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Health Insurance for Employers | What You Can Do About It | Business Coach

This is part 2 of the business coach 1170 KFAQ radio show. To listen to part 1, click here. 

So my wife and I we had to go back. We had the baby sitter and it was it was a great show. It was a very good you and your wife though was a gamer though your wife Sally kind of she kind of a big deal and then she apparently went backstage. What time did Sally get to the Boys to Men concert that that started at 7:30.

you asked her it was the New Kids on the block concert. No. Not the boys to men or whatever. Yeah but yeah I think she had to take off work at noon to get ready. Noon. Oh my. And I believe that they arrived downtown somewhere around 2:30 or may Wow.

So she she left at noon got there. Did she go backstage is that correct.

She text me her. I’m party ready pic. At about 2:30. And then I think the VIP started for.

Did she pay extra money to go backstage. Oh yeah. This is the fourth time that she’s paid extra to go back. Honestly at this point I believe a first name basis. I believe that they know her. I was their favorite one. What is she like of the new kids. I try not to focus on that. Who is it Donny? I don’t I don’t. Is it Donnie Wahlberg? It seems like it should be ok. Was my favorite anyway.

OK. Nice. Now Tim did you go to that as a business coach? Did you go to the block concert did not go to that him as the only person right now inside the box that rocks has any class is what he’s saying.

I go either. OK

I don’t have class and you don’t have classes with us and tell them that they are related to that. This is just random observation but we’re talking about today. I’m in that class.

There we go you know we’re dealing with complaints and so we’re going to kind of role play this scenario. And I want to I want you guys to Steve I don’t want you to get I don’t I want to keep it as real as possible because it’s thrivers we’d learn best through hearing examples. OK. So there’s the scenario Yep sort of flying super blind here. You’re an accountant and you can’t find the answer to your question about the 1099  you’re trying to use the software to process a 1099.

Ninety nine that’s a form for a contract. That’s how you document what you pay a contractor at the end of the year you’re trying to process it you can’t log on you can’t get information something’s going on. And Tim is is he the he’s the manager and I am the low level guy who first takes the call because I used to be an intern for him. So my job as a front level guy entry level guy is to.

They didn’t call it the last system it’s been long enough I can’t remember but the whole idea is to listen to the customer. And if you’re right if you’re listening right now I encourage you to write down these four steps you want to listen to the customer. My boss Steve Hech used to tell me just listen to what they’re saying. Views by caring just listen then you want to try to answer it if you can. And then after you answer you want make sure they’re satisfied and you want to build some trust. What’ll happen is I can’t solve the problem because it’s such a big problem. It’s going to escalate to I think you called it tier 2 or do you mean what you call it if it was like a customer service issue 10 that couldn’t be handled by the frontline you would call that.

And it’s been a while usually just talk to the supervisors.

OK. So we’re going to we’re going to role play. So OK so here we go. And Steve’s going to try to put this on Facebook live it’s a crazy thing how can we do it all at one time. Steve are you ready to go. Yeah sorry sorry I can’t. Now guys there we go. So Steve you’re calling me you’re an accountant and you have you have an issue and I may answer the phone call on tax and accounting software this is Clyde Clark how can I help you.

Hey Clay it’s Paul hood. Hey hey Paul.

But Paul has a friend that I know that’s a CPA so I’m calling from the caller from the hood Hey I can’t I am trying in your software to get to this. Ten ninety nine. Oh what I’m doing I’ve had four people look at it. Yeah. We need to fix this. I’m trying to complete this guy’s taxes.

Well Paul number one my goal is to help you solve the problem as soon as possible let’s do it quickly. You will will have the problem solved in a phone here. That’s what I need to do is I need to get to that last four digits of your phone number what’s the last four digits of your phone number on your profile. 5 6 2 6 5 6 2 6 I’m pulling it in. Awesome OK. I’m looking at it now. Tell me what you’re. Tell me tell me what you’re seeing to what you see on your screen right now what we through what you’re seeing and some of the issues you’re dealing with.

Ok so I’m on the Web site where I log in. Yes sure you. And what where are you stuck. On the Web site or I log it.

OK. So you’re saying you need a password retrievals.

I mean I don’t know I put it in and it’s the same one that I always put in you know.

OK here’s what I can do. Instant reset right now and so let me go ahead. What’s your position on this. Pretty good memory here. Clay This is what it is.

My name is Paul at Paul dot com.

Now real quick drivers what I would do is I would attempt to help them. Now for some reason I can’t help them for whatever reason. We’ll pretend five or ten minutes have gone by. I’ve really tried hard to help you out. I’ll say now. Now Paul here’s what going to do. I’m going to transfer you right now to my supervisor Tim. And Tim has been at this longer than I have he held up longer than I have. He’s helped kind of put to get put together all the systems and he knows everything is going on. The wise wizard let me transfer you over real quick. OK. OK. So that put you on hold and then but in time I get a guy on hold right now who is having an issue logging on his account. I’ve tried. Item 1 2 3 in the manual can you help me out there.

I probably can as long as it’s not Paul. Putting Paul Hood is OK.

I’ll have a on the transfer you over. OK so. And fam.

Paul this is Tim here. Hey I understand we have an opportunity here to solve a problem.

Yes. So I have been able to get in. OK. Well he had me on hold but I still cannot find this 8:31 form that I’m supposed to download. I mean I don’t know. Is there a search. What am I doing wrong.

OK well let’s let’s do this. Here let’s begin with the end in mind. You want to print out of ten ninety nine. Is that what you’re going. Yes. And you’re having a problem you’re having a problem with the entry finding the entry screen.

A quick time out because we are a radio show I want to break down what we’re hearing here. One is we’re listening we’re trying to really understand what the problem is and we’re trying to define the person we’re going to get you the answer. Now the thing is when we get off the call it speed in the future what speed in the future it’s about five minutes later you’ve solved the problem. We now want to satisfy the person making sure that we’re satisfied with the make sure that they are in fact satisfied with the resolution. We got to build that trust. So we’re going to go into the future and here we go. And back to you tip.

All right. So Paul other thing you mean. As intelligent as a tree trunk here this really worn me out. No I wasn’t saying that. OK. We’re just actually so so good. So what I like to do pause I just want to make sure is this you have the answer you need.

And you said that appeared to succeed going forward.

Yeah yeah I think I think we’re good we’re good sometimes you know with technology it just gets you it’s just messed up and I get frustrated. You know it’s tax time and it’s you know it’s five o’clock and I want to be here till 9 pm.

I totally get that. I’m with you. The most important thing here is that the program is working for you and that you’re satisfied with with how this thing is a quick time out.

So we just built this we went really verified they’re satisfied now when to build that trust and that’s what you have to do. And then what you’d want to do is you want to take that extra step now that you’ve dealt with the situation you want to take the extra step to turn this into a learning opportunity and we come back to talk about how to do that because Paul is not a crazy person he’s just a guy with a complaint an issue and we want to help him not have complaints to begin with.

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