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How Much Are Business Coach Programs

Dr. Zelner: How much is it for the business coach training One … I mean, one US dollar by the way. That’s it. And then every month that’s $19 and you spend more on junk food or coffee probably or the thing on the thing about the thing. But the thing we found is that we have more subscribers now that are outside the US. Of course, the population, I mean, we think US is … Here we have so much gross national product. We are such a wealthy country but yet there’s so many people around the globe that look to us for business coach training, for entrepreneurship, for leadership. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so exciting about and the approach we had three years ago, now and say let’s scale business coach trainings and make a business coaching program.

Business Coach 152

There’s people in all over the world, in India, in Singapore, in South Korea, as you just mentioned, that want that DNA that we have here in the USA. The USA’s DNA about entrepreneurship. And they look to us and they say this is a country that has it sorted out. This is a country that encourages. This is a country where I can go to and learn and so they find us and they love it because it’s practical business coach steps. It’s steps they can do. It’s not this walk on hot coals.

Clay Park: But I walk on hot coals.

Dr. Zelner: A bunch of business coach cheerleading, which is a part of it but it’s the practical steps and that’s why it’s so fun to see people around the world learn and grow their business from the mentors that we have on our website.

Clay Park: And so what we’re talking about today is once you grow your business as a result of learning from the mentors on our website, you will have mo’ money, mo’ problems. So Justin, what are some other problems that you’re dealing with now at the Elephant in the Room? Or, if I am a business speaker, I will say opportunities for growth. But, what are the big problems? Right now, when you look at it and go, “Okay, that’s a problem we have now that we didn’t have before and here’s how I’m solving it.”

Justin: So when you say problems, these are good problems to have. These are things that you look forward. Early on, we pulled together our $15,000 [crosstalk 00:47:09]. For me, that was a year’s worth of wedding photography. That was another business we did there, right? Ultra successful wedding photography. That was a big deal, $15,000. But now, the problems on the big scale, you talked about paying taxes. Instead of complaining about it I [inaudible 00:47:35] and say I want to pay as much as possible, I feel good about that. I want to contribute to society and the more I pay in taxes is the more I’m personally making.

So with our business but understanding also, just because you’re making more doesn’t mean that you need that house, that car because those aren’t assets and so we for five years, have reinvested into our shops to create that growth. So you talk about long-term instead of short-term. So the short-term, we’d be like, “Get that fancy car. Get that house. The vacations. The whole party scene.” But, we are doing it long-term so we’re reinvesting to the businesses and we’ve opened three shops.

Clay Park: And now you’ve got two more. You’re working on one in Jenks, one in Owasso. Very excited to see where you decide the perfect fit, the most convenient location is for the customers. Very exciting times. Action Jackson, here. He’s on the show with you today. Now, he runs the call center for Elephant in the Room, correct?

Jackson: It’s me.

Clay Park: Okay, now, Jackson, you were recently asked to help with build out. So here’s a problem I saw. Justin had this awesome vision for the new downtown location. By the way, if you haven’t to it … Z, have you been in there yet?

Dr. Zelner: No, I have not.

Clay Park: Z, come on.

Dr. Zelner: I’ve got a dollar. My first haircut’s only a dollar and that’s what you say. I mean, I don’t …

Justin: You’ve got to try the experience.

Dr. Zelner: I don’t know that’s true. That’s what they say.

Justin: Every time I go out on your 71st location, I ask for you because I know you’re not there but I drop the name. That’s what I try to do. So, I take employees out, get some glasses. I get my glasses about once every two years-

Dr. Zelner: Well I do appreciate the business coach trainings by the way. Thank you.

Justin: I look for the Porsche outside and … But, you need to come by. Seriously. We’re going to harass you. Next time I’m on next week-

Dr. Zelner: I need to come by. My next haircut I will come by for a $1 and get a haircut.

Justin: At least a shampoo wash, right? The shampoo wash.

Dr. Zelner: But then I know I … I’m going to get a membership. I will buy the platinum membership every week. It’s going to be like everyday they’re going to come by and we’ll send the stylist as well-

Clay Park: No, Justin is so good at sales that this is how your checkout process is going to go. You’re ready for this?

Dr. Zelner: Yes. Yes. Role play what’s going to happen?

Clay Park: Did you enjoy your experience today?

Dr. Zelner: Yes, I did.

Clay Park: Okay. Well, all right. How familiar are you with our memberships?

Dr. Zelner: I have no idea.

Clay Park: Well, basically, our memberships allow you to use our facility more often at a discounted rate and so what we do is all of our memberships include our standard haircut includes the  hand dip, the hot towel treatment, you get edge ups and cleanups in between haircuts. You get one haircut a month. You get an adult beverage, etc, etc. And we have three options. This one. This one. This one is the most popular. Now, for you though, this is what Justin is going to do to you. We have what we call the throne package that’s off the menu. It’s the throne. It’s $5,200, one time. And what that includes is your own throne with your name, with an engraved Z, on the chair and it has a nice chair. Might look like one from your home that we might or might not have moved over and it does include a suit up armor that we might or might have relocated from your business coach house.

Dr. Zelner: Do you have a platinum throne package where I can get something else thrown in there like a chicken sandwich or something?

Clay Park: Z, I’m trying to … When you go in there you’re going to run into a lot of guys because a lot of business coach listeners and business owners..A lot of those decision makers come in there. Yeah. It includes a lifetime of ribs. He’s going to sell you some super package so watch. He’s going to make up some off the menu package.

Clay Park: So you guys are doing the build out. Justin has this huge vision but the problem with the huge vision. This is the problem I have. I’m sure Z has never had this problem. But, it’s a problem we all have when you start seeing success. You have entrepreneurship time where your concept of time and space are not in line with reality. So you’re like, “This should take 40 hours.” But it’s really like 400 hours. So next thing you know, you’re in the call center working the day, right, Jackson?

Jackson: Yeah. Yeah.

Clay Park: What was your schedule during the day?

Justin: He said, “I’m open to help.” And once he said that, I don’t think he realized that.

Clay Park: Jackson, walk me through a typical day during that last week? What time did you start work?

Jackson: Well see, that last week, I started at 7:30 in the morning in the call center.

Clay Park: And when did you end your workday?

Jackson: Like 2 in the morning, 3 in the morning.

Clay Park: Sounds reasonable. And that was a thing so then it became the normal that Jackson is working 22 hours a day, 21 hours a day. Just unbelievable. But, the thing is that’s what entrepreneurship is and now Jackson is seeing the success of the business and he’s seeing the success of Oxifresh and Johnson Barnett’s business, one of our partners, and he’s going, “I want to do that.” He sees the car that Z drives and the thing is, Jackson is just getting it done. He’s a diligent doer and so I want to ask you this, Jackson, when you hang around this entrepreneur guy over here, Justin, the Amish paradise boy wonder who’s growing the Elephant in the Room chain, how is being around an entrepreneur changed your mindset or impacted you watching this crazy guy do his stuff day in day out?

Jackson: Well I mean, I’m learning how to see how to make money work for me rather than working for money and living day by day.

Clay Park: Oh. Now, Z, did you ever have a mentor that showed you the way? That was someone who had more money. They had a lot of problems because they have big house, big car. They have [inaudible 00:52:35]. The big problem is how am I going to insure it? How much do I have to set aside for taxes? People trying to sue you. Did you ever have a mentor that you ran into that was maybe ahead of and where you wanted to be in life and maybe they let you know that you were crazy, that you were being sued for the first time or whatever these big problems were?

Dr. Zelner: They let know that I was crazy by the way. Yes, of course. I tell you what. Behind every successful business, behind every successful person out there and business, you have some mentors because you know, I make mistakes. I’ll just call it. I make mistakes. I’ve been scammed. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve done all those things. I’ve learned from them but it’s more fun to learn from mentorship to have someone. That’s the thing I found is that as a young man, we’re always looking for mentors and I would encourage you out there to look for mentorees. If we all started mentoring the people we were supposed to, we would solve the problem, right? The problem is you get busy and you don’t really want to do it. You can only have so many people come into your life and that’s why when you came to me … Because I get more requesting my time than I have time for. That’s just the way it is when you get successful, that just comes with the territory.

Clay Park: And you have open … You have stated this that the goal of your businesses is to serve you. You’ve stated that. You’ve told me that. I’ve seen you say it. I’ve seen you live it. And you said that your faith is important, and your family. That’s the first thing. So you always have time for your son, always have time of your daughter, always have time for the family and then if you have extra time, then you try to sow seeds in other people’s lives and this goes for business coach people and business owners.

Dr. Zelner: Absolutely and that’s what excited me about our business coach website when you approached me about three years ago because I thought here’s something we can do to where we can now … You can spend the day with some really great people. We have some great mentors on the website. You’re not physically going to be with them but you get to watch a video that’s very well done. You get to have a little humor along the way and you get to learn their secret sauce, which is kind of cool. I mean, we’d all like to sit down with David Robinson for the day and hang out with him. NBA Hall of Famer. He’s had great successes in business since basketball.


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