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Now Hiring Tulsa | You Refused to Settle

Now Hiring Tulsa | I Refused to Settle

This content was written for the Thrivetime Show.

Change requires stepping outside of your comfort zone. It requires dreaming bigger, setting higher goals, and simply not settling. It was what I ready to do after spending six years as a Christian writer at a wonderful ministry. My work was very good and my writings made a difference in many parts of the world; in places, I dream of visiting. But the time came when I simply desired so much more for myself and my career, so I started looking for places now hiring Tulsa employees.

I refused to settle.

In December 2018, I attended the Thrive Time Show Business conference and it opened my eyes to new possibilities! I was infused with so much inspiration, business knowledge, and wisdom. Being around so many highly successful people gave me a new perspective and a new hope that I too could achieve great success if I simply worked really hard. I left feeling like I could climb Mount Everest, or in other words, I could conquer anything. The scripture, ìhard work leads to prosperityî became even more alive to me. I saw how their diligent efforts allowed them to be super successful.

I left the two-day Thrive Time business conference feeling like nothing was impossible. I could go to newer heights and even walk on water (OK, not literally!). But I desired to be apart of the Thrive TIme Show team and what they were doing. It was the new direction I wanted to go in. I knew an opportunity at Thrive Time Show would offer me the chance to grow and surround myself with people thriving in ways I never thought were possible. Then I heard that they are now hiring Tulsa!

So, I took a giant step and applied.

My dream became a reality less than two months later! I started working at Thrive Time Show in January 2019 as a search engine optimization writer. Yes, I became an SEO ninja! Almost two months later, I still love my job! I look forward to walking through those doors, hearing the upbeat music blaring, so excited to bring the BOOM! I still make a difference for good. Every day, I have the opportunity to help businesses grow.

At Thrive, we help business owners gain financial freedom and time freedom through our proven business strategies and systems. I was blown away when I reflect on how one simple decision to attend the business conference changed the direction of my life! Now I am helping hundreds of business owners reach their goals, gain financial freedom and time freedom. I even enjoy going on the businesses websites and seeing how they are improving the lives of people through the services or products. I also enjoy seeing their Give Back Programs, as many give to a lot of great causes. This is why they are one of the best places now hiring Tulsa A-players!

If you are looking for somewhere that is awesome and now hiring Tulsa, come here! At Thrive, youíll definitely grow! Youíll always pushes yourself to dream bigger and better. Because youíll write down your goals and work towards them. Youíll never settles, and never stop learning. Thatís the attitude youíll get just by working here. Itís an attitude the team has, and one I see leadership model. Youíll is inspired to go farther, dream bigger, and think like a winner!

Of course, youíll have fun too! Youíll cheer on others when they get a win, such when they make a sale. You’ll get high-fives for doing a great job, and give out high-fives to team members. Youíll celebrates wins, yours and others. And more importantly, youíll learn how to become a great team player. As it has been said, teamwork makes the dream work.

At Thrive, Iíve learned the value of teamwork. Itís great to see people working together and genuinely caring about helping each other succeed. My team members are all upbeat, and they come to work focused, ready to take on the tasks before them! It’s so amazing to be around exceptional people who truly want to thrive and do whatever it takes to serve business owners through their gifts and talents. Iíve has been told dream work makes the teamwork, and now Iíve seen it greater level. The teamwork here is off the charts. If you need help or direction on a project or task, someone is always willing to help you. It is definitely different from the other jobs Iíve hand in the past.

Many times during the work week, Clay will come by to greet us. If itís the end of the work week, heíll tell us to have a good weekend or ask us what our plans are. This type of leadership is exceptional! Having this type of interaction is so great! Clay really is involved in the team. He really does care to see us succeed. He cares about giving you positive feedback and helping you reaching your goals. This is different from my past experiences.

Also, the weekly team meetings are purposeful and inspiring. I never had weekly team meetings at my previous jobs. Every monday morning, Clay Clark meets with the team! You will be inspired, encouraged, and if correction is need, itís done in a gentle way. At these meetings, He shares wisdom to make our lives better, to help us become better individuals, and better workers. We even get to hear from the business owners we work for. These business owners will come to our meetings and share how Thrive has impacted their lives. Working here is epic. I leave the meeting even more excited to start my tasks again.

Finding the perfect place for yourself that is now hiring Tulsa is important. If you donít enjoy working hard, being accountable, receiving feedback to get better or meet the standard of excellence, then youíll dread working at Thrive. And if you donít enjoy working around people who are excellent and enjoy going after success, then donít even apply. But if you truly want to be exceptional and continue to learn and grow, then youíll definitely want to apply!

Simply refuse to settle! Choose to dream bigger and become better. Iíve learned that when you decide to take the limits off what you can achieve, youíll experience greater joy and levels of success! Iíve learned taking a step in the right direction is so worth it!


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