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What Steve, Vic, and more Say About the Thrivetime Business Conferences

Steve O Business Conferences Testimonials

My name is Steve and I’m originally from California. I am involved as a CPA in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I heard about the business conferences through Robert Redmond, a business coach for the Redmond Group.  I was looking to learn some systems so then I can pass them along to any of my other employees or future owners. I’ve learned that a brand is probably the most important thing for any type of organization. The presentation on the business conferences with having different people up there speaking has been very enjoyable. I’ve enjoyed Clay’s presentation style. He’s been able to get his point across and he’s done it in a funny way and then they’re an entertaining way. The atmosphere is pretty good. All of the participants seem to be enjoying themselves and to be learning what they came here to learn and the atmosphere is different in that it’s more of an entertaining style rather than just delivering information. Well, I think that business conference lends itself to gaining the knowledge that one needs to make their business more profitable for them and hopefully to save them time in doing other things too that they would enjoy doing for someone not attending the conference. They’re missy down on an opportunity to learn how to brand their business, to make it more successful and to, uh, create some time to do the things that they would enjoy doing.

Vic B Business Conferences Testimonials

I am Vic B from Stony Brook University, one thing I learned today from the business conferences was the importance of not caring and having taken the emotional attachment and of sales for me because that’s what I do in my business is making, trying to make sales and generate revenue and you need to take out the emotion out of it and that’s something I’m learning. I learned from clay to have a visual goal and chop trees to get to that goal. I learned that every phone call you to make, every meeting you have is you getting closer to that goal and regardless of if they like you, the idea or you, they say no and just continued to chop through to get to that ultimate goal. It was well worth the time and I’m glad I could be a part of one of these business conferences and to listen to because it was exciting to be a part of and listened to him and take the advice you have to offer and apply it in a real-world setting. Entrepreneurial setting to be the best that I can be in what I do.

Steve O Business Conferences Testimonials

My name is Langley, and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m a realtor and I’m looking to grow my business. At the business conferences, they are very energetic and the team is great. This is a very informative place. The presentation style was very informative, very fun and energetic. Some of the most important things I’ve learned from the business conference is consistency and having a daily routine. Clay invited his past clients to come and share how much they have grown themselves and their businesses. If people don’t attend the thrive time business conferences, I would say they’re missing out on accountability and something to help them grow not only in their business but personally. You would need to attend the thrive time workshop just to see where you’re heading



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