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Good Branding with a Business Coach

Speaker 1: As a business coach, One, you have to do your demographic, two, you have to have a clear call to action, and three your ad has to look good or sound good. I mean, Z, when you’re producing your radio commercials they don’t sound like you know if you got together with the dude in his garage and you guys just started recording with whatever cellphones you had available. I mean it sounds like you-

Business Coach 267

Speaker 2: Yeah, we have an eight-track.

Speaker 1: Professionally produce those.

Speaker 2: Yes, you have to go in and if you advertise at the radio station, the TV station, as a business coach, they will help you with that. They will help you actually even with some of the content. They’ll help you with the production of it and you can negotiate that whenever you’re buying radio or TV for that matter or even print, but one thing we talked about earlier in the show starting off with a good branding and a good logo, that’s that kind of step one, and now getting it out in front of people is kind of what we’re talking about with that and so one of my moves on radio is to just find the parade and get in front of it. We’ve talked about that before.

Speaker 1: Oh, yeah.

Speaker 2: I get the DJ, the on-air personality, they don’t like to be call DJ’s anymore by the way.

Speaker 1: Really?

Speaker 2: That’s politically incorrect.

Speaker 1: Really? Wow.

Speaker 2: Yes, they’re on air-personalities.

Speaker 4: Personalities.

Speaker 2: They have personalities.

Speaker 1: 106.9 soccer moms everywhere.

Speaker 2: Come on soccer moms.

Speaker 1: That’s your audience baby.

Speaker 2: Come on.

Speaker 1: That’s your group right there.

Speaker 2: Come on Suburban’s.

Speaker 1: Come on, now. If you’re in a Suburban right now and you’re a soccer mom, honk for us.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I get a extra big parking spot. I need to do that with my new business, I mean my new office.

Speaker 1: Why don’t you start throwing in some free kale and some yoga pants with every purchase of $300.00 or more?

Speaker 2: I don’t need to. They come in in yoga pants eating kale. I don’t want to [inaudible 00:53:00]. It’s kind of like throwing more meat into the lion pit and I’ve got a dead zebra in there and they’re fine, they’re fine, but the thing I was going to say about that, the point I’m getting in front of is having that on-air personality endorse you. Now they’ve been in that person’s ear for years, for a very long time and they’re in a certain time segment and people kind of get used to them and they hear their voice every day and they get to trusting them. Hmm, there’s something, and so you bring them on board, you had them come in the office, have them go through the experience, have them bring their family through the experience and then they talk about it, you know, as if you’re the best thing since sliced bread and you can have an on-air personality say things about you that quite frankly would sound rude if you said it about yourself.

Speaker 1: Which is why I always finish second in the most humble competition. It’s so hard because-

Speaker 2: It’s so hard.

Speaker 1: I know that I am in fact the most humble Oklahoman in the history of this great state.

Speaker 2: Yeah, no doubt.

Speaker 1: There’s no one greater at being humble than myself, and it’s just unfortunate that people can’t recognize the near divine levels of humility and humbleness.

Speaker 2: Weren’t you the one that came up with the ingredients for Humble Pie as a business coach, wasn’t that you?

Speaker 1: Absolutely, what you have to do is first you want to injure your pride while working out. With the metal-

Speaker 4: That’ll do it.

Speaker 1: Okay, now the fourth step, you want to call your leads, so when someone does fill out the form you got to call the leads. Coach, why do you have to call the leads?

Speaker 4: Call them four or five times a day and keep calling him and keep calling him.

Speaker 1: Why do you have to keep calling the leads?

Speaker 4: I’ve had people that have been out of the country and I called them back five times and they’re like, “Oh thanks for calling me back.” or they are two weeks later, “Oh, I’ve been meaning to call you, thanks for call me back.” I get that constantly.

Speaker 1: I’ll tell you why you have to call your leads and why Z has to call his leads, when you’re working with soccer moms. We have five kids and-

Speaker 4: Busy.

Speaker 1: Thankfully, we don’t play soccer. We don’t go to those stadiums and fields at Indian Spring sitting around on the weekend waiting for, you know, weekend expire as we watch the games. No, no, no, no, no, we’re too good for that. we have business coach type things to do. We do gymnastics and ballet and these sorts of things and so we’re always taking kids from here to there and there to here and you got to fill out this application and fill out this form and bring this waiver and take them to camp and there’s just … Somebody’s injured, somebody’s sick, somebody’s crying, we have 47 missed calls. That’s what it’s like, you know, running a family for a lot of these women and men out there, and so you’ve got to be persistent calling those leads.

When we come back we’re going to get more into this fifth step for a business coach Facebook marketing, effective Facebook marketing because if you are marketing on Facebook and you don’t implement all five of these steps, it’s just not going to work. Now, we also have today on the show a very special guest. We have a gentleman who is the head of the next generation project, the Nextgen Project and so Garland, can you tell us a bit more about the Nextgen Project and how we can get involved if we would like to my friend?


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