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Now Hiring Tulsa | About Working Here

Now Hiring Tulsa | About Working Here

This content was written for the Thrivetime show.

Hello! My name is Jordan McKaughan and I am a search engine optimization content creator here at the Thrivetime Show. If you are looking to work for a team that is now hiring Tulsa A-players come here! The work that I do here at thrive is very important to me and so are the clients that we work for. As a search engine optimization writer, I am able to help small businesses rank higher in Google with my articles thus generating them more leads and business opportunities. This can be very helpful for business and I truly enjoy my job because I get to help businesses every day with their success. So if you need to be at the top of Google, and have leads pouring in like crazy, then you need our SEO expertise!

The environment here at the Thrivetime show is like no other place out there. Every time I walk through the doors here at our building I have a great rush of joy go through me! That is because this place and the people here have truly changed my life for the better. I have also made so many friends while working here, and I believe that my co-workers are by far the most top-notch individuals. I am extremely proud to have m position here, and not many people can say that they love going to work every day as I can!

I have been working here at the Thrivetime show for about a year, and it has truly been a life-changing experience. I am so glad that I found them when I was looking for people now hiring Tulsa employees! While being surrounded by people who care so much about one another, I have grown to really love the environment here. Everyone strives to make their co-workers feel like they are apart of a team, and that is only one example out of a million reasons why I am happy to be working here. We also feel a ton of respect for our team members and the businesses that we are able to help every day here at Thrive!

The Thrive team truly feels like a family to me and I believe that working here has been a really amazing ride along the way. I also have learned so much from my mentors here to last me an entire lifetime! Jon Kelly, for example, has taught me how to be a hard worker and how to hustle every single day, and how to be humble while doing it. Clay Clark, has taught me that character and determination is the only thing that matters on your journey to success. Every day I feel very honored to be able to help businesses all across America, and also to have the opportunity to learn from leaders like Jon and Clay!

While working here I have learned so much from my mentors and they have helped me completely change my life for the better. When you are ready to come to a place that is now hiring Tulsa that is more than just a job, come here! Not only have I have learned how to correctly manage my time but my finances as well. I have found my true calling over the course of my career here at the Thrivetime show and that is to help others with their businesses and creating content to successfully scale their company.

The Thrivetime show has opened up my eyes in many ways, and before I began my career here, I was working up to three jobs in order to provide for my wife, pay for college, and also to pay bills. After I started working here I can definitely say that my life has changed for the better. I take pride in my work and I love being able to help small businesses succeed! I know that my work is a huge part of what Thrive is able to do for many businesses across the country, and I am humbled to hear how many businesses that I have been able to help with my search engine optimization articles personally.

We pride ourselves on hustling every single day to help our clients and their businesses succeed. We believe that diligence, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic that includes grinding every single day, is something that a person needs in order to work here. You must be willing to work hard every single day and then to work even harder the next day. This job is only for the disciplined and those who will be a team player, and that is what I love about working here at Thrive. We reward those who go above and beyond and whenever we see someone over deliver, we make sure that we show them praise for it.

The Thrivetime show is like no other job and they are now hiring Tulsa, and that can be a good thing for people who want to hustle every single day and do more than the average person, but this can be a bad thing for lazy people who want a paycheck just for showing up. So if that is you, then you will NOT enjoy this place. It is plain and simple, we truly love what we do here. We do our work in order to help others that truly need our outstanding results for their companies. So If you are a person who doesn’t want to grind every single day to help people in need of our skills, then this is not the place for you. Thrive can be a blessing for you, but if you choose to be lazy, you will not be here for very long!

Over the course of my career here, I have been taught so many things that I have truly been grateful for the fact that I found Thrive when I was looking for places now hiring Tulsa. Every time we have our weekly Monday meetings I get extremely excited to learn more about how we have helped our clients over the past week. We also learn more about how we can become a more successful individual from our Founder Clay Clark. As an 18-year-old, I can safely say that have learned more about business than all of my courses from college combined. And I have Clay Clark, Jon Kelly, and my friends at Thrive to thank for that! So if you need help with search engine optimization and scaling your business, then give us a call!


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