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Optometrist Turned Business Coach

Speaker 2: Then the third step of the three steps to the Golden Rule as a business coach-

Business Coach 262

Speaker 1: Oh, my gosh-

Speaker 2: How to be a successful optometrist and then turn into a business coach.

Speaker 1: Oh, this is huge, this is huge.

Speaker 2: [crosstalk 00:34:42] This is step three. You join the largest church in town. I think you go through, you just do a thing. How many people-

Speaker 1: Totally done already.

Speaker 2: “Excuse me, but how many members do you have in your church? Thank you. How many members do you have in your church? Thank you.”

Speaker 1: I’ve got a confession to make here.

Speaker 2: Then not only do you join, but the super sub move is you become one of the people that passes around the buckets.

Speaker 1: Oh, I did. I actually signed up to be an usher at four different churches, and every Sunday I’d go to a different one.

Speaker 2: See, that’s the brilliance of you, Clay. You take that and you multiply it. That’s brilliant. I would have never thought of that.

Speaker 1: I do Wednesday services at two of the small churches.

Speaker 2: Yeah, exactly. I saw it, yeah.

Speaker 1: It’s big and it’s small, it’s a move.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Okay, but, no, but seriously though, so you had that degree, you had that education-

Speaker 2: That’s all I knew to do. I mean it’s crazy.

Speaker 1: Then all of a sudden you run into the world of entrepreneurship just like our Thriver Mr. Thomas and I’m going to brag on Thomas. Do you remember Thomas? He came in the box here?

Speaker 2: Yes, I remember Thomas.

Speaker 1: Okay here’s the deal with Thomas. Thomas this week, sorry, this month, he did over $30,000 of sales.

Speaker 2: Wow.

Speaker 1: Now, let’s think about his staff, okay. This is his staff over here.

Speaker 2: Do we have a cheer? Where’s our [inaudible 00:35:50] cheer? Sam, play the hoorah cheer.

Speaker 1: I’ll get it keyed up.

Speaker 2: Someone hit the button.

Speaker 1: Okay. Let me get-

Speaker 2: Hit the button, for goodness sake.

Speaker 1: I’m just trying to motion our business coach ninjas

Speaker 2: There we go. The crowd goes mad.

Speaker 1: Let me hit the button. You know what? Bill Belichick is so excited about their work ethic that he had a little motivational quote here for you.

Speaker 2: No, no, no.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: Stop it.

Speaker 1: Okay, so they’ve been working. They’ve been not taking days off getting it done and here’s the deal, they just did $30,000 of sales in the month of March, and just think about their team there. It’s he and she and that’s it.

Speaker 2: That’s it, and how much did they do a month before they came in and got business coached by us?

Speaker 1: I don’t want to make up a number. I can just say that it’s exponentially higher according to their words.

Speaker 2: Okay, good.

Speaker 1: I don’t want to say numbers.

Speaker 2: Okay, good enough, yeah.

Speaker 1: I want to maybe go from like … Again, we’d have to have Thomas clarify, but it’s a huge thing, and the thing is this what they’re doing. These are the moves. Move number one, they’re top in Google now. When you type in Dallas real estate photography, come on Thrive Nation do it, type it in.

Speaker 2: Oh, come on, come on right now. Boom, boom, boom.

Speaker 1: Guess who’s top? Boom.

Speaker 2: Boom.

Speaker 1: They are. Two, the Dream 100.

Speaker 2: Aw, that’s so big.


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