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Dream 100 Business Coach Marketing

Now this transcript is about business coach teams teaching the Dream 100 is they made a list of their 100 ideal and likely buyers.

Business Coach 253

Who buys a ton of hockey tickets? Well, I’ll tell you who buys a bunch of hockey tickets, HR directors. If you’re a human resource director and you want to add value to your employees and give them some nice stuff as a way to say “thank you”, you maybe want to give them tickets to a Drillers game. And you probably want to give them tickets to an Oilers game. You probably want to give them discounts off of healthcare, if not providing their healthcare entirely. You might want to give them discounts to a fitness center. You might want to give them gym memberships. There’s so many things you might want to do. Even a business coach might buy hockey tickets.

But one of the things that we realized was … Talking to these people and making a list of 100 ideal and likely buyers, in this case with the Tulsa Oilers, corporate heads and the people who are head of HR directors was powerful.

But, Robert, what are the challenges? You coach clients, you’ve helped clients execute the Dream 100, and not every business coach client is as diligent as the Tulsa Oilers team. Walk me through what are some of the challenges that a business owner may run into when they try to execute their Dream 100?

Robert Zoellner: So first of all, I want to say that I have a passion, a love, for the Dream 100, almost on a spiritual level, Clay. I know that may sound strange, but the reason I have to preface this is because-

Clay Clark: It doesn’t sound strange at all that you have a spiritual love for the Dream 100. You know, I have a spiritual … It’s kinda crazy, you know, but I really like soft pretzels, and it’s almost a spiritual thing for me. I’ve formed a pseudo-religion around it, I got a Facebook page, it’s really, really normal.

Robert Zoellner: But you know why I have a spiritual love?

Clay Clark: Why do you have a spiritual love?

Robert Zoellner: It’s ’cause this will work.

If you’re a business owner, if you’re a listener and you’re struggling right now with sales and marketing, you say, “Oh, I don’t know how to get people in the door.” Execute this system. It will work for you.

And one of the biggest challenges that I see here, Clay, with people executing the system, is it doesn’t work unless there’s diligence. So something that I’ll find-

Clay Clark: What is diligence? In your mind, what is diligence?

Robert Zoellner: So, in my mind, diligence is the consistent application of effort. It’s consistently doing what needs to be done despite how you feel, despite what your emotional state is. It’s consistently doing those things that need to be done that will move you closer to your goals.

Clay Clark: The best example I can give you about diligence, the best way to kinda relate this in a way that everyone could understand, is seed sowing and sowing seeds. So here we go.

Let’s say you’re a farmer and not a business coach, and you get hyper-motivated. And, Robert, you, my friend, are the diligent farmer. And I am the hyper-motivated farmer, okay?

Robert Zoellner: Okay.

Clay Clark: So you till the soil, and I am hyper-motivated, so I till the soil.

You sow the seeds, and I am hyper-motivated, so I sow the seeds.

You water. You water the seeds. It’ll make them grow.

Robert Zoellner: Right.

Clay Clark: But I am hyper-motivated. Now I’m hyper-unmotivated. I go up and down a lot, you know what I mean? I get excited, and then I drop off.

Robert Zoellner: Yeah, watering is not very fun. It’s not as fun as tilling.

Clay Clark: Well, who’s gonna get the harvest? You or me? The diligent guy, in this case, you, would get the harvest.

And so I’m gonna give an example about Oral Roberts University and something that blows my mind, and this is just an example. The Mabee Center. Have you been to a game there? To go see the Golden Eagles or were you too busy being a business coach?

Robert Zoellner: So many games.

Clay Clark: Okay, are there a lot of people at an average game? How many people are at the game?

Robert Zoellner: It’s somewhat sparse. The Mabee Center can seat, what, 6000 people or so?

Clay Clark: Yeah.

Robert Zoellner: So I’d probably say maybe around 1,000.

Clay Clark: And so I went to ORU, my wife went to ORU, and I’m gonna tell you what, the Oilers are implementing the system that ORU should implement.

I went to all those games because my wife was a cheerleader there, and there would be about 1000 people, maybe 2000 people. A big game, versus TU, maybe it’s full, like 6000 people.

Robert Zoellner: Right.

Clay Clark: Well, why aren’t they doing, one, a no-brainer ad on Facebook, where you can get four tickets for ten dollars? Why aren’t they doing that? Why aren’t they topping Google when you’re looking for fun things to do with your family? Why aren’t they making a list of the Dream 100 and calling alumni like me and saying, “Hey, it’s been a while since you’ve been to a game.”

When I say me, my wife, I got kicked out, but my wife.

Why aren’t they saying, “Hey, is this Mr. Clark?”


“Hey, can we talk to your wife? Anyway, so we want to invite you out to a game, we realize we haven’t seen you in a while, it’s absolutely free. Come enjoy the game, we’d love to reconnect with you. When you get to the game, we’ll give you a tour.”

Why aren’t they doing that? What is the deal? Why have they not been doing that? What is … I’m telling you, anybody out there, if you’re an ORU alumni, feel free to text me. 918-851-6920. 918-851-6920.

Because when you go to the ORU game, they always have a great product, they have a Division I basketball game. They have great family entertainment. It’s clean. If you have a family and you want to have a clean environment, a clean and fun family experience, it’s gonna happen. Nothing embarrassing that you’re gonna be ashamed to have happen in front of your kids. And it’s convenient. It’s over there at 81st and Lewis area. They need a business coach

Robert Zoellner: And they’re a pretty good team, too. They win quite a bit.

Clay Clark: Yeah, they win quite a bit. So the thing is, why are they not filling up their arena? And why is it that the Tulsa Oilers has set an attendance record this year, and they sold out a game at 16,000 people? Robert, do you know any of the names of the players on the Tulsa Oilers when you went to the game? Do you know any of the players?

Robert Zoellner: I think there’s one named Smith, but no.

Clay Clark: There’s a guy on the team named Clark who likes to fight a lot, and that’s the only guy that I know, I’m serious.

Robert Zoellner: Of course.

Clay Clark: But the thing is we don’t know the team. Did they win the last game we were at? No. I don’t even know what’s going on in the game.

But the thing is that you’re looking for something fun to do with your family, and the Dream 100 system works. So if you’re a member of the Oral Roberts University team and you have the ability to make the decisions, I highly recommend you execute the Dream 100 system.

When we come back, once you begin to market consistently and you begin to generate leads, you have to turn those leads into sales. And we’re gonna walk you through how a business coach can teach you how to convert those leads into sales.


Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show.

If you’ve started at the bottom and now you’re still at the bottom, guess what, this is the show for you because I know what it’s like to get hyper-motivated and to start a company, and then to go, “Yes, we’re gonna do it! I’ve watched every Tony Robbins video I can find. I’ve read every book I can get, I’ve read the audio, I’ve got the audio tapes, I’ve listened to them. I’ve listened to the James Earl Jones version of the Bible.”


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