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Now Hiring Tulsa | What It’s Like Working Here

Now Hiring Tulsa | What It’s Like Working Here

This content was written for the Thrivetime Show.

Working for the Thrivetime Show has shown that goal setting and accountability are crucial to achieving the success you strive for. If you are looking for places that are now hiring Tulsa job seekers, this is the place for you! Although I have been with the team for a few short months, I have already gained more than I ever have anywhere else or even from any textbook. Moving to a new state and new city made me realize what types of goals to set for myself, but it is my job with Thrivetime Show that has really pushed me to start to achieve those goals.

Like many people, the first day at a new job can be terrifying, but with Thrivetime Show I was welcomed into the team straight away. Before I came here, when I was looking for places now hiring Tulsa employees, that was one of the main things that I was afraid of. However, here, from the very beginning I have had someone provide me with knowledge and learning experiences to better equipped myself within my role. As part of the SEO team, I have been able to grasp a deeper understanding of what teamwork really does look like and how it can truly help accomplish goals for everyone. It’s not only important to enjoy what you do but it’s also important to know what you are doing and to be able to do your job well. So far during my time working here I have been able to understand my position and what SEO is all about. And with the help and coaching from my team, I have been able to improve each day and use it as a learning experience to continue growth.

Previous to working at Thrivetime Show, and when I was seeing other places now hiring Tulsa people, I always felt as though I was thrown into the work and never was able to use the position as a building block for more success. However, with Thrivetime Show I am always encouraged by the team. And whether I need to work on a certain area or I have done something exceptionally well, I am guided every step of the way and provided with new knowledge to better equipped me for the next day. The team here helps and assists you in making goals for your life outside of work as well, which is something I’ve never done at a previous job. They really go above and beyond to ensure you are setting goals and provide you with the tools and knowledge to make them a reality No matter what position within the company you are in at Thrivetime Show, someone is always there to give their insights and make you feel worthy to higher accomplishments.

If you are looking for a job now hiring Tulsa people that is unlike any other, you need to come work here. The atmosphere here at Thrivetime Show is unlike anywhere else. Not only are you constantly encouraged within your role to help keep you motivated and driven, but also, you aren’t in a small cubicle in complete awkward silence. Or with a team who is counting down each hour before they can head home after an unproductive day. The tone is always upbeat and everyone is eager to help each other learn, grow, and succeed. Every day is different which promotes a new day to learn and accomplish your goals. Everyone’s position is a key component in helping the team achieve greater success, which helps everyone to stay accountable. From the start of the day to the very end, there is always an accomplishment to be celebrated and there is always a new lesson to learn.

At Thrivetime Show I always feel as though my role isn’t going unnoticed and that every task for each day is actually having an impact for the clients we serve. Although I have only been with the team for a few short months, I already feel as though my contributions are useful in achieving goals overall for everyone. This is a job like no other and I feel as though each day here is a new opportunity to learn and achieve something great for the company as well as for myself. I never feel as though I am thrown into unknown territory, and if I am unsure of a certain task, someone has always been there to eagerly walk me through it and ensure that I understand it and can tackle it with ease.

This has been a really great and beneficial experience working with the Thrivetime Show team so far. If you are someone who is hesitant about taking a leap into reaching your goals, then this is not for you. The Thrivetime Show is for those who aren’t afraid to jump into something new and unfamiliar, and be able to take on whatever the day may bring. I feel as though I learn something completely new every day, and that each day brings a new key tool or piece of knowledge to help me take on each of my tasks within my position with more confidence. If you can’t seem to get yourself to wake up before the rest of Tulsa to ensure you are accomplishing more and making the most out of each day, then this is not for you. But, if you are someone who is always eager to run the extra mile because you know at the finish like the hard work and dedication makes the hard work worth it, then this is the team for you and you are in luck that we are now hiring Tulsa A-players.

Thrivetime Show is unlike any place around, our team is driven to reach our goals and to help each other along the way. I have learned and gained so much from the team so far, and for the first time within a job, I actually feel as though I am working towards something great for the company and for myself. For the first time, I feel as though I am backed by a real team who wants to see the real results for each other. Nobody is afraid to dive into the unknown at Thrivetime Show, which has motivated me to do the same, to jump right into whatever the day brings and to learn from it or to celebrate the accomplishments achieved.
No matter the task or the position I am in with the Thrivetime Show team, I feel confident that it is a job I can tackle with confidence and exceed the team’s expectations. That is just one of the many reasons I am glad to have found them now hiring Tulsa rockstars! I am always feeling motivated by the atmosphere here, and really want to push myself each day to step out of my comfort zone and to allow myself the ability to learn something that can help me grow. I have learned in the short few months work with the Thrivetime Show that regardless of how long I have been in my position, I will always have someone on the team who can guide me through it every step of the way. This team is driven to help each other, which creates a strong and trusting group to accomplish great things each day.


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