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Moves from a Business Coach

As a Business coach, I am here to tell you something. There’s a lot of little moves you can do. There’s not a blanket statement for everybody. It’s not everybody, well go to this station, spend this amount of money and do a schedule like this and you’ll be successful. It’s different with everybody because you’re demographics are different.

Business Coach 274

Speaker 1: Now Garland, for everybody who’s listening, you’re a personal development expert, so for anybody out there who’s listening who feels like they don’t have what it takes to start a successful company, they don’t have the mindset, they don’t have the vision, what advice would you have for somebody that doesn’t think they’re qualified to be a successful entrepreneur?

Speaker 3: Well, first of all I think they ought to listen to your business coach program. I’ve learned a lot today listening … To being here listening to what you have to say and I think the first thing they have to decide what they’re doing is what is their product, what’s the product. What are they offering? What’s the offer and if they want to get the mindset that they can be successful, they have to decide for themselves what they want to be successful at, and that’s personally been the biggest struggle I had over the years was kind of getting sown in, and only recently have I realized that the people who buy my product are not people like me. I’m not marketing to 60-year old men, I’m marketing to 27, 28 year old girls or women, and I think if I’m going to tell someone … To give someone advice of where to start, figure out what it is that you’re doing and figure out who you are and then decide then what direction you’re going to go in terms of your product.

Speaker 1: Now Thrivers, if you want to learn how to make six figures a year, $100,000 a year, that’s a desire … Z, do you remember when that was the goal, was to make six figures, $100,000?

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah, sure. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1: If the Thrivers … If you’re listening right now and you want to make a $100,000 a year, this is my guarantee for you. If you come to our next in-person workshop on April 21st and 22nd, I will teach you the exact same system that I have taught hundreds, and I repeat, hundreds of people. I’ve taught thousands, but hundreds of people have actually executed this and have joined the six figure club and I’m telling you what, the stuff that we’re going to teach you … Coach, you’ve been to one of the workshops. I mean this is stuff that anybody can apply, am I correct?

Speaker 4: Yes, and my systems when I first started with you were terrible. I had to learn everything and I did learn everything.

Speaker 1: What kind of stuff have you learned? I mean, just a few things just to give the Thrivers a little taste.

Speaker 4: Just developing my schedule. Who to market to. How to bill. My billing was awful. Holding people accountable. Trust but check on everyone. What’s that’s saying you use?

Speaker 1: Trust but verify, Ronald Reagan.

Speaker 4: Business coach ninias quote Trust but verify. You got to trust … I trust everybody but I want to check everybody out. Holding people accountable. I took notes and notes and I’ve been doing this for 21 years, but I took pages upon pages of notes that I’m still going through trying to make sure that I’m implementing everything that I can.

Speaker 1: Now, Z, this is a little statistic for you, a little statistic for you.

Speaker 2: All right, you know me, I’m a mathematician. I love numbers.

Speaker 1: According to Ad Week, Ad Week is a publication that monitors the buying habits of consumers. Over 80% of your consumers, of consumers who are potentially wanting to buy your product or service, start their search for your product with a search engine search. They’re looking on the Internet for the products and services.

Speaker 2: Most of them now are using … More are using smart phones than not.

Speaker 1: We will teach you at our next in-person workshop how to become a search engine optimization expert, and that alone could make everyone listening six figures if you have a real product and a real service.

Speaker 2: In-person workshop. Tell me more about that, Clay Clark.

Speaker 1: Well, I will. Well first off you have to go to It’s okay, I’ll be patient. I’ll wait.

Speaker 2: Okay, they’re there.

Speaker 1: Okay, Once you go up there click on conferences and when you click on conferences there you can learn about our next in-person workshop, April 21st and 22nd and there at this workshop we’re going to teach you time management, online marketing, social media marketing, how to generate leads, sales, everything you needed to know. How to get capital, networking.

Speaker 2: Ooh, how to hire and fire.

Speaker 1: All of it, all right there, so business coach and business coach ninjas alike, Thrivers go to to learn more and as always we have four ways to serve you. One, the podcast, it’s free, Two,, the world’s best business school, one dollar for your first month. Three, one-on-one business coaching, and four, Z, in-person workshops.

Speaker 2: Oh, you’ve got a … That’s the four-legged stool of just awesomeness. I mean, you know, like Rocky. I mean he’s going up the steps. I mean, if you do this program then you will be successful, and as always we end the show …

Three, two, one, boom!

Speaker 1: Three, two, one, boom!


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