of getting things done. We’re talking to people that actually are successful. So you are surrounded by your people, surround yourself with what you want to be again, to why would you need to attend, just basically to pick up on the things that you thought, you know, a lot of times we don’t know what we don’t know until we go see someone that does know. And obviously these guys here are good at what they do and some of their clients are very well a part of. So very successful.


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