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Part 2 of What Does the Business Coach Experience Look Like

This is part 2 of our business coach transcript. If you would like to read part 1, click here

All right thrive nation welcome back into the conversation. My name is Clay Clark and the former SBA Entrepreneur of the year has been featured in such feature films as so many today.

Too many countless countless factors that count them because they go to see the facts the facts on believable.


That’s right basically what we’re talking about is what does the financial coaching and business coach experience look like. And someone to start with you Phil because you are a financial coach much like I am a business coach,  you’re a financial adviser Have you yet to sit down with somebody where you go. This right here is too weird. I cannot help you with your financial plan if you sat down with somebody and he said you want to do what I mean. Or can you help most people or what does it look like. Who qualifies to be a good financial coaching client. Who does it.

Well anybody that wants to have a real retirement and actually have have enjoyed their golden years and have excess money to do things and travel somebody that is concerned about it is the ideal client somebody that’s already doing it and wants to do it better. It is an ideal client but there are people out there that just don’t plan on getting anything back.

Bernie Madoff maybe not the ideal client. Maybe not not the guy you want to go after there. No. No definitely not. So but I mean from a business owner you can help me if I work for somebody you can help me.

Yes and we can actually specialize in business owners as well as business coach professionals (hint, hint). We do a lot of different qualified plans for the company as well as themselves personally.

So is he going to walk time out tomorrow. Well he’s thrown out these technical terms. Mr. Pickel Mr. Pickel Mr. Pickel qualified plans what we will pump the brakes. What do you try to slip when you’ve got two slips a little quicker. By me is that it. I got you.

Yeah basically a qualified plan is just simply a pretax plan. That’s what they call them qualified. Not not that exciting but basically you can fund those with pretax dollars and why is that important.

What do you mean by define that.

Well basically it’s a way to pay less taxes.

All that where raising taxes is possible. Z I’m actually trained to pay extra taxes to give you back even more.

Well I’ll tell you what the government does such a great job with all of our tax money I mean I can see why you’d want to learn a little exciting factoid for you guys. If we all take our combined tax contributions from our entire lives we could probably buy a missile. Think about that. Isn’t that exciting. That is very exciting.

That is exciting. I mean seriously this is one thing I thought about their day. They were talking about how we’re testing missiles. And so right now you know there is a political show here. But allegedly North Korea he’s consistently you know testing these weapons so he is shooting missiles from North Korea. These test missiles and he lands them in the sea. This is the suit I did there. Yeah that’s me. Both me. And then he runs back and he looks around his people and he’s like Well everybody looks homeless and we don’t have enough food to feed ourselves. Let’s shoot off another missile here we go right where on my watch. And does anybody disagree with me because if you do you’re dead. And he keeps doing this laser show. Yeah. And he says they’re going to take about half of our income and I want a painting of me. The supreme leader in every home. Have you. Do you know he does this. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Did you see the documentary about the optometrist who went over to North Korea. But he filmed did you see this.

Go No no what. Oh my gosh this is going to play.

Yeah there’s an optometrist or an optometrist he goes to North Korea under the guise of helping people with cataracts because it’s such a screwed up country that people can’t have just modern medicine. So he goes over there going to help their eyes. Yeah. But the deal is they everyone has to call him the supreme leader and they have to have a painting or a picture of him in every in every home. Wow. And so he films like that because they put glass. They put cameras on his glasses or something so he’s filming what he sees the most disturbing thing in the world. Well long story short they were talking about how we’re testing our weapons you know to make sure that we could protect Hawaii in the event of a strike and we’re talking about how many tests they did two or three. So I’m just like googling it up and I’m just going to figure out what does that cost. And by the way I’m glad we’re protecting Hawaii. But I realized if I live like five lifetimes and spend every dollar that I make in tax dollars I could probably have just supported that test. Wow. I mean it’s just like Crazy how much these weapons cost. But I’m glad we have them.

Yeah. I mean it’s unfortunate and you know I’m not sure how that’s all going to unwind but hopefully it’ll unwind peacefully and everything but everybody be all right.

I hope that the supreme leader ends up that the show you give us. Did you see that the movie that the jerk was Steve Martin.

Oh yeah I know at the end of it where he loses everything and he’s like that’s all I need is my lip and that’s my dog.

And he goes oh you’re going home like in the cart. Yeah. That’s how I want Kim Jong to end up opti grab up to grab that great adventure and tell it cause mass I crossing.

Now here’s the deal thrives we’re talking about the business coach experience and specifically talking about the different industries that we can help so I’m going to walk you through the next industry which is dog training and we actually help drivers out. We’ve actually helped. We are helping right now and I’m going to walk you through how you were able to help them specifically well just kind of go line item back and forth kind of work through here. OK. So one is it started with an evaluation and I was happy to say happy to find that their service quality is great. Which is rare. I hate to say that but when you sit in with a business client you can’t assume the product or service they’re selling is good but their service was very good. And how did I know it was good because I said Hey guys I want you to reach out to your former customers. Get as many reviews as you can. I want you to mystery shop. I want to gather feed there are certain things we do to help them determine whether the food is good whether the quality is good and they have customers love them they like love the product they love the service they love how they train dogs and so we were able to skip past the product and service delivery and focus in on branding. And so we had to fix the Web site make a better looking Web site. Yes ratify the logo. We had to make a no brainer.

Now on the outside of the Web site if you google Tip-Top canine Let’s say you have a dog and you’re trying to train this dog to be obedient. You get a tip top canine outcome Z the offer up there is it is a no brainer in your mind what makes an offer a no brainer worth. What if I’m listening right now and I have a salesman selling insurance or I’m selling used cars or selling anything. What makes what are some components that make a no brainer offer where it’s just so hot. What is the deal.

Well what happens is it’s compelling and it compels the person to go. I’m gonna try it out. That’s not a big risk. You know you eliminate some of the hurdles of someone calling you for the first time because there’s always the unknown. You know when deal with the new business or or new people you’re always like you know is this going to be a scam. This a scam mockery. What’s going on here are they going to you know abduct me. I mean you know all the things to go to your brain. So you make a compelling offer that’s so compelling that they say to themselves I’ve got to do.

Now they have pulled up their Web sites we can analyze it right here on the air here. Yep. And these guys they have their first lesson is a dollar. Now I know that you’re not a guy who likes to necessarily hurt up as many dogs as possible and train them simultaneously. But for you or Phil I mean if it’s a dollar does that seem like it from your mind is that a is that a good enough of a deal or should they fix it or do you think.

I think it’s a tremendous deal. What happens is it says hey basically Come check us out for FREE. See what we can do. And you know the first question obviously is not going to get everything fixed with your dog but you can come check us out come try it on. You know it’s kind of a test drive and I think that’s a great offer and one that one. Here’s the thing. It’s one of the reasons why their business is exploding.

Just one it’s but there is a reason and they have that qualifying statement that says we’ve fixed 95 percent of problems you know for your dog. And two or four weeks guaranteed. I mean so it’s it’s kind of it’s a two to four weeks so I mean OK so the first lessons that are I get it. And then you guarantee your results. It’s sort of you know now we’re getting into that mutant no brainer where the deal is just so good. How do you say no to it. And then you have a video on the site where it explains the offer they’re making and Z when they got that clarified and now they have that offer on the site. The key was getting them to the top of Google.

Yeah. And now that’s half of it now. Nobody seemed to get the best Web site in the world you get understand that you get the best offer you get the best videos you get the best content it can be the best color the best branding maybe like that my friend is a home run for web site. If nobody sees it then it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t really matter. Now here’s the deal with the Tip-Top business coach clients  Ryan and Rachel do you know they’ve actually came in here and they’ve recorded a lot of context where you get to the Google at the top of Google is a very specific system that will teach you at our in-person workshop. One of the components is you have to have more content than the other people.

That’s just one of them. I mean but that’s right.

You know you’re sort of a big deal. So you could pay people to do this or you would hire someone but they’re you know they’re growing their business you know. So they came here to the Thrive time in-person workshops are door to our workshop into our in our world headquarters that came to our building 20000 square foot building and they got into the studio and these guys record it and it’s on a Saturday you know on a Saturday is working six days a week. That’s crazy. They got here pre 9:00 a.m. and they’re here seven they’re here. They’re here nine. You know people started to say why are they even in there for three hours four hours five. They’re grinding. Well anyways they produced a couple dozen hours of content and now look at them. They’re top in google if you google Tulsa dog training. They are now top of Al Gore’s Internet.

We love when we love wins. Now explain that law.

Break that down a little bit because I know someone out there going. OK. Well time out time out the amount they need. So where did they come in and record for hours record what walk through that process quickly in the way that you understand optometry.

Bill understands financial planning like I understand business coach questions. I have sort of an intuitive knowledge of the internet. I’ve spent so much time studying it and how it works. But basically there’s four components that everyone should write these down years for components that affect your search engine ranking the most. OK. We’ll go one by one we’ll review one is whoever has the most content wins. Just get out of your head. Whatever blog you’re on. Don’t get overwhelmed here. It’s just whoever has the most words imagine going into Barnes and Noble and saying hey what’s the best book you have on dogs. And a guy comes back with like a Dolly you know. And the biggest book you’ve ever seen. And he goes I’m sorry but it’s 18 volumes on this is all written on the word dog and you’re going how do you know it’s the best because it’s the biggest book we have. It’s the because that’s how it works. That’s Wikipedia’s top for everything.

Yeah. Now when you say it when you think about content how do you like when they come in and recorded.

How was that content what they do is when they talk. We’re going to transcribe that when you show them how to text and through the magic of transcription then we embed the key words on the side. There’s some nursery we have to do a lot of nursery actually with that. Our team has to do our 315 team has to do for them but that’s put on the site gets UTF top there. There’s a lot of things reviews nosie Phil in my group. You’ve got some reviews Phil. How many reviews do you have at last count up there at my anchor group.

Last count last I saw we had 92 and.

OK Z according to ad week there’s a study the ad week did and they found that 81 percent if you Google this ad week 81 percent of consumers read reviews before buying something. So we’ll go with the good and the bad side of this. Phil why is it very good for you guys at anchor group that everyone who will read reviews. Why is that why is that a good thing for your business.

Because we have reviews and we have a lot of happy clients so how many clients to use.

I mean what’s a typical flow like in a week. You personally are you going to meet with like 10 clients or 407 clients or what’s your typical flow.

Typically it’ll it’ll be somewhere around 10 there maybe 10 scheduled and I actually see eight.

So here’s here’s why it’s not so good for a business like my business. Elephant in the room OK. It’s because any body who’s remotely upset about anything can now write a review without telling us there’s no like hey I was upset. Hey could you do it better. Hey I wish that you would have done this. They don’t tell you typically people just go on their smartphone and write a review while they’re in the chair you know. And so we’ve had to put in systems in place where we were actually encouraging our customers to write a review and to tell us because Z I’m telling you what if you’re not intentional about the reviews that the trolls are really in control of the Internet these laws aren’t going drawl. Now we come back I want to get a little more into reviews because everybody listening to this could benefit from reviews writing content and how do you just get to the top of Google.

We’re going to teach you specifically what the business coach experience has been like for many clients to focus a lot on Tip-Top canine because they are diligent doers. And the word diligence means the steady application of effort. I repeat the steady application of effort and if you’re diligent Douer you will absolutely benefit from the one on one business coach experience that we have right here at the Thrive time business coach radio show Stay tuned. My name is Clay Clark and he’s Dr. Z. He’s a beautiful man Domas

I am more than just a rabble like a horse with blinders focused on the show is what you find to be busy and I’ll be this easy to business skills quickly because these people grew up poor poor. No more of the show. Oh boy. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce himself. Very busy here to increase your wealth.

Oh Doctor is the he does he be the Z. I’d be busy. Oh wow. Wow. That’s me.

Have you ever. Have you ever found people around your optometry going to go and be dizzy here or see that you are correct English. It’s a thing. You know I was looking into your optometry clinic on Sunday and you know when you started out your practice you looked very very young. Like you looked like a really young guy like the youngest guy in the world. I was what 26 26 is a five year Tulsa World photo of you maybe like when you’re like late 30s but you’re kind of a youthful man. Well thank you. Foliate is that the key is that the key.

Know that and now the sun and where the sun can you know and then not smoking.

And you know I mean there’s things there’s moves Phil if you could you work with a lot of clients many who have aged well some who have not aged well but try to help people age financially well. What advice would you have for Z to help him kind of age faster to look older quicker. I mean if he wants to get that mature because he’s trying to really fit in with the other optometrists trying to you know look like a big deal kind of look older or more you know just normal sure more Sean Connery ask what tips would you have for him to age faster.

More stress. Check check. Yeah. You know start chain smoking check.

OK. Yeah yeah. It’s never too late to start. Never too late. Right. Lay in the sun don’t moisturize. You know there’s a lot of things you can do.

Well some good tips good tips there I tell you what I am. I like it already.

OK now 100 days and give me some specific tips though to grow your business. We’re talking about all of the different businesses that we’ve coached with and because people want to know what does the business coach experience look like. And so we’re talking about tip top canine how we’ve been able to help them and I want you to know that just totally just transparent that’s why I’m picking on this particular client because we did our thirteen point assessment and at the core of every business you’ve got to make a product or service that people love period. Period. And they nailed it on the head it was like oh my gosh you guys are like an undiscovered piece of jewelry. I mean you’re like the hidden gem you’re the diamond in the rough. This is going to be magical.

Yes. Exactly. So sometimes you’ve got to come in to help them fix their systems and their product and their services. And then sometimes it is kind of like you just said oh wow you’ve got that nailed and scaled palettes. Now let’s introduce it to Tulsa.

Now we started our photography company years ago when I called Epic photos if you go to EPIK photos dotcom you can now see we won all the awards basically we’ve won every award there is for best wedding photography. But those first two years you know Phil the one thing that we didn’t do well you know the one the one core thing that we didn’t do well there. Epic photos back in the day but I guess Phil marketing photography photography I could book any wedding broad book a wedding and it was like an apologetics to those first four or five Araki because I didn’t understand the workflow of how to edit photos. I bought into the myth. I hired some experts who said Well typically it takes about four to six months to get people’s wedding photos back to them. What does it take so long. That’s what I’m saying and they all say that and I’m going Well you know you talked to someone else and they said you don’t understand. It just takes forever. What happens is most photographers take photos all June or July never have a down time. Days of down time to edit in their mind cause they’re either selling or taking photos. But during the during the winter months no one wants to get married during December. And now they basically are like hibernating almost. They’re just editing photos that entire time during the winter months and they do it based off of the seasons of the bookings and I realize this is stupid.

So I created a team where they would rotate and basically our editors would edit full time the photographers were full time the sales teams whole time and we were able to get together. But hats off to tip top canine because these guys had a great service to start with but then we had to get into the top Google and tell hey how do you get to the top of Google. Well one is you want to have the most content. And they did that to you want to have the most reviews and they got those reviews. But Z is getting reviews can be a tough thing it can be a challenge.

Yeah making the ads going and having people do it follow through with it. I mean it’s a tricky deal and Google has some guidelines that you have to adhere to.

So what are those guidelines quickly because they’re kind of interesting Yeah ok the guidelines you have here is one is your site has to be what they call canonical compliant. Remember the line is made basically the Bible that the Canon will call it these are like established rules. You have to have all there’s probably I don’t want to thirty’s there’s 37 points that we’ll run through on the analysis for you. But honestly drivers there’s probably over 100 variables that affect your Google rank one of which like recently if you don’t have h t t p s at the front of your domain your site ranks 5 percent lower because of all the hackers. So it’s a security socket layer stupid. But if you don’t have that on your site you rank lower. Another thing that’s stupid is that if you don’t put if you don’t name the images properly on your Web site because Target lost a lot A-L lawsuit with a blind person. The ruling came out that basically sites that don’t have alt tags will now rank lower and search engines. So there’s so many variables but I’d say one does have the most content to have the most reviews. Three make sure sites canonical compliant enforce the it has to be mobile mobile friendly has the mobile phone and they say how many people are search now 75 80 percent of searches are done mobile now it’s to a point where you now want to design your site to work good and mobile first and then work outward from that. And that was a switch that happened really fast. That’s Tip-Top can now even help those guys.

But now their book in so many jobs is their top in Google. Their ads are coming up on Facebook. They’ve got great reviews and Z. What would you guess is their next limiting factor now that they’re booking so many jobs like a buffet of customers going to a place where they are booked out. I mean they consistently have a waiting list of people wanting to book with them they’ve heard the reviews they’ve heard the feedback. Z is a guy who’s scaled companies what do you think interact and the next predictable limiting factor.

Dog trainers I mean actual people to do it. So I mean you can you know I don’t know how many and probably one dude can train one dog at a time or do they have multiple dogs.

Well they’ve been started they’ve started to train here at the 315 world headquarters on a Saturday because it’s in Jynx America right on the river walk and training people to train dogs. Turns out to be you know it did a little bit of a thing you can do it but it requires a lot of training like a boot camp to teach the trainers how to do boot camp limits just before they train the dogs to train the dude on how to train the dogs. Absolutely. And I think that’s Phil for a with your business over Mayank or group. You have so many people reaching out to you for a financial plan. How hard is it to train other people to become a financial consultant too I mean is it difficult. Could you maybe take somebody camping you know over three or four hours. They come back as a financial consultant how long does it does it take.

You know I’ve never trained dogs so I’m not sure that it’s you know how hard that is. But it could be easier to train dogs than people. Oh wow wow. Wow. But you know there’s a lot going into it. We have a mentor program where we we help them out in and get them through the process. But it is a process.

Z when you trained optometrist’s hard is it too many optometrists work with you now. It would be easier if I could use the shock collar things. You know I mean he probably has moved up. Ah. I want to ask you to how many optometrists are there right now and eight nine counting maybe eight eight others eight working in the dark empire.

Yes. OK. So now with you guys let’s just say I’m going to pick on Dr. Boatwright’s. He’s so great. Dr. Boatwright’s awesome I love the best the boat he’s helping his boat with you. He’s been with me since 95. And I hear nothing but positive things about the boat. But how do you find other people like the boat. How do you train other boats of the future. How do you do we come back after the break. I want to break it down as well because I think there’s a doctor listening right now there’s somebody in the medical field there’s somebody in the Financial Planning Bill there’s somebody listening right now and you are struggling to train. I’m not sure who it is but you’re struggling to train people and they have to know how it is to right to do it. It’s it’s a way you create the business and not the job. There’s probably somebody out there saying it’s not possible you can’t understand my industry you just can’t teach anybody be an optometrist and that is correct. But stay tuned is the three time show on your radio.

6.7.17 – Wednesday – Hr 2 – Seg 3.mp3

Now Z as I hear it tell singing you know set fire to the rain that’s a song you know she wrote there the two things that come to my mind is one she’s a real artist that lady can really sing. She brings the passion into the music and I feel like that another group that does that is U2 which you’re going to go see are you. Are you excited about.

Yes I’m fired up. I’m ready to go. And Adele. Boy that’s a funny story. You know your buddy Ryan Tedder was writing some songs with them and he said to really get kind of in the mood to really get her going you had to bring that breakup together kind of she’s in a you know kind of that emotional kind of entertainer. And so it was like you know can bring in. So how is that breakup How’s it going do you have you seen that dude anymore with the hip. What’s he up to now.

I heard he was selling so you know when they saw him the other day on the thing you know with that with that one with that one gal now Z for anybody who’s who’s listening right now and they maybe don’t understand what’s inside your cranium I they could look inside your head and sort of examine it and they go OK we get it he likes you too. He wants to go to concerts and he’s in optometrist’s but he’s also I’ve heard in the auto auction business but I’ve also heard that he’s just kind of this lot of I don’t know it’s kind of a culture where I think a lot of us aren’t maybe super curious and you just kind of go off of what you hear and you don’t really dive in but some people have discovered I hear all the time from drivers they’ll say this he actually was he actually involved in a bank. Did he actually invest in a bank that he actually does he actually own a does he medical or is he is he is involved in exterminators is he really an exterminator it is he which it’s kind of confusing but you are involved in a lot of different industries in each one of them requires you to train people to scale. Otherwise you can’t go to a U2 concert if you’re the only one who can see patients. Then you can’t go to the U2 concert. So how do you get let us into your mind. How do you look at the process of training somebody to do what you do. I want to just how do you think about it.

Well the thing about it is you’ve got to start with the right stuff. You’re going to start. We have to start with an employee that has a good heart and they’re good people and you know that you’d rather have someone that has good character than knows how to push the buttons correctly and doesn’t have good character. So you start to start. First of all your foundation is good. All right. You start it with the right kind of person and there are and they’re out there they’re you know they’re challenging to find and you have to turn over. Like I said we used to go Crawdad fishing in the creek. You did. Yeah. And what you did is you go down you pick up a rock and you either have a crawdad underneath it or not. And if it had one just had to be quick because there’s little suckers or fast. Did you go noodling. I have not been noodling. But but but not every rock had crowded anything. So the point is you had turn over a lot of rocks to find across it.

And in honor of U2 when you find somebody who’s coachable that could be the sweetest thing that could be the sweetest thing right and it’s a beautiful day when that happened. Unbelievable it takes you to a new elevation to have more life balance which is really to be your balance.

You don’t have to go. But the thing about it is is that you want them to be. And to think like you we have a saying in my businesses what would Z Do you know. And so the more people can answer that honestly and say what this is what he would do in this situation then you’ve trained him.

But what if the customers are saying all I want is you.

Woon is you. And there was a period that they did. And then you transition them away from that. You become less and less OK what do you want to see me his next opening is so far down the road you’re like I can’t wait that long I’ll go ahead and see I’m at Marshall Morris ask you some intense questions I don’t know that people ask you because my guys are both business owners they’re entrepreneurs.

You know Marshall is a business coach and he’s a partner here at 3:15 dotcom. So Marshall you coach with clients. What are the questions were that. I mean imagine you’re a business coach or an optometrist or some of the medical businesses you work with. What question do you think they would have for you or what do they ask you routinely as it relates to finding and training quality people. Yeah. So as a business coach this is a question that I get all the time on. They have done a great job recruiting.

They’ve done a great job getting the right people. OK. OK. Into their organization kind of like they’re wading through the City of Blinding Lights and they’re just like they’re just going all over and they finally found the cream of the crop. OK. Now a lot of people in the organization can do a lot of different roles. So how do you get them to stay on task and not constantly pulled in a lot of different directions because they can do a number of different roles and they want to over deliver and help out in different capacities. But you know if you’re constantly being reactive in your business you’re not actually staying on task in staying focused so how do you keep people focused and on task. Oh wow.

Well I have. That’s a perfect that’s a great great question by the way. And I have a perfect example of that where I have a lady that is consistently wanting to do things outside her core task which what I pay her to do. And every now and then I have to sit her down and have a Come to Jesus meeting with her and say listen here’s what here’s what I’m paying you to do. Do you understand that. Yes I do. And if you don’t do that then that’s not good. And you’re not going to be here if you don’t do your task now. I understand that you’re not doing your task because you’re doing all this other stuff. I don’t need you to do all this other stuff. In fact what I’m going to do now is I mean it’s a little tough love. I’m going to lock your door. I am going to threaten any my employees that walk in your office and talk to you that I’m going to fire them. I mean these are tough love tough love. Because if you don’t get this thing done for me by this particular date it’s going to be on you and I’m going to help you to say no to all these things. What happened is she’s a good problem solver. So people come to her problems you know but all the other stuff in the business and then she’s busy all day solving those problems because you know she’s pretty good at it. Right. Otherwise they wouldn’t be coming to her. But she’s not doing when I’m in pain.

What about for guys like Phil over here. No Phil I’m sure doesn’t have these problems till I’m sure it’s other financial planners that have this issue. But for guys like Phil who are maybe managing a team of people that are not employees let’s say because they are independent financial consultants i.e. contractors that kind of thing. Z Well how would you manage a group of contractors how would you keep them accountable to the obvious leaders labor laws and things you can do. I mean how would you hold a contractor accountable whether it be for a build out or working for how do you do it.

Well you get what you do is you put you put positives and negatives in the contract. And so if you say hey listen you’re talking about like construction contractor yeah let’s do that. OK. Construction contractors say OK we need to redo the bathroom in our business. All right. So you get to me and you get three you know I like to get three quotes typically but you get three quotes and then you pick the guy say OK now you know let’s let’s look at expectations. How much is it going to be. OK. And when you going to get it done. OK. What if you don’t get it done by then. Guess what it’s going to cost you. You’re going to knock out the thousand dollars I’ll put to pay you what. No it’s going to happen. No no no. You pick the date. You tell me a firm date and then I’ll you know what my check won’t bounce. I’m going to give you your mom would do my end of the deal. You need to hold your own during the deal. And if one of us doesn’t guess what there’ll be a penalty involved.

So you want to have a firm date not a flabby date not physically fit. Thump thump does not look good. So fill idea. Do you have any questions Z about training people because you have an army of people or are many of the questions maybe you could you know maybe a younger self you know could have asked doctors either.

Well one of the challenges we have is is I guess just self-confidence for some of our guys. They always want us to involve us in any deals that they don’t feel comfortable with at all. Even though they may have done them several times and they probably know way more about it than the general public but they still always want to include us and take us with them. And just getting people weaned of that you know needing us basically oh I’ve got the perp.

I’ve got the perfect move to build self-confidence. And when we get back.

I’m going to blow your mind Mr. Pickle. Can you tell me just going to be Earth. I mean you might want to hold on to something. Z,  you tell us real quick I mean I know we’re going to do. I know we’re getting a lot of we’re going to get Oklahoma Joe’s and get those baked beans in we’ve got some great business coach radio sponsors but can you just tell us real quick before the break just real quick. You know I’m not going to. You know why. I don’t know. Because I choose not to. Oh wow. All right. Right Time show dot com. Click the watch live button. Stay tuned.

See historically speaking has there ever been a movie as good or as pure or as deep as Karate Kid. I mean Peter Sitara Karate Kid Mr. Miyagii, Wax on wax off. I think that’s pretty much the ultimate every movie aspires every movie says. How close to a Karate Kid Can we be.

Now I think it’s pretty much going to ask you a tough question before we get into and the secret moves Pickle’s question on how you train team members quickly who maybe are a little hesitant to hopping right into the water here. So this is a tough question. We all know that the greatest actor of all time is Ralph Maggio. The guy who played karate I thought it was Keanu Reeves. No. He beat out Keanu Reeves by two points. Oh wow very complicated algorithm. Yes. How close to being better as an actor. Is Adam Sandler than Ralph macho. I mean of you to say Well Adam Sandler Here are some business coach tips that you’re talking here.

You know what you are you are you poking the bear.

You’re talking you’re sitting earlier Ralph Maggio is over in this room. And Adam Sandler you know you’re in a different room with Adam Silver now and he says Hey what is he doing.

What can I do to become the next Ralph Maggio. I aspire to be that good at acting like the karate kid actor. What advice would you give to Adam Sandler. Give it up go home.

Oh yes there’s no there’s no chance. Why do you dislike him so much. No I don’t dislike him as a person. I just think the character he always plays in the movies are just so annoying. They’re just the same old same little move. It’s always feel like I’m in a junior high locker room with a kid that doesn’t really isn’t really socially acceptable which don’t mean.

Which ties in to the story. I believe you’re going to tell here. I mean are you are you going to go to a camp.

Yes. OK. My super move that I that I will tell the thrivers before the break was is that I would I would take them back in 1984. I was a camp counselor at camp. TACA was a YMCA camp on Fort Gibson lake here in north of here in beautiful green country which is a northeast Oklahoma. Oh nice. Yes. I was 19 years old and I was in charge of the and they had the 10 year old boys. I think that’s why I get along so well with your son who’s 10 now also.

Did you lose a bet or win a bet? How did you get in charge.

Oh no. What about what about you. I wanted to be you know. And it’s a great age. And like I said I think I get along with Abi so well that he wants me to be a financial backer to him too.

So he’s really doing me really is obsessed with your with your brain. He tried to get inside your brain.

There you go. So what we did is to build confidence and we do this. I’ll take what we did back then we had ropes course and we would do a low elements of high elements the low elements was group building the high elements was individual self-esteem building. You had to you know you had to go through all these high secured places and do the pamper poll which is where you jump and catch that thing and it really built your self-confidence as a person. You could see the kids really grow and develop from that you know. Now the other thing we would do is the is the swimming and this is kind of more the analogy with my doctors. You know every time that they would come work for me I’d say OK we see this many patients and always be so intimidated they’d be like there’s no way I could see that many digits.

It’s absolutely impossible to know whether optometrist sees as many patients as you do or very few do. I mean my God it’s overwhelming.

My daughter is now in the practice she said we saw between the two offices and this is during the during the week we saw 143 between the two.

Wow yesterday and the day before. Wow.

So you know she’s track and she’s doing really well. I had lunch I had before I started the show I met with her and we’re going over some customer service temperament to do and really some some cool things we’re going to.

It’s amazing that the spike the increase of patients when they knew that you are officially no longer going to be there and she was going to be there.

They’re like oh yeah go out doctors.

Yeah. Dr. Bridgett she’s doing it she’s doing a great job she’s taken to it so well. So what the point is though that you would you would put them in and then say there’s no way I can do it. And you just throw me in the deep in the pool and guess what. They’ll swim and you just keep doing them. They swim and swim swim better. Marshall actually asked me a question on the break because what happens if they’re not a good swimmer. Well you’re there watching them. You don’t let them drown for goodness sakes. I mean you’re there to you know get them out if you need to. But the point is is that every day you do that it just it just kind of you to put them in that situation you put them in it. So like whatever they’re calling you Mr Pickel said hey I need I’m not real competition this deal could you come walk me through this career you can help me you’re like you know I can’t but I know you’ve got it. So do it right. And you make yourself less available now. Next thing you know they’re doing the deals on their own because part of it is they have to. Right. But you want to make sure you give them all the resources to do it. Like my doctors I make sure that we have all the resources that they can go from room to room to room to room and sees many patients and as effectively as possible much like a good business coach should.

And today’s overarching idea. The big topic we’re talking about today is why you know what does the business coach experience look like whether it’s a financial coach or a business coach. Phil why do you have to meet with your financial adviser on a regular Voelz I mean what is the value of seeing the person regularly and not just setting up your system for getting it. No hey I’ll see in 30 years.

Well you know life changes. There’s things that happen things that are different others or situations that change and you gotta to keep up on it and make sure that your plan is still viable for for what your goals are.

Now I’m going to put Marshall on the hot seat here Marshall So here you go can we have is a business coach will you meet with your clients every week. And there’s three main reasons to do it. I’m gonna read off the reason and then you just you just sorta explain what I’m going to marinate. Here we go Marshall. Here we go. So one they help you maintain your purpose and focus. This is the Marshall Moore’s hot take. You’ve got to maintain your purpose in protest because if you don’t have a direction. And a purpose for where you’re going you’re just going to go in a circle for very very quickly. Now Napoleon Hill once wrote if you have no major purpose you are drifting toward certain failure. Now the second reason to meet with a business coach on a weekly basis or your financial planner to meet with them regularly is the power of thermostat’s versus thermometers because a thermostat does what Marshall a thermostat is going to tell you specifically what you want the temperature in the room to be.

Now a thermometer is the opposite. Going to tell you what the temperature of the room reads. You want to be a thermostat set the temperature of the room not read off what everybody elses. Dr..

Napoleon Hill once wrote one’s associates constitute the most important part of one’s environment and environmental influences determine whether one forms the habit of drifting or becoming a non drifter.

What does he talking about. Well that’s what you surround yourself with is what you become. We’ve talked a lot about your net work is your net worth. I say it your net work the people you have around in your life their little inner circle. We all have one. Is your net worth. Ok so in other words the people that you surround yourself with is just one of the elements of a very important element as to how you live your daily life. And so so many times. Clay Yeah I know I’ve seen you do it hundreds of times I’ve done it. You know young people come to you or people come to you and they say hey listen help me help me in my business. And one of the things that you have to do is you have to evaluate how many idiots you run around with you know and that’s a hard word to say and I don’t you know don’t mean that despairingly but you know if you run around with people that are pulling you down and not lifting you up that’s a problem.

I have a little bit of a funny funny story for you in college I hung out with some guys that were idiots because I was naked. Yeah. And that’s them all around and you know you always get the people around me influenced me but I was actually the leader of the idiots. You know I was like the business coach Czar of the bazaar. Oh cool. And so one of the things we would sit down and think of things we could do and what move we discovered was there is this really crappy casino that it just opened it wasn’t a big deal yet and it was basically the way to a casino you just throw up a steel building. Throw in some what some slot machines and there you go. There you have it and it’s like you know a dollar guys night you go in and you get you walk and you pay a dollar and they give you ten dollars of tokens or something. You were like if you walk in from one end and then you you walk in from the other end with twice and there’s three different in the way you get in there. We can get $30 for three dollars. Oh my. But you have to go at six in eight and 10 because they have a shift change you know.

So you figured out so you’re in this group of geniuses you’re going to see if we devote an entire night of our lives we can get $30 going to a ball.

if you go through this with the buffet line they’ll never know. This is the kind of stupid stuff that people talk about when they don’t know what they’re doing. But a business coach will show you the proven path to success. Hey maybe we should spend less time strategizing about how to con the bingos slash casino into giving you free stuff. Marshall why is it so important to learn a proven path from a proven business coach.

Because you can either learn from mentors or mistakes or not take a lot. Mentors or mistakes. So if you if you’re watching the landscape in your surrounding yourself with a bunch of people that have never actually grown a successful business then your only option is to maybe steal one of their ideas of something that was unsuccessful rather surround yourself with people in business. A business coach that has done it before and has had success and has a proven system and implement that.

Now five days we have five action steps you can take today one to save money book filled work they get the the the fake or the the the so had to fake the same work they get the save money book that you’re offering for that financial guide there.

They can contact our website or they could give us a call and request one at 9 1 8 5 9 1 2 8 8 0.

Now move number 2 and 3. You could go to and subscribe to the podcast or you go to thrive time show and book your tickets for the next in person business coach workshop. Move number four. You can go to, the world’s most affordable business school and sign up for your first month for just a dollar. Or move the final move is number five.

You can sign up for a one on one consultation with an actual thrive 15 business coach and I and I will tell you that even if you don’t move forward the program just knowing what you don’t know is an eye opening experience for so many people. I cannot speak highly enough about it but I’m trying to sell you something so go up there read the reviews read the reviews. This just in. It’s a solid program it’s affordable it’s month to month. It’s all be able to and z as always it’s always going to end with a bang. Way too long.


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