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Business coach tips – Then, you got to have a process for how you fulfill, how you deliver. I went to a restaurant the other day, and I’m not kidding. I went in, I ordered a soup, and then the waitress did not come back for almost 30 minutes. It’s okay. I mean, I’m sure that she’s figuring out life, but I had to go up to the owner and say to the owner, “Hey,” or the manager, whoever, someone who appeared to be in charge and I just said, “Hey, um, I have ordered something and no one’s visited me for 30 minutes. I’m kind of a lonely guy. Could you come back and help me?” Luckily the guy was a radio show listener and he kind of laughed it off. I wasn’t aggressive. I just said, “I’m kind of a lonely guy, you know, could you help me?”

Business Coach 300

But it’s a deal where there probably wasn’t either an A) a process written down for how they were going to handle these situations when maybe the food takes longer to get out. Or B) the person was choosing not to do the processes. But, if you don’t have the processes to begin with it’s really hard to hold people accountable to executing them. We’ve had a lot of people that have emailed over the years and have said … I don’t know if you guys know this, but before we did the radio show we had the online school, which we still have; People will email us all the time to [email protected]. Again, [email protected], and we’ll respond to your questions with a business coach that can help.

One of the questions we’ve had over the years quite a bit is, “Clay, who are your mentors? You’ve mentioned you’ve had business coaches, you’ve had people that have coached you to business success. People that have really shown you the way.” I want to brag on one of them today that has made a huge impact in my life. That is Terry Fisher. If you’re listening right now and you know Terry Fisher of the Victory Christian Center Fame of the Guts Church Fame, of … He has a daughter named Lindsay. Terry Fisher lives right across from Holland Hall. The guy who owns Trinity Chemical. If you know that Terry Fisher, send him a text message and say that business coach Clay Clarke is very thankful for him.

He took time out of his schedule. He’d had a ton of success in the world of business and he invested time in teaching me the right way which was huge helping me become a business coach. When we come back we’re going to teach you how to build a scalable business that has the capacity to work without you. Your ultimate business coaching experience begins when we come back.


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