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Part 2 of The Dysfunctional Mindsets of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

This is part 2 of the business coach radio show transcript on To read part 1 of the transcript, click here

Welcome back to the business coach thrivetime show on your radio.

My name is Clay Clark and the former U.S. SBA entrepreneur of the year and I am so honored to be here.

And we came in to little Justin Bieber remix of a song by Tracy Chapman and I when I heard this song I was probably 18 years old and it sort of ignited a fire for me. The original version by Tracy Chapman is called fast car and I read the lyrics to you and business coach Z. I don’t know you can relate to these lyrics but I think we can all get kind of a some way relate to these if you’re an entrepreneur. But here are the lyrics he says you’ve got a fast car. I want a ticket to get anywhere. Maybe we can make a deal maybe together we can go we can get somewhere. Any place is better starting from zero we’ve got nothing to lose. Maybe we’ll make something. Me myself I got nothing to prove and I love that idea that concept that I didn’t have to lose so I was I was like you know what. It’s me against the world. I’m going to start a business and I freakin don’t care what has to happen. And so is an example of an example that blew my mind was we were I had the opportunity to do this radio show. We already had a fully booked out schedule. You and I but that’s what we’re committed to we already signed up for things kids relationships businesses whatever. And I remember just looking at you talking to you we actually had a meeting at the White Lion rest of the way the White Lion.

Yeah. Funnel. Funnel pub restaurant.

Love that place. But I remember kind of looking across you going he really wants to do this and I think he looked at me going he really wants to do this but doing a daily show. It’s a daily show so it doesn’t mean you take a day off there’s no days off. That by the way is the Patriots mantra every year is a mantra. This year’s mantra is no days off. It’s on all their videos all their sweatshirts all their hats. No days off. He wants a seven day commitment from anyone the team really wants to cut out. He’s telling the players that if you don’t want to be seven days get out here. So the thing is you’ve got to have that mindset though that if you’re an entrepreneur there’s no days off until you get to your financial freedom.

And that commitment needed to be successful is just not common. And people say I’m so stressed. Well I want to be successful but I don’t want it to be stressful. Well I don’t know how to do I don’t know how to push through that struggle zone with a get rich quick moves. I don’t know how to do and I don’t know I don’t know. You need to give the drivers who say I want to be successful but I want to skip that part where it’s stressful I don’t want to commit.

Well and that’s the problem with you know the social media and our culture right now is that we make such a big deal out of when the dude is successful we focus on the success and what that brings that person and we make a big deal out of that. And we you know we make parades and the parties and we focus on a house in the crib on the cars and all the stuff.

But all the grinding all the backstory all the you know all get your hands dirty all the sweat and tears and blood sweat and all that. We don’t we don’t talk about it. And that’s one of the problems is all we talk about is the end result and not all that went into it.

Can I talk about it for a minute. I talk about the strength and the struggle.

Well I would like you know what I’ve been wanting to talk about that now for quite awhile. I mean I’ve been I’m going to pull it out of you.

So here we go. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. No college degree homeboy grinded taught himself to become an attorney. AP Giannini no degree grinded to start Bank of America. Andrew Carnegie no degree working since age 13. Page 200 of our boom book here. Andrew Jackson U.S. president. No formal education. I’m not impressed. Benjamin Franklin. No I agree. Read McComb’s no degree used on the Vikings. Bill Gates no degree. Coco Chanel No degree. Why am I saying that. Because if you have a degree or you don’t have a degree it doesn’t matter. You’ve got to grind. No one’s going to hand it to you. I have said that for years as a business coach.

No one’s going to care about your life the way that you care about your life. So dysfunctional mindset. Number six we have to fight through. I’m not going to do my action items guy I’m not good to my actions. I know what I need to do but I’m not going to do it because you believe that if you hop on a coaching call and learn the proven system without actually investing your personal time to apply that eventually things will get done by themselves.

You secretly believe that the science behind the shake weight and unicorns is plausible. You believe that your product is so good it will sell itself and your product will magically build itself without involving you.

You have subconsciously bought into the charlatan mindset now a charlatan is someone who falsely pretends to be something by telling semi true tales you’ve bought into this mindset you hate this quote by the way. This is a quote from Elon Musk and this is the quote you hate. If you’re not going to want to do your work he says. Elon Musk tip they ask him what’s the tips to being successful. Elon Musk who started PayPal he started solar city. He started Tesla. As a business coach I love his mindset of getting things done.

He says work like hell I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. This improves the odds of success if other people are putting in 40 hour weeks and you’re putting in a hundred hour weeks that even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve Z. Feel free to go off and as much of it as much of a business coach tangent as you want there but just grinding up.

No you know what I want to go the other direction really I’m going to say what you need to do is go buy a lottery ticket. No yeah. Every week every week and just you know. And you got to be got to pray about the numbers. Yeah. And and you you know and that’s that and you’ll get there you’ve got to fight big to win big man.

Put your money where your ticket is.

I tell you what. You know Clay. It’s found a founding tenant that when you reap and you take care of the land and you I mean you sow the seeds so you sow the seeds and you take your gold and you water you for like you eat it. We just work with the grind then you reap the harvest. And we always wanted to celebrate the reaping but we don’t we don’t want to talk about the sowing. We don’t want to talk about the the wheat eating because that’s no fun. We don’t talk about the watering and fertilizing Because. Because there’s no fun in that.

I’m going to I’m going to share a story right now with the drivers. That’s from my own personal life that I thought was kind of inspirational when I want to share with you today maybe maybe you say this is not a good story at all but this is what happened. I remember making a list I call it the road to a million and just you might have remembered the sign at the house at Lynn Lane was on the road to a million did remembers that it was a folded up thing is my mantra for the year the road to the million and what I did is I made a list of the top 100 companies in Tulsa and the top 100 wedding venues. And my goal was to get a yes or a no out of all of them I wanted their business and my move was I did the price would not stand in the way time would not stand the way. So we called every major corporation in Tulsa. You bought bitless from a chamber of businesses that had more than 100 employees and I called them and I said Who are you currently using for entertainment. And they said you know did the time the company was called infinity. And I said on a scale of one to 10 how happy are you with their services. And if they said like an eight or nine or whatever. I’d say well what does a 10 look like in a matter what they said. I’d say I love to meet with you.

And I think we can offer a better service in whatever you’re paying now will do it for 25 percent less. We’re not in it for the short term profit. We’re in it for a long term deal. How can electric Southwest Airlines United Airlines Boeing U.P.S. American Bamm apply Cumi McDonald’s cutesie. I landed. O’REILLY I landed everybody. I got them all in one year and it was sure it was through the decision to do it but it was the grinding and I remember telling the guys because I had pulled an all nighter plans slept to help the guys I want to get 10000 no’s this year. That’s my goal is 10000 knows got to get 10000 people telling us no we’re going to get to my goal of a million because the typical d.j show is about $600. And I had done the math and I want ten thousand nos and the guys were just like at first like. This was supposed to be a motivational Monday but you just said you want 10000 nos. Yeah. And I divided it by the 50 weeks and the guys were like I get it. So I said you Curtis have to get this runny knows you Aaron. This he knows you. Daddy is this what he knows. And I’m like if you’re not into the nose get outta here. And it was kind of a galvanizing moment for us and we just grinded and we conquered we took the flag we won the game. It was awesome but it was like it was a grind man and it was just it just remember that it was like Viking culture at that point.

Oh yeah it was intense. But but that big See you established your goal where do you want to go. And you broke it into your daily action your daily steps and ultimately it’s like a formula it’s like baking a cake. It’s like a recipe for recipe you know. You know just get out. You know it’s the same with success but do over every day.

Now Rich There’s clients that we work with coaching clients that say you know what I’ve never made cold calls before if it’s OK I’d like to have rich make the call and I’m going to ride shotgun with him to see how my script goes. They actually write the script give it to you. You’ve never made that call before. And then they are able to like listen to you make the call so you’re like jumping on the grenades or where they’re going. They’re assessing the battle damage going well how is a pretty painful grenade. So Rich I mean what does that feel like. I mean how do you mostly process getting those rejections I mean how do you do it.

I don’t care what I just don’t care.

How did you get to a place where you don’t care because it’s it seems impossible.

Well I’ve done calls enough and I’ve been told the worst thing that they can say is No and it’s over a phone so it’s not like they can come on me in the mouth for it. So I’m just going to sit there and I’m going to call him them and if they hang up I call them back and say hey somehow the phone got disconnected. So can you meet at 10:30.

Z. Did you study the life of 50 Cent the rapper Curtis Jackson.

I’ve studied a lot of things as a business coach but I I that’s not on my on my list.

OK. Let me tell you a story about Curtis Jackson. He basically was a guy grew up poor his mother sold drugs and she got killed in a drug deal. You know. And so he decided Dermody sell drugs to try to muscle up drugs to get out of the drug game. That was his idea and he ended up taking many many shots he got shot multiple times one of which was to the face and he ended up coming back as a he had just signed a record deal and came back with a new persona called 50 Cent and he came back in.

People asked him Now later on if and a lot of interviews he’s done a lot of things they said hey man has these vitamin water for like hundreds of millions of dollars and they said what was your mindset and he goes I’m going to get rich or die trying. And it was turned to a movie but this whole thing was like I’ve been shot in the face. I fear I don’t fear death. So I’ve already dealt with that process and I think that has got to be a certain see what would you say to the entrepreneur who cause it it’s I think it’s really hard. I honestly think it’s harder when you grow up middle or upper class. I mean I honestly I really do see that I think there’s a study that was done about players who play professional sports remember reading this is amazing but usually the second child has a higher likelihood of playing professional sports because they saw the first child do well but not push. And they thought you know what I’m looking for a place in the family pecking order. I can outperform them. But it a certain kind of mindset. But what would you what advice would you have for somebody. Maybe growing up middle class upper class maybe even you know someone in your family who’s done well now because you’ve done well you know in their floor is kind of your ceiling you know. What advice would you have to develop that fearlessness and that grind. I mean what would you say.

That’s a good that’s an excellent excellent question. And I think what you do is you just say hey listen you know it’s all depended upon you know your life goals and what you want to do. You know and you can’t instill that in somebody. And so there’s there’s a third component that they say hey listen I want to achieve you know uber excellence. All right. Then you say OK let’s do we can help you we can help you get there. But there’s a certain drive that has to be I think inherent in a person you know an entrepreneur is kind of a kind of a funny duck. You know here it’s out there. When I want to start a business and we’re saying hey gal you could do it. We can help you. But there’s something about that that is just it’s that little little thing inside you that is planted there. I’m not sure exactly how it gets in there and we’re here to help water it and grow it put some sunshine on it. But you know if you I can encourage you not kin’s rah rah rah you and I can do all that. But you don’t have that self-motivation down in your gut to be excellent to outperform. I mean you know it’s a contest I mean look at the contest if it’s something just person saying hey listen I want to do better than Then it’s it’s tough to put those kind of things in a person.

I’ll be honest with you if you want to move from where you are to where you want to be you do not want to miss out the next segment because we’re breaking down the dysfunctional mindsets that are keeping many people not you but many people from achieving their success were trying to push through the pain to get that gain right here in the thrivetime show business coach.


Has not been you know not to use it to say boy we used to blog like now on the blog seem like it’s good to see your Jay-Zs now all grown up.

Welcome back to the right time show on your radio. It is always an honor and I mean that always an honor.

What does the word honor mean. I think it means that what you describe honor drivers or do what you describe it I would say this. It’s where you really really care. You’re reverent of the opportunity and I am all. It’s always an honor to be with you because I know you could be doing anything in the world right now but you choose to be here on the radio show as many of you I run into you guys and researchers. That’s Z I don’t have a lot of data points I don’t go to a lot of places that have lows.

I don’t think you can get a restraining order and whatnot. Yeah since all the you know the allegations you know to prove and I mean you’re innocent until proven guilty that’s right.

Just because they had video footage of me repeatedly streaking at the same places over and over does not mean that I did it.

Flesh toned underwear does not constitute. That’s right. But what the attorney said. I didn’t know. So the thing is there’s something seriously.

But through the nation it’s a it’s it’s an honor to be with you because you’ll tell me you’ll say you know what I learned last week I actually applied to one guy he’s actually a plumber in Tulsa and I was in Oklahoma Joe’s and I’m getting there get my baked beans. He goes you actually come here and I go. True. You actually come here to he goes hey I want you know that the boom has kind of tipped me off. I applied what you said and it was just one little move as what was the move. He goes Oh I’m doing the work for I call and text and email every lead and my sales are up by like double. And I just want to say thank you and that kind of thing it’s an honor to know that we’re impacting you. It also honored to be here with my hero. Doctors say if you look up and you say look it I used the word hero very rarely I don’t say it very often but is he perfect. No but Dr. Z is a guy who has grinded. He went from negative to positive you went from you know poor to not poor. Are you perfect. No. But you know you have three for three your kids. I know them and it’s amazing the kind of people they become. And your son just you know got himself married there to a great lady so really at this point you could drop the mike and become a screw up.

I mean you’ve been great up to this point. You basically took them from giving permission for that.

That’s good to know. So I got another move I can do. I got to know if I you know if it works out that way I you know I can do it well. Clay said I could but you know just to kind of come back to what we’re talking about before you know do to be an entrepreneur.

You really it’s such a difficult thing and to do it successfully is not easy.

And if we make it sound easy I mean it does guys like the Olympics or like circus or. You look at them going I mean they look at it that looks so easy and yet all the hours of training in them and the back of the back story and they get there finally. But to be an entrepreneur is not easy if you don’t want it in your absolute gut. I mean you don’t whine like a burning white hot fire burning pinion wood in your back.

You can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen bingo and you want to start it.

Yeah. And so to sit there and try to encourage someone I mean it. If my job is to try to encourage you to become one we’ve already lost my job is not to encourage you to become one. My job is to try to encourage you to do practical business steps. That’s why we want to be your business coach.

Practical business steps in the steps to do that you can fulfill your dreams now thrive nation we’re talking about the dysfunctional mindsets that could limit your success so dysfunctional mind set number seven is the non emotionally engaged guy just kept five by the way do I skip.

I think we didn’t do five. You know me too. I’m going I’m going to go to seven and then back to five as additions because that’s math. You’re going to see your mathematical it.

You don’t want to admit that you’re stuck and that you need help breaking through the biggest limiting factors. But you do recognize that you may need some coaching. You see you hesitantly enrolled in some kind of coaching platform whether it be thrive or something else to try it out. You won’t engage in conversations with a coach or a therapist or anybody that can help you because you’re just seeing if it will work. This logic makes sense to you. Good farming. I’m going to do not going to the hard work required of tilling the soil sowing the seeds or water in the sea. I just want to see that this farming thing really works. You want financial freedom.

You want the corner office you want the time freedom that you but you’re not what you want the result when you’re not willing to put in the boatload of work needed to call on street staff meeting the paper work that the training that checklists you don’t want to do that part you just want the success. So just when have you ever met these guys related you guys here even this guy if you won’t stop when you’re with your wife and ask for directions.

This might be you might be that guy you might be that guy you might be that guy. OK. But seriously I don’t know if it’s a guy thing. You know sometimes our pride gets in the way. I don’t want to ask for help. I’m good in this I can feel it on my own. OK. But seriously when I had that pivotal point so I say lot time if you’re launching in your entrepreneur one thing that helped me I was in a real uncomfortable situation. And if you’ve ever been in a real honest conversation you want to get out of that situation quick and you don’t want to go back there. And one thing my dad always talked about launching businesses and doing business has been he never took that leap of faith that because I felt he was more of in a comparable situation you know so far as way from capitals possible you know. But as far as you know asking for help being that guy that can turn to someone that mentor I had to put my life say OK all my actions all my decisions all my choices got to where I’m right now and this is not where I want to be. So what I want to go is my goal. How going to get there. And then Sarah surround myself with those people. And so asking those questions and asking people. So what would you in the situation. How would you handle this. And that’s why I love his time with Dr. Z and with you Clay it’s because I gain knowledge from just these.

I think our listeners can gain knowledge as well and they can be it can be helpful for them in their situation their businesses and wherever they’re at in their in their journey.

I have to call a penalty flag on myself right here because this right here was my deal. Oh this was you. You just asked for help directions. Yeah. For me my my default. I remember playing basketball in high school. I was jus playing junior varsity and I wasn’t very skilled but I was a grinder and my coach pulled me aside and he looks at me and he says I’m just a freshman and I was jacked. I worked out all the time I was jacked he told me he here’s the Oakley 6 1 and jacked and he is your hustles like Rocky to Jack not like Rocky one more like Rocky 4.

I mean honestly it was doing a lot of work up hill and then he says he goes you’re really like into fitness and really into basketball and I want you to know like if you play you can be sure you’ve always been the fifth or sixth guy. But I don’t know if you’re going to play at the next level. You know like college Tony is your coach if you want to stay on this team you can do that. But I see your entrepreneurship mindset I see how you’ve done the school dances dances in the deejaying and I’m just saying is your coach really kind of view myself more as a mentor. I want you to be successful. And son if everyone worked as hard as you all these guys would play Division 1. But you don’t have that athleticism. And I’m just telling you I would want you strongly to consider whether to come back. So I came back my sophomore year and again very aggressive unbelievable and intense defense a lot of rebounds. But I realized I know I’m not going to go to the next level and I appreciate him saying that to me but that was like one of those moments where if he hadn’t have said that I would have just stayed the course. Head down lifted weights. Playing basketball with play Tom a senior probably would have been 7:6 guy off the bench. And you know I would have played but I would have no never. But he had to ask me a tough question and I know I’m in business.

I’ve struggled throughout my career a little bit of just being able to reach out to the mentor and say hey it might go in the right direction. I know that’s a big thing right now if you’re going fast. Z that’s of course you would ask. Am I going the right direction I’m going fast but am I getting where I want to go.

Well and that’s why it’s so important to come in and get a business coach that’s why it’s so important to get a checkup that’s when too important to have someone run the thirty seven point your website. That’s why it’s important to come to an in-person workshops and figure out what you don’t know.

And that’s why I reached out to you. That’s why I love having you in my life because you my friend are the lanes and I am the bowling ball. I will go down that way for an hour but I love just having the ladies up there. And everybody needs a coach to drive time business coach radio. We.

We. You’re not type of thing to see boxes takes puts to sell will be bought or sold to the masses. As well just because the school is wrong in this case perfectly. No student days to. Play with it’s not up in the. Man who loves algebra so much three times.

Zohan. So I want to pretty much is listening who’s never been inside a private jet.

Talk to me about it. Just give us a little just a little you know just waft the excellence of the experience the Don’t. Don’t brag don’t know you’re not a judge you’re not a bragger but just tell us.

I mean when you’re on the jet and you’re feeding the dog lobster because you’re like you know what this is this sort this is this or this lobster is an organic all all this to Bruno. Well I’ll hold out for the organic lobster what’s. What’s that like be that.

What’s that like. It’s really the time savings you get on it because you don’t have to go through all this if you don’t have layovers and I mean you live in a secondary market like we do in Tulsa. You know it’s nice to get on the plane and land wherever you’re going to. You know that’s that’s for the benefit of it. And as far as you know most of them on the inside of them they’re not that big so they’re not you know but they are nice and you do have some some creature comforts in there and just the time not having to go through. You don’t know how much you love TSA. I mean let’s call.

I mean there hey it’s awesome. You know a crack squad of is Rourke in there. I mean they’re you know they’re the tyranny of the elite. And he’s happy you know.

You know Pat down each other you know get down have a story. Now I have a story.

I was going to San Antonio and my wife always jokes because I always tell men they’re beautiful men. You know I’m always a beautiful man you’re just beautiful. That’s why I say it’s funny it’s funny when you’re moved when you hear it do you hear someone say and anybody if I don’t know what to say I’m like You’re a great American because that’s like a sort of a sexual positive and if you’re with your wife and you have somebody you work with who’s a female you want to say good job but you don’t say too good of a job because your wife’s right they’re going to create an awkward deal. Do you ever respectfully complimentary of the female race while still being you know it’s a thing. So I said Yeah you’re a great American. But if it’s a man that you’re a beautiful man you can’t say you’re beautiful American to ladies this is not a movie but anyway so these are my moves I come up with. So anyway I’m on my wife so is that you’re going to get a pat down. I love I love pat downs because I love pat downs are beautiful men I love. That’s what I was and my wife joke you know about it.

Well here we go to the San Antonio airport and that guy apparently assumes that I how you know I am the cause of potential terrorists risk. I mean look when I come through pellmell. You know no criminal record you know he’s probably going to blow something up so it’s like that. Did they raise the threat.

Did you have a little crazy look in your eye. They

don’t have a slide to raise the threat level to like a red a red plus whatever that is a red ultra orange red and then so the guy he’s doing the pat down but he’s having a good time. And then they do it. They don’t pat down with like the it depends on what the back side of the hand. So he’s patted down and he’s like OK. And then I saw him spread my legs he’s patted down and and my wife looks at me and she makes eye contact like you’re like in this and I told the guys that this is an incredible massage How much do I owe you. And he’s like doesn’t laugh at all and he just keeps doing the doing the shoulder massage and because you could work it out. I’ve got some joint pain here. Had some fun with the deal but it was the longest most awkward TSA patdown ever. They didn’t find anything but they enjoyed shocking searching.

Shocking. Well and that’s what they’re paid to do and we get it. But I’m just saying as far as really with the benefits of that type of Avey you know avionics travel is you don’t have to guess that that’s a negative you don’t get a pat down because for you you want the pat down. I’ll

just play an interactive game of Marco Polo with the guy Marco Polo. Right now we’re talking about because we went to dysfunctional minds and number seven it makes sense logically to go back to number five. Yes.

And that’s one of the keys of a bad entrepreneur or a guy that has a he can’t keep things in order. Is

that that’s why you the guardrails on the bowling. So here we go. The NEVER on time guy. Your

life is just. Oh. Nobody

could possibly understand how you how busy you are. Although I have five kids and 40 chickens and nine businesses I could never possibly I could never postpone as to how busy you are because this is an uncomfortable time. Give it to take care you know you might. Father’s Day. You remember that my dad passed away from me. Yes yes I did and it was hard.

Sorry for that but it was awful. But you know that the day my dad said he wanted to live till 9 5 because that was the day our show was supposed to come out. Do you know that my dad actually lived until the moment of the day our show came. He literally lived and it was like it was awful but it was great knowing that my dad my dad was going my dad knew his faith he knew his family. He knew what he’s about. But I couldn’t just call in for the year or the month Z and say Hey Z I know thrived you got a lot going on but because I’m going through some stuff. But you were empathetic. Your compassion. You looked me in the eye I remember you said hey let’s man cave Sunday night you me you me and it was the most kind conversations. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve never been to pay.

Well and you never will and going to have to keep score. That’s what good friends do. That’s what good comrades do is that they don’t keep score.

You know it’s not a score thing but it also like hey just pick you up on the off. Deal with life. Take the month off. It’s like you got to get it done if you’re an entrepreneur if you’re self-employed you get done and you’ve got to deal with the emotions how do you manage it. How do you first hand.

Well it’s self-evident. I mean you have to do it when the buck stops at you. I mean that’s that’s the thing about being the boss. You know you make big obstacles seem small. Bingo. But you also have to understand the buck stops at you. And that when the when the rubber meets the road you’ve got to be there. You’ve got to make sure the show does go on as they say. This is literally the show going on.

So I’m a guy who says I can ever be on time because the weather. Oh yeah that weather Whistler you do. Rich Rich you’ve been on time you’re an on time guy. You’re always on. So you’re on time. You’ve always been on time with me. Yes. Talk to you because you’ve got it. You’ve said a lot of people come and go since you’ve been here.

Oh yeah. 22 to be precise.

It’s so funny that you keep track of that but I know you have. OK so I want to ask you what is going on. You’ve talked to people why can’t they be on time what’s going on is the traffic bad where they are. Is it the weather. Is it the. Is it what’s going on Rich.

The weather relationship issues car not starting the list really goes on in for me. I’ve slept in the back room so that way I wouldn’t miss my appointments.

I’ve seen you do this before and I was going example we had one young lady I’m not going to know your name or any details. But she was the shining star shining star superstar What I would call a great American. And she said I really want to move up and I said you know what. The next workshop we have you and you get the thing starts setting. So 5 a.m. I want you to be there get all set up to greet everybody. And she said why is it because I believe in a stool she has a stool. I said a stool should be sturdy. The stool when you sit down it gives out you lose trust in it. And I need to know what you can do. You really mean is it you always come into work at 9. I just want to see what you’re like at five. What do I mean. It would require you to go to sleep plan whatever man she just totally missed it. And I thought Ooh. So then I gave her one more shot. No no details Richard no idea. But you saw it happen you saw somebody with a lot of talent who had to go back now to the waitress game because she just couldn’t keep it together and it’s unfortunate. But you’ve got to be on time. Preach the Good News about being on time. Why do you got to be on top.

You don’t have to be on time. That’s that’s a misnomer. You’ve got to be early. Oh you’ve got to be early if you’re having a hard time being on time spent reading your clocks. I mean what I mean why why would you even think about it. I mean you have your clock and you kind of go on and people that are like I got to be there and oh wait wait wait wait wait wait. And then they’re late you know because you can’t you know you can only drive so fast you’re going to walk so fast you can only get from point A to point B so quickly. So if you’re having a hard time getting if you’re having a hard time being on time set your clocks up an hour so clocked up 30 minutes you knew you could have like like Kim Jong-Un did in North Korea. He just changed the national time of North Korea like that 30 minutes different or is that the business that is encouraging everyone to become a semi dictator.

That’s the it’s the advice here.

I’m telling you to start your own communist country and change the clock of your country become a dictator of your country which is actually your life at home.

Dennis Rodman to be your business card for North Korea right there. That’s right nation we come back we’re going to talk about dysfunctional mind set number eight which always comes after five on the five times just two. My name is Clay Clark. America’s most humble business coach listen to thrive time business coach radio.

Oh whoa whoa whoa. Welcome back to the thrivetime show. Away we go.

We’re talking about dysfunctional mindsets of an entrepreneur who’s stuck. Now I’m sure the show’s not about you it’s what other people forget to fly through the final dysfunctional mind set some minds ever ate. I’m going to try to solve all my problems at one time. This is this is a mind set where you want to solve all your business problems right now although every successful entrepreneur on the planet will tell you that you must simplify and focus methodically on going through item by item but you’re looking for the overnight move.

Now business coach Steve Jobs says says that people think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on but it’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things so I’m going to tee it up to you with your businesses. You’re so good. This is one thing you say all the time you say. What is the biggest limiting membrane. What’s the biggest limiting factor. And you’re able to focus on that and you say everything else you just mentioned Clay or team is a good idea but we need icebox it and we need to focus on the biggest limiting membrane and I’m and I’m frustrated initially because I’m like I want to do all at once. And then you kind of understand the power of focus. Explain what you mean by icebox and biggest limiting membrane.

Well OK so we have a problem. There’s something not going the way you wanted to go. Let’s say like that. And so then you break it down to what is the biggest problem that’s keeping that from happening. So we’re limiting membrane limiting membrane is a membrane that limit or that keeps something from moving from one space to another. OK. And so we want to go into the space of success. Want to go into the space of fill in the blank. But you’re it’s a victory OK. And so when you when you recognize the thing that is the biggest limiting membrane are things the biggest problem. Then you can pour all your focus under that and everything else does that matter. And that’s the problem is that so many people want to focus on so many things. Five things. Five things six things ten things two things. They’ve been two things. Two is one too many. You’ve got to focus on the war and put all your Tintern so keen on what how do we tackle this problem. And ICE boxing simply means that all those are the problems. All those are the issues you just could put them in the refrigerator ice box. I mean you say listen I’m going to store those in a cold container so that they’ll say that they’ll keep and I’ll get to them when they are the biggest limiting membrane then they’re the biggest limiting factor. So you just go to make your list and you methodically go down it.

And that’s the thing I think that just to be don’t have that focus and haven’t you.

And then then if you don’t have the focus your team won’t understand that if you don’t have the focus no focus stands for Focus on your core task until success and I’ll give you an example. Steve Jobs did a crazy deal because he got fired from a company and then he got fired from Apple the company he co-founded and George Lucas calls him because George Lucas has gone through a divorce and he doesn’t want to lose his baby which is Pixar. The guys who produce Toy Story says Steve. Could you take over the company. I’ll give you all the ownership later on we can square up but could you. Yes. So he takes over Pixar. He’s running Pixar. Guys it never made a movie. He says Toy Story. They have huge success. Meanwhile he’s starting another company called next. Well the next technology he basically convinces in a kind of a coup Apple to buy the technology comes back. Now he’s in charge and they ask him to come back and the company is failing. And here’s what he did. This is this is a documented story you should research it really funny but he didn’t like Bill Gates they don’t like each other but they had a history because Bill Gates built the operating system that Max Max used and they had kind of this thing. They went back and forth accusing each other of stealing things. Well Bill Gates if you remember was being investigated for a monopoly he was being asked by the federal government for forming a monopoly.

And the one guy who could prove that he had the biggest monopoly was Steve Jobs they needed Steve Jobs Bill Gates needed Steve Jobs to testify that he was in fact not making monopoly when that in fact what was what Bill Gates was doing. And so Steve Jobs said here’s the deal I’d be happy to testify. I just have like 100 million questions. I’ve got 100 million questions I need to talk to you about. And that was code for I need you to invest so here their biggest competitor. He focused on getting funding because he didn’t get that funding appels done. So everyone’s like are you kidding me. Your biggest arch rival and he got the funding and saved the company. He gave a test if he didn’t lie but he just basically would refuse to say anything that affirmed or was a monopoly being for him but he dropped everything and he came back he said I want everyone to make a list of all the products that we’re working on over 100 products. He says I want to make a list of the five and then everything else has to be stopped. Boxtel of the icebox and baby and they’re going all over. Yep. And it came with the iMac remember that the purple IMAX the green IMAX the yellow ones that the see through computers. Oh yeah. And that saved the company and then we did the iPod membered the iPod. Oh yeah man. But he just focused and if you’re listening right now and you’re struggling to have success you cannot focus the sun’s rays on many given points at one time.

You can only focus the sun’s rays on any one specific point at one time. If you focus the sun’s rays with a magnifying glass it will set something on fire. If you spread it out with a magnifying glass nothing happens. Think about that. Marinate on it. What do you need to focus on now. Is this functional mind set number nine is everything. Is it burning fire. You’re somebody who just can’t ever get ahead Z because everything’s reactive. Oh my gosh. Oh this is an emergency. That’s an emergency.

Yeah. You see people like that they’re just running around like a chicken with their head cut off. And it’s really unfortunate because not everything is an emergency. Not everything is DEFCON 4. Not everything is OK. We got to pass this guy down. You know we got a strip search this guy because he looks like he could be you know ISIS terrorists IED clay Clark but we’re not going to hear that. Here’s the thing about that is that you know you Abbas makes And I said that’s a little bit ago. Makes big obstacles seem small. And that’s what you do when someone comes in. Oh my god the world is ending as we know it because that’s what someone will tell you all day almost every day. And then take a deep breath and you’re calm and say OK well that’s ok where is it on our priority list where OK is that OK let’s handle that. Well let’s put that here. You might need to icebox it for a while you might need to address it. But the thing about it is is that staying calm to those rough waters is what a leader does and is use the entrepreneurs is the boss. You know you’ve got to stay calm and those and not you can’t just react and just go just hit Def Con four.

And you know my gosh call 911 one every single time a problem happens no league cockerel the guy used to manage 40000 employees one or 315 mentors. He says one way to get your priorities accomplished is to schedule them into your calendar. Now dysfunctional mindset number 10 going fast is to constantly calling texting emailing urgent item you just can’t stop getting off that phone goes back to a little bit we talked about but you just can’t stop calling texting emailing writing full page e-mails. Justin have you ever dealt with someone who sends full page e-mails every time you get an e-mail. You know it’s a full page. Here it comes.

Yeah just cut to the meat. Get to the point. Action Steps and then and you always get to the call of action. OK so you get to that point and be done can you get that clearly and then get to your action step and just keep it simple and your communication.

Now the next mood is looks like it’s at number 11. The mad at the messenger guy. You’re mad that someone told you the truth. You’re mad. Someone gave you the hard number and you didn’t like that number.

Well the thing about it is you get to be mad about it or you couldn’t you know fight through that. I mean listen if you let your circumstances surround whether you’re mad or happy or joyful or or sad. I mean the hey you’re in for a rocky ride in life. You know as a general rule of thumb an entrepreneur especially because I promise you you’re going to get some bad reviews you get a nasty email you get a phone call you an upset client. It’s going to happen. I’ll just shortcut. Sure. It’s going to happen. And if you allow that to dictate how your attitude is then you’re going to tell you what you’re always going to be kind of steered. You’re going to be steered instead of steering.

And that’s why mind set number 12 dysfunctional mind set number 12. We want to free you as your business coach friends, from it it’s the I care about what everybody else thinks. And so to avoid any confrontation ever I never hold people accountable. I never take a stand for anything. I never fire anybody. I never create remarkable marketing I never can create can create compelling no brainer offers needed to get the ideal unlikely buyer to take action. I just want to make everybody happy. Well I’ve got some good news and bad news for you. Albert Einstein says this great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. My friend you must eventually take a stand for something and Zeebrugge take a stand for your own life and your own success. We have four ways we can help you. What tell us about him Clay when you go to thrive time showed up common subscribe to this podcast.

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