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How to Get a Business Coach Team

I know that you can build the spot, the place, the jam, and the deal. You can do what you need to do financially quickly if you’ll just participate with me emotionally and mentally as we go through these self assessments today as a business coach, so the next question I have for you is on a scale of one to 10, 10 being awesome, one being terrible, how would you rate your company’s knowledge of everyone’s KPIs? How would you rate your knowledge of everyone’s Key Performance Indicators? On a scale of one to 10, does everybody, if a 10 is everybody knows specifically the numbers that they’re held accountable for, then you are a 10. You’re a genius. I owe you a high five. If you are a one, where no one has any idea what they’re supposed to do, no one’s held accountable to anything, then you need to get out to an in-person workshop for sure right away, because nobody can be … No one will get anything done if they’re not held accountable to some certain standard. You’ve got to hold your team accountable to some type of standard, so I encourage you to go ahead and rank yourself on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best, one being the worst, as it relates to everyone knowing their numbers. If people don’t know their numbers, they drift and that is a business coach fact.

Business Coach 302

Here’s an example. There’s a very real example for you. Back in the day, one of my companies I had was called Epic Photography, Epic Photography. Many of you maybe have used us for our weddings. We won the award from as being the best photographers in 2000 and … It was ’13, 2014, I think it was ’15, then we skipped ’16 but then ’17, something like that. We won the award now five times. The company’s a member of the Wedding Hall of Fame with, which is kind of a big deal. That’s like the wedding Better Business Bureau or the wedding rating police, and so if you have a very, very high rating with them, that’s a tough thing to do in that industry.

Anyway, that company, for our salespeople, I required that every salesperson made a minimum of 100 outbound calls per day, 100 outbound calls per day, and I will tell you, so many people who have worked there over the years thought that was just terrible. People … “Ah, just terrible. You’re making me make a hundred calls a day? That’s awful.” I remember people used to come up to me and go, “Excuse me. I just want to know, I mean, so I made like 70 calls, and I’d like to get to a hundred, but I don’t know what tips you have for staying motivated.” I would say, “Well, here’s the deal. If you don’t make a hundred calls, then you just make minimum wage, but if you do make a hundred calls, then you make 10 an hour plus commissions.” “Okay, so I’m very motivated now.” I had to determine the Key Performance Indicators.

Let me tell you. Let me explain this to you. If you do not hold your team accountable to a certain standard, people will always fall to the level of expectation. People will always fall to the level of expectation that you have, and nobody is better at talking about expectations than Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the guy who’s the cofounder of Apple. He is the guy who was the CEO of Pixar. He took over Pixar there from George Lucas as he was going through a divorce. You know, Mr. Star Wars? He was going through a divorce, and he came in and took over his business and took it to the next level, and I’m going to read to you a Notable Quotable from Steve, and I think that this quote is powerful but only if you’re kind of in that line of thinking right now where you’re saying, “I’m coachable.” but as a business coach I know that us a bunch of crap.

Because if you’re saying, “I’m not coachable. I’m just going to … You don’t understand. My industry is different,” then I would recommend that you would probably devote the majority of your day going to Oklahoma Joe’s and seeing how many … See how much food you could eat and while listening to this show passively but actively focus on eating as much food as possible and passively listen to the show. Now if you love the show, I encourage you to actively listen to the show, engage with the show, but then I encourage you to passively get over to Oklahoma Joe’s, have the food, but still be listening to the show. Focus on the show. Implement what we’re learning. Thomas Edison said that “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Thomas Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb, who was the father of a business coach recorded audio, video, he said that the … He’s the founder of GE. He says that “Vision without execution is hallucination.” You don’t want to hallucinate. You want to get things done.


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