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What Tyler H Say’s About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Tyler H’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Tyler and I’m from Owasso. I run a website called, which is based around fun things to do and good places to eat in Tulsa. I originally heard about the thrive time show business conferences through the thrive time radio show and 1170 Kfaq been hooked on it ever since I first heard it and eventually decided I had to come and take a look at the workshop for myself. I came to the conference looking to learn more about monetizing my website and making money, doing what I already liked to do. So far at the workshop, I’ve learned a lot more about setting goals to get towards your ultimate end goal in a more deliberate fashion. A couple of things that I really like about these business conferences, first of all, the atmosphere and the environment are definitely top notches. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

The decorations, the quotes on the walls, the smell of burning pinion wood. You don’t go into a lot of businesses and experience all of that. Clay, his presentation style is really unique in that it’s not boring. It’s very lively and it’s very humorous too. I’ve heard him described as kind of a cross between a standup comedian and a business coach at the same time and that’s dead on accurate. It’s wildly entertaining, the atmosphere of the thrive 15 world headquarters is. It’s actually very soothing. You know, some situations like this, a big workshop where you might be inclined to be a little uncomfortable, maybe you’re not around people that often, but this place is actually kind of nurturing in a sense of the decorations. All really nice and kind of casual at the same time, but very professional, well put together. Something else that this conference stands out from other business conferences that I’ve been to in the past and for one it’s not terribly expensive, like the kind of thing you have to really justify to your boss or your significant other to go to it.

It’s really inexpensive for the value I’m already seeing, you know, just in day one. On top of that, all the information you get is very actionable and informative of course. That’s what you want to see whenever you go to a business conference, so I feel like I’m getting a good value immediately and it’s not a question or somethingI  have to come back and be creative on wording where I got the value to my boss when I get back to work. If you decide not to attend this conference, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of good information that shows you how to take a business from maybe where you’re struggling to bring in a profit to you’re actually thriving as the name would tell you. That’s a risk I choose not to take, so if you don’t make that decision for yourself, then it’s kind of risky. I highly recommend all of these business conferences from the Thrivetime show


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