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Announcer: Now casting from the center of the universe and the business coach world headquarters.

Business Coach 278

Let’s go!

Presenting the world’s only business coach school without the B.S. with optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and the SCORE Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show.

Three, two, one, boom!

Speaker 1: Boom, boom, boom. Welcome back inside the room. Welcome back to your audio dojo of mojo. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year sent here to help you make your wallet grow this year, and I tell you what, I love, I love this show because you always get to have these great Oklahomies. These great Oklahoma guests, people that really know what they’re talking about, and we always get to have Doctor Z with us inside the box that rocks, but recently he’s been out expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire, he’s been expanding his optometry clinics and he’s been growing the businesses, and so Z, welcome back, man, I have missed your aura.

Speaker 2: I’ve missed you too, Clay, and I know that without me here, you can run sometimes, you know, a little wild. You can run wild, and so it’s nice to be back and let all the Thrivers know that this week we will have the guardrails up and I will be keeping a close eye on Clay so that’s good to know.

Speaker 1: They made it really hard to get my to do list done today with all the hate mail, you know, I have five days of just solid hate mail as a business coach.

Speaker 2: Yeah, solid. Solid.

Speaker 1: Now, Z, we have a new thing we’ve been doing here since you’ve been gone, people can now text in their questions.

Speaker 2: Well, now that was the last few shows I was here we were doing it.

Speaker 1: Oh, okay.

Speaker 2: They were just blowing up, I mean it was just text after text.

Speaker 1: Yeah, so-

Speaker 1: If you’re listening right now and you want to ask us the business coach wizards any business questions at all, you can text 918-851-6920. Once again, it’s 918-851-6920 and Z, we have a very special guest inside the box that rocks today. Are you ready for this, Z?

Speaker 2: Yes, I am.

Speaker 1: Well here’s the deal, I was thinking about it before we, you know, had Garland on here. Garland McWatters, he’s a personal development expert and Z, I was trying to get an expert on the show who develops other people because that’s the people with the problem, right? Other people.

Speaker 2: It always seems to be other people.

Speaker 1: I mean what would you need to develop personally? I mean, why can’t just … Why can’t we hire an other people development expert?

Speaker 2: Well, that’s why it’s so awesome having the audience that we have, the Thrive Nation out there that let’s you know download our podcast on, that tune you in to Talk Radio 1170 between 12 and 2 as they’re going to go get their lunch, you know, probably at Oklahoma Joe’s by the way.

Speaker 1: If they care about their taste buds they’re going to Oklahoma Joe’s.

Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s a thing and so we’re not talking about any of you out there needing to be developed, but you probably have some friends, you probably know some people.

Speaker 1: Yeah-

Speaker 1: I mean your need to tell your friends say listen we have a personal development expert on the show today. Garland McWatters, how are you, sir? How are you doing?

Speaker 2: Hi business coach wizards

Speaker 3: I’m just wonderful, just great to be here thanks for having me in.

Speaker 1: Now for people who are just listening for the first time who aren’t looking through your stack of stuff and the books that you’re working on and aren’t  familiar with your career, could you kind of describe yourself to green country and to the people who are listening from Chattanooga and people all over this great planet? What exactly, you know, do you do and kind of what’s your background?

Speaker 3: Well, it’s only a two-hour show right, so I’ll start this way. My son looked through my resume several years ago and he said, “Well Dad, you can’t hold a job. It seems like you’ve wandered through a number of careers only to wind up self-unemployed.” I said, hm, well that’s kind of … It works, it really works for me, so I actually started as a minister years ago and then I got into broadcasting for a while and then I discovered the career tech system here in Oklahoma, actually it discovered me, and I got involved helping build a couple of tech schools.

I built one in Oklahoma City called the Francis Tuttle Center. I was an original administrator with that and then moved into Oklahoma City proper to what is called Metro Tech now, but when I started there it was just one building and a lot of dreams, and I was there during the nine years it built out, and I was the director of the business and industry services division so we went out and did the incumbent employee training a lot.

I became a trainer during that time actually and then left there to start my own gig and that’s when I got in to kind of stand up training, started writing my own products and eventually along the way I decided to launch a series of books, but people kept saying write books, write books, write books and I said well I don’t know what book to write and eventually, being a storyteller I decided to write a story book, and so that’s where I am today developing this series of books about a young man who’s learning to lead for the first time and following his life and career.

Speaker 1: Now Business coach Z, that sounds like a win. He’s starting a big book series. It sounds … To me that’s a win. I mean when you’re … Do you feel like when you’re writing this book I mean is it a passion for you?

Speaker 3: Absolutely a passion. I get totally lost in it.

Speaker 1: Now, Z, we have Thrivers all over this great planet who e-mail us and they text us in their wins and, you know Z, we see we coach individual clients. We work with them one-on-one, and today’s theme is going to be all about wins and we’re going to have Garland kind of break down some of the stuff behind the stuff. Z, are you ready for some wins?

Speaker 2: Oh, I tell you what, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good victory story, ugh!

Speaker 1: Okay, here is story number one. Now, Z, while you were out expanding your vast entrepreneurial empire and overseeing the massive expansion of your optometry clinics, this is what was going on. One of our Thrive 15 coaching clients, the Tulsa Oilers, set an attendance record on March 31st with 16,000 humans at the BOK.

Speaker 2: Wow.


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