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Clay Clark: So, also Robert during the break, people could go to and learn more about our in person business coach workshop that Tulsa’s talking about, so can you tell the Thrivers what the in person business workshop is all about, and when it is?

Business Coach 243

Robert Redmond: Yeah, so they workshops, they’re coming up April 21st, 22nd. It’s the only business coach workshop, 2 days, 15 hours intensive business coaching. Where you’re gonna actually learn the systems that will build and grow your business. It’s not motivation, it’s hard fact base learning to grow your business.

Clay Clark: And there’s no upsells, what? Stay tuned,

Clay Clark: Thrive time show is where you go to get your daily mojo and business coach advice, and it’s the place where many of you have now found, business coach school without the BS. And I did some deep research over the break and I just wanted to share with you what I have. And again, you know, Robert you went to Oral Roberts University.

Robert Redmond: Yes.

Clay Clark: And how many years were you there?

Robert Redmond: Four, four solid years, and O.R.U.

Clay Clark: Did you live on the dorms or did you live off campus or?

Robert Redmond: I did, I lived on the greatest floor, at O.R.U., it was called “MOG” it was five south.

Clay Clark: Did you compete in intramural sports?

Robert Redmond: Oh yeah.

Clay Clark: Sounds a little normal.

Robert Redmond: So can I just say, one sport we competed in, it was called, it was basketball, we played C-League basketball. We had a team called the Mog Foulers.

Clay Clark: The Mog Foulers?

Robert Redmond: We had the Mog Foulers, and did you know what our goal was for each game?

Clay Clark: To foul out?

Robert Redmond: Foul out. Every single player would try and get six fouls per game, and if any player got six fouls they got an award, they got a prize. And one time we actually made it to double digit points one game, and we walked away from the game celebrating in the middle of the game. We all cheered ‘cuz we’d never gotten double digits, we never scored past nine points before.

So we scored 11 points one game and so yeah, that’s the kind of intramurals I played on MOG.

Clay Clark: Okay well you had a few math classes I’m sure at college. Right maybe one or two?

Robert Redmond: Yeah math and society, still don’t know what that means but yeah, I had math and society.

Clay Clark: Did you have algebra at all or did you already have that in high school?

Robert Redmond: College algebra yeah and statistics.

Clay Clark: Okay so I want you to do the math on this, okay. I want you to break it down, write down these numbers, do the math here. I was on the University of Tulsa website, just looking around there kinda nosing around. And I found that to go to school there, business college, business school, it’s about $53k a year. 53, 5-3.

Now I’m not sure about how the value of money, what that means to you Thrivers, but you know I was thinking about 53k, and then I was thinking about our business coach school, you know Thrive. And I was thinking it’s a dollar you know, Thrive’s a dollar. It’s a dollar, if you go to, what’s a dollar? I mean-

Robert Redmond: You’re going too fast, Clay I gotta, so 53k-

Clay Clark: Yeah 53k

Robert Redmond: And then you said we charge a dollar.

Clay Clark: And I was thinking to myself, you know you take 53k and you minus the one-

Robert Redmond: Carry the one-

Clay Clark: We actually would, it’s actually $20 after the first month. The first month is a dollar. So I thought, you do $20 a month for 12 months, in a typical standard year of 12 months. So it’s like $240.

Robert Redmond: Right.

Clay Clark: So if you take 53k, minus 240, I was just trying to figure out the math there. Is that less, is $53k more or less than $240? I’m just wanting to get some clarification from a college graduate like yourself.

Robert Redmond: So I was a college graduate, I was a Theology major, right, I was a Theology major so there wasn’t a lot of math that I did. But if I was taking a true/false test-

Clay Clark: Yeah which you did in college.

Robert Redmond: Right, and if you’re asking me is the 53k greater than 240? True or false?

Clay Clark: Yeah, just round it up or down, yeah.

Robert Redmond: I would assume true, that’s my best guess, true.

Clay Clark: How much was college at O.R.U. when you went there by the way? Was it $7 a year? Was it 1k a year, 10k? How much was it when you were going to Oral Roberts University?

Robert Redmond: So, I think it was above $100k.

Clay Clark: To go there for four years?

Robert Redmond: For four years.

Clay Clark: Wow and you know what Thrivers, look this up, I encourage you. You know that most small businesses in America today, since 1995, 65% of all of the jobs were created by small businesses. I repeat, since 1995 65% of all jobs have been created by small businesses.

And for the doubting Thomas out there, Hi Thomas how ya doing? Go ahead and google that what I just told you and then Forbes.

“65% of all jobs have been created by small businesses Forbes”

There you’ll find a Forbes Magazine article that supports this idea, and did you know that the majority of small businesses were started for less than $50k, and so you start to go “oh my gosh, oh no” if this trend continues, perhaps, well then you say “well you know what you know those were outliers,” and so I made a list of people that, I don’t wanna be sacrilegious, but you might wanna put ’em on your prayer list, or at least on your, Robert does your mom put stuff on the refrigerator, someone you’re thinking about, someone you need to keep in your prayers? Or someone you need to think about-

Robert Redmond: Yeah, a giant picture of her favorite son, me because I am business coach.

Clay Clark: So these are people who are struggling to make it, who struggle to make it, because they didn’t have a degree. Imma read off the names, and then just add ’em to the refrigerator okay? Thrivers, here we go, so these people didn’t have a degree, so they just struggled through life, or they’re still struggling:

Abraham Lincoln, I mean that guy was one tremendous failure. I mean, A.P. Giannini, he started Bank of America, is Bank of America gonna work? I mean is that idea gonna work?

Robert Redmond: I’ve heard of the startup, and I think-

Clay Clark: Andrew Carnegie, the founder of the steel industry, I dunno if that’s gonna work out, I mean, I dunno maybe Benjamin Franklin? I mean I dunno, I mean did Benjamin Franklin do anything outside of the bifocals? And the you know, helping us secure a partnership with France that kinda beat the other guys?

Robert Redmond: And the inventing of electricity, something like that?

Clay Clark: Bill Gates? Is it gonna work out for Bill Gates? Is that gonna happen? Is he gonna make it? I dunno.

Dave Thomas, from Wendy’s, I mean, I dunno. David Green from Hobby Lobby, just keep Hobby Lobby, you know he started Hobby Lobby for $600? Did you know that? Which I think is less than $100k, if you rounded up.

Robert Redmond: And Clay I’m seeing another name on this list that you forgot to mention.

Clay Clark.

Clay Clark: Yeah, well-

Robert Redmond: He didn’t turn out very well, he just has his own radio show.

Clay Clark: I’m hoping it’s gonna work out. I just, I’m stuck on the doing stuff like a radio show, and running companies and being a business coach. But if I could just go back and get the validation and that college experience that I didn’t, that I missed out on, ‘cuz I really haven’t had a good life. It’s been a struggle. I haven’t met any new people, I haven’t enjoyed life since I missed out on it-

Robert Redmond: And you missed out on the Mog Foulers, I mean just think, you could be paying $100k-

Clay Clark: I could have been on that team-

Robert Redmond: To be on a C-League basketball team, foulin’ out.

Clay Clark: Okay. So today we are talking, today Thrivers we are talking about helping you. Whether you graduated or not, you found yourself in a place where you either own a business or you want to. And one thing you’re gonna struggle with, quickly, if you’re good at selling something, is you’re gonna struggle to find good people.

Unless you have kind of a secret weapon. And Robert, did you know Tulsa’s secret weapon is, for executive recruiting, not staffing, but executive recruiting, find the top people, do you know who it is?

Robert Redmond: I’m gonna take a wild guess.

Miss Stacy Purcell. BOOM! Business coach notes


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