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Steve: Do you know the instant gratification of what America is right now? It’s like, people want to buy something and like have it. Like, “I want to buy it right now and have it or I need a business coach right now”. So they sign the contract of their house and are like, “So, do we close tomorrow or? Do I get to stay in the house tonight? So I noticed that the seller still had a lot of their stuff in there. And it’s been like, three hours. I mean, do I get to move in the morning?”

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So our thing is pre-underwrite it, get it out of the way ahead of time, and then just close as fast as we can because people want the instant gratification, right, of getting in the house as soon as they possibly can. So that’s another thing that we do is we just try to close fast.

Clay: Now, if you’re a Thriver or even a business coach out there you can text us right now at anytime. You can text us 918-851-6920. Now Justin, here’s a question coming in hot for you my friend. Thrivers want to know, what do you do on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated? I get that question all the time. People are texting that in right now. What do you do on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated?

Justin: I think about, at the low times … No, I’m just joking. To stay motivated on daily basis, you’ve got to surround yourself with the positive people, those mentors. So, people where I want to go where I want to be. So, you know Clay, early on, shadowed you in a lot of businesses and you mentored me. You know, Dr. Z the business coach as well. So if it’s a podcast, if it’s a book, if it’s a CD on tape while you’re driving and you listen to, that’ll keep you motivated. Have those daily goals, have the weekly goals, the monthly goals, the yearly goals, and surround yourself with people that are where you want to be.

Clay: Now, Steve, I want to ask you the same question. What do you do on a daily basis to keep you motivated, keep yourself motivated? What is your process?

Steve: For me, it’s energy. For me, it’s knowing what your goals are and then trying to get there. And I get bored real easy. So for me, I have to be constantly moving and constantly doing something. Otherwise I get bored and I get complacent. So some of the things I do is I reach really high in my goals so that, you know, buying really expensive cars that you have to pay for, and like, “Oh I gotta go hustle now ’cause I gotta go get that. I gotta get to that next level”. It’s hard though. Especially when you’re a business owner, ’cause there’s no one there to kick and hug you, is there? Right?

Clay: Now, Thrivers I’m gonna tell you this. Andrew Carnegie … And I’m paraphrasing here. But Andrew Carnegie was one of the world’s most successful people. And one of the things he said is he said, “People who cannot motivate themselves must accept mediocrity”. Again, he says, “People that cannot motivate themselves must accept mediocrity”. And when we come back, I want to talk to you about how I motivate myself on a daily basis and my goal is to help you stay motivated. It’s like taking a shower. Everyday, every single day … I recommend every day, you want to take a shower. Not just one the days that you’re feeling motivated, right? You want to take a shower every single day. Even on the days you don’t feel motivated, otherwise you’re gonna start to smell weird. Stay tuned. We’re gonna talk about how to stay motivated when we come back.

All right Thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation and we’re answering questions from real Thrivers, people just like you. Phone number is 918-851-6920. Again, you can text us right now, 918-851-6920. Again 918-851-6920. And one of the questions we’re getting a lot is, how do you stay motivated? I’m gonna walk you through my process for doing this and it’s gonna probably offend half of you. And then we’ll just kind of recover after that, okay?

My main thing is I encourage you to figure out what you give a crap about. What you care about. Go ahead and make a list of these F6 items. What you care about. Okay? So, faith, family, finances, fitness, friendships, and fun. I repeat, faith, family, finances, fitness, fun, “What?” I repeat. Faith, family … Someone needs to write these goals down. What are your goals for faith? What are your goals for your family? What are your goals for your friendships? What are your goals for your fitness? What are your goals for your finances? What are your goals for your fun? And then in my humble and strong opinion, my number one goal everyday is to make sure that I make progress on those areas. And I just don’t give a crap about anything else.

And so we had a great Thriver like you today that reached out, and I appreciate you doing this, and I care, and I want to make sure you get what I’m saying. They said, “Hey, I would love it if you could speak at a breakfast on Wednesday morning”. There’s a breakfast on Wednesday morning coming up in September. It’s a reasonable ask. I think you’re a good human, I want to help you, and I said, “Here’s the deal. Wednesday morning now, with my new schedule, that’s when I’m working out. And after I workout, what I do is I have a meeting at six. So it’s not possible”. And they said, “Well what about Thursday?” And I said, “Well Thursday, I’m working out and then I have a meeting. It’s not possible”. “So what about Friday?” “Well Friday, that’s the day where I don’t have a workout but I get up early and I do my reading, you know?” And they said, “Well what about Monday?”

And we go through this. And I was  but I said, “Here’s the deal. If you want to come to one of our in-person workshops on April 21st and 22nd, I have a scholarship. I can either get you in for free or we have great packages for you. I would love to connect with you. I’ll answer any questions you have. I’ll be here, Dr. Z, he’s here in the box that rocks. We are 100% here. But if not, I’m chasing my wife around or spending time with my kids”. Because I love my kids, right? So faith, I love spending time, a couple hours a week doing the church thing. I love that. I love the family, I love spending time with my kids. I love friendships. I mean, I’m being [inaudible 00:59:52]. I love spending time with Steve, he’s a great guy. He’s a source of energy. He’s compassionate. He cares. He’s got a vision for his life. I love spending time with Justin.

But people that want to have success and are willing to do the work are sort of a rare breed. And it is draining for me to surround myself with negative people. People who want to complain about the weather, politics, whatever. And so I want to encourage you that once you are fulfilled … And someone says, “You guys are so selfish. All you care about is yourself, you sick freak”. Work with me. Once you are achieving your F6 goals: faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and fun. Now you have this overflowing cup. You have more than what … You are a source of energy. You’re a source of inspiration because inspiration is a reward. Inspiration is not what you need to get started. It’s the reward you get for having started. Inspiration is the reward.

And so Dr. Z is an example. He’s living a life of an F6 business coach success story to the fullest. So he text me and he says, “Hey. Do your kids want to attend a concert in the luxury box at the BOK? I would be honored if you guys could come”. Well that’s ’cause he has an abundance of time-freedom and financial-freedom. So he’s reaching out to me, a business coach, out of the goodness of his heart, with no reward for him, saying, “Hey, do you want to come?” But he couldn’t do that if he was living in poverty. Abraham Lincoln once said that the key to helping the poor is step number one: don’t become poor. [crosstalk 01:01:26]

So the thing is, we all have polls. And so we have another Thriver who text us in. And I want to read this question to you, Steve. The question comes in at 918-851-6920. 918-851-6920. Steve, how do you prioritize your own success when everyone tries to pull you away from your goals? How do you achieve your own success when everyone’s trying to pull you away from your own goals? How do you do it, Steve?

Steve: I have a cardinal rule, just as you were saying, that anything or anyone that takes energy from me that isn’t bringing energy to me, I just don’t give ’em time. Because I call it … And I had a coach for years, Dr. Steve Green, amazing, and he used to tell me the people in the valley. They’re in the valley, they’re reaching out, they’re grabbing your ankles, they’re trying to pull you down into the valley with them. “Come down here where it sucks!” And so my focus is, anything or anyone that takes energy from me, I just don’t spend time with them.

Just like Justin said, you surround yourself with people that are at a place where you want to be. That’s part of the reason, Clay, a big part of the reason why I try to spend a lot of time at the Thrive15 business coach offices because of that energy. Because of the people that are here, because of the ambiance that’s here that kind of gets you in that … I stuck a phone in one of the back offices, right, so I could go in and make my calls here where there was like some good energy, where I could keep positive.

And that’s what I do. I just try to keep out … If you’re an energy stealer, if you’re a time stealer, time waster, you’re a person in the valley that’s bringing me down, then you just don’t get my time.


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