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Phenomenal Business Coach Ninja

Clay Clark: Stacy Purcell. She’s on the show, Stacy for anyone just tuning in to our business coach radio show how are you?

Business Coach 242

Stacy Purcell: Doing great, I’m glad to be here Clay.

Clay Clark: Hey what’s your website? I mean what’s your website, what’s your phone number as a business coach I have to ask?

Stacy Purcell: Website is and that’s with an s,, our phone number is 918-488-3900.

Clay Clark: And here we go Thrivers, this is the next point we’re talking about when it comes to recruiting top people.

The value that recruiters and search firms bring to the hiring process. So if I’m a doubter, if I’m listening going “Whatever, I don’t believe ya Stacy,” what value do recruiters and search firms actually bring to the hiring process?

Stacy Purcell: Well the first value that we bring to the hiring process is to find the best talent for the position. The most qualified person, not just any person or the best person looking for a position. But then secondly we save the employer time, money, energy, and effort.

Clay Clark: Break that down, you said time, how do you save ’em time?

Stacy Purcell: Because it’s what we do all day long on a daily basis, while you’re running your business, we’re in the trenches talking to hundreds of candidates a week. We’re interviewing them, qualifying them, and distinguishing top talent from those who are not top talent.

Clay Clark: How do you save people money? I mean don’t you get paid to do what you do? How do you save people money?

Stacy Purcell: Save them money by them not making a hiring mistake, and not hiring the wrong person for the position. But we help them to get the best person for the position.

Clay Clark: So you’re saying you help people save time, you help ’em save money, what else do you help ’em do?

Stacy Purcell: Well then they’re able to focus on running their business and not taking time off, plus and a lot of business owners and business coach teams don’t know how to conduct a search. They don’t know the first step, where to go and find the top talent. That’s what we do for a living, just like if you had a messed up sink in your house, most people wouldn’t try to fix it themselves, they’d call a plumber. Or if you needed a heart surgeon to fix your heart, you’re not gonna try and do it yourself, you’re gonna hire a professional heart surgeon to do it.

Robert Redmond: I’d try to do it myself.

Clay Clark: Oh wow, nice nice.

Robert Redmond: We’ll see how that works for me.

Clay Clark: As a theologian he believes strongly in Heaven and he wants to get there quickly so-

Robert Redmond: The laying on of hands.

Clay Clark: So here’s the deal, according to a study that was done by Deloitte, a 2016 millennial survey, said that 66% of the tattooed, indifferent wanderers through life, called “millennials,” these people 66% of these people, they’re looking for a, to go to a different organization, by the year 2020.

Which means, that’s different goals than, here’s an example, if you’re a millennial, your name’s probably “Skyler,” you know, you’d probably talk, someone’d say “How are you doing?” You’d say “I’m doin’ fine,” you say “so let me ask you, what are your political views?” And you say “well whatever, you know, whatever, my name’s Skyler.” You know, and then if you’re somebody who owns a business, let’s say you’re in your 60’s, your name’s probably Ralph, or Robert. You’re kind of an old school name, you’re kind of an old soul my man.

Robert Redmond: I know, but I’m, you’re talking about my people here, the millennials even though I am a business coach.

Clay Clark: There’s a lot of Williams out there that own a business trying to hire a “Skyler”-

Robert Redmond: You know that’s my middle name, by the way. Robert William.

Clay Clark: You know a lot of, there’s a lot of young ladies out there named “Hamilton” right now? “Hamilton” or “Madison” a name that could be either or, it’s kind of a very, it’s a whole new naming system. Now we name kids “Hamilton” and “Madison” and “Skyler”

Robert Redmond: “Petunia”

Clay Clark: Yeah, there’s all these names, like “Lily,” “Lily’s” a new name, old school name would be like “Mabel.” So if you’re listening right now and your name is “Mabel” and you’re trying to hire “Skyler” or if your name is “William” and you’re trying to hire someone, I don’t even wanna hire a millennial, but you have to ‘cuz they know coding, and you’re going “kids today will never use, people in the future will never use the website” and then you realize, “wait a minute everyone’s starting to use the google, that google thing, people are on that” “wait a minute, no one will ever use that bookface website that face snap chat thing, no one’s gonna use that youtube, no one’s gonna use that” and then you realize “oh no everyone’s using that stuff.”

So now you have to hire a millennial, we come back, Stacy’s gonna talk to you a little bit about how she and her staffing company, not her staffing, her executive recruiting company which is not a staffing company, how they can help you find top talent.

Robert, I’m excited, you’re excited, I think we’re all pretty excited Robert. Are you excited?

Robert Redmond: I am stoked!

Clay Clark: Woo! He’s on fire, watch out. and business coach ninja

Clay Clark: All right Thrive nation welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, and I’m telling ya what. This is the show where we go deep into things that you could control.

Let me explain this to you, let me explain this idea to you. Robert, I’m gonna talk politics for just a minute. This is not a political show, but I’m just gonna give you an example.

Robert Redmond: Okay.

Clay Clark: I happen to be a Libertarian. Which means that I want government to basically get out of my way and let me just do life. Right.

And you the listener, might be a moderate, you might be a Liberal, you might be a Conservative, you might be a Liberal, you might be a Conservative, you might have all these different world views, but the thing is, is that, I as a Libertarian, I want a flat tax. I want there just to be a flat tax. I want there, everything I buy, I want it to cost like 20%. Except for food, and shelter.

Stay tuned for more business coach ninja tricks.


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