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Having Fun with a Business Coach

Speaker 1: I just had a lot of fun with that and it was just a funny thing, but I’ll just tell you Thrivers we are here to help you make your business grow through training and a business coach and hopefully entertain you along the way, and before we went into the break I was telling you about an Oklahomie, a guy from Oklahoma. His name is Jonathan Barnett and full disclosure he is the one-third owner of Elephant in the Room, Men’s Grooming Lounge. He just reached … He and his team who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years, they now if you Google Search carpet cleaning quotes in the world, they have over 100,000 reviews and so now they are getting millions of people on their website and they’re booking thousands of jobs and if you go to Oxy, you will see the results of that, and so I want to help you here Thrivers, if you need some help on how to do this. One, you’ve got to go to and you have to register your business. You have to do it today.

Business Coach 260

Speaker 2: You have to do it.

Speaker 1: Now as a business coach I have to tell you, once you register your business, Z, you have to be intentional about getting reviews from real customers-

Speaker 2: Correct.

Speaker 1: Because if not, the trolls are in control. Z, what does that mean?

Speaker 2: Oh, I hate that. You know, your competitors there’s really no threshold. You can sign up, you know, [email protected] and say whatever you want to say about any business. It’s almost not right and people hide behind these fake names and fake stuff and, you’ll know if it’s a disgruntled employee, someone you just fired, because a lot of times that’s the case. It could be a competitor, a mad competitor get on my website or my Google and say something bad about me, that’s crazy, but it happens and so you have to be really proactive in making sure that you encourage, you ask your customers that have had a great experience to get on there and give you an honest evaluation of your business.

Speaker 1: If you come to our in-person business coach Workshop we’re going to give you the script for doing this. We’re going to show you specifically how to do it. We’re going to show you best practice emails, but getting Google reviews. Just Google search real quick, Thrivers. Go ahead and type in the phrase, Tulsa men’s haircuts or Tulsa basketball camps and notice how the companies that we own or that we coach that we’re involved in they’re all top in Google. Let me tell you what, according to Ad Week which is a huge third-party resource for advertisement research, 81% of people start their search for a product or service with a Google Search, Z.

Speaker 2: Absolutely, and the other thing too is that Google has all these rules, laws if you will, about what you can do, how you can ask for it, what’s appropriate, what’s inappropriate, what can get you in trouble, and so it’s not just running around saying, hey … If there’s a particular way and we have a script designed for that, already built for that to help you get the positive reviews you need for your business because the more of those you have, the higher up Google you go.

Speaker 1: Now apparently we have a business coach Thriver inside the box that rocks today who is passionate about giving good reviews to the Oklahoma business people who are doing well. You know, Z, there’s a lot of people who are doing well, but there’s not a lot of people shining a spotlight on these young entrepreneurs, and this is one of Garland McWatters’ passions. He’s a personal development leader here in Tulsa. Garland, can you explain to us about the Nextgen Project and maybe how Tulsan’s can get involved?

Speaker 3: Well, one of the ways you can get involved is first of all get informed about it and is the website to go to. and it really tells the back story of what’s going on with the project right now. Coming up in Tulsa in June the 23rd, we’ll be doing a local one-day workshop at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel. In fact, the Cherokee Nation is donating that. They are sponsoring this business coach workshop and it’s going to be about the best $49.00 you ever spent because we’ll have local leaders there doing what we call leadership circles and then we’ll have an afternoon leadership workshop where you can learn some leadership skills to go with that, and so you can get involved by just being aware of it and also by nominating young people in their 20’s that you believe in who are having an impact in their company and also are having an impact in their community in some way.

Nominations are or are open right now. We take nominations through August, and then those nominations and applications are graded by a panel of judges, and then in October we have a big gala. I mean we have … This last year we had over 1,500 people in the room-

Speaker 1: Whoa!

Speaker 3: Recognized over 200 young people for their outstanding perform … Service to Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: 1,500 humans?

Speaker 3: 1,500 human people, actual human people.

Speaker 1: Where can I nominate somebody? What’s the website? What’s the deal?

Speaker 3: is the place to do that.

Speaker 1: Perhaps I was drifting Z, I was having my Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans. Could you repeat that one more time there, Garland?

Speaker 3:, That’s the place to nominate a business coach and the nominations are anonymous, so people don’t know who nominated them, then they get an application and then they send the application in, fill the application out, no money changes hands, it’s totally free, nobody makes any money off this. It’s strictly to promote Oklahoma and young leaders in Oklahoma who are making a difference.


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