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The Singing Business Coach

Business Coach and Speaker 1: (Singing)

Business Coach 304

All right Thrive Nation, welcome back into the conversation. It is the Thrive Time Show on your radio. If you’ve just now tuned in to this show, let me tell you what this show is all about. It is business school without the BS. It’s all about giving you business coach advice and helping you achieve time freedom and financial freedom, because I believe that you were put on the earth for a special purpose that God has for you. I don’t know what that purpose is. I don’t know what your vision for you life is, but I can tell you that you deserve to have an F6 life. An F6 life. What does that mean?

I mean you’re achieving your goals in the areas of faith, family, finances, friendship, fun, right? All those areas. You don’t need to have a compartmentalized life where you’re only achieving success financially. We believe you need to have an F6 abundant life. You can do it if you want to. I know you can do it because there’s people out there, business coaching clients out there just like you. There’s people we worked with as a business coach to help them dramatically improve their business during a small window of time. I say small, about a nine month window of time, a one year window of time. I’ve seen complete transformations. That’s why I do what I do.

I mean I’ve been able to build DJ Connection. I was able to build Elephant in the Room with my brother in law. I’ve been able to build Epic Photography. If I didn’t want to I don’t need to work. I can sit around and pontificate about the pinion wood as I often do. Whether it’s a good batch of pinion wood or a bad batch of pinion wood or what kind of pinion wood I should be burning. I could be talking about that. I could be obsessing about that, but instead a lot of people over the years have said, “Hey Dr. Zoellner, Clay, could I pick your guy’s brains.” “Could I pick your brain because I want to know how to start a successful company.” We’ve decided to say, “You know what, yes, we will show you the way.”

One of the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year is called Tip Top Canine, and their sales are incredible. They are absolutely growing by leaps and bounds because they had a great product, but people just didn’t know about the product. They just didn’t know about it. People did not have any knowledge of what they did. What we have done is we’ve helped them clarify their vision. Where are they going? We’ve helped them to improve their branding, their print pieces, their web site, their marketing materials. We’ve helped them create a turn key marketing system where it’s generating in bound leads. People calling them every day to get their dogs trained so they can focus on what they want to do, which is achieving their F6 goals.

If you have a dog that needs to be trained. If you have a dog that hasn’t been trained, you know what I mean. It’s crazy. When you have a dog that’s jumping up on everybody and slobbering on everything and you’ve decided to actually alter your normal work week, you know your normal life balance. You’ve said, “You know what, let’s not have people come over anymore, because the dog is jumping up on people.” If you’ve started to change the way that you’re living. If you’re no longer having Thanksgiving at your house because you have a wild wildebeest of a dog. It’s just destroying everything. You can see the value that having a dog trainer where they guarantee the results could make a big difference.

In fact their dog school, it’s only a dollar for the first session and then if you like it they have a program to meet any budget. I’m bragging on those guys because they are diligent doers. Diligence means the steady application of effort, and they are people that steadily apply effort and they do what they’re supposed to do and that’s why the Business Coaching Program has worked so well for them. During one of the segments I had said that I have a theme song I’ve been working on for them. A jingle, and for those of you who say, “This jingle sounds a little familiar.” When you hear it if you said, “That jingle sounds a little familiar, almost like I’ve heard it somewhere else before.” That’s because it’s a good jingle. I mean it’s so good if feels like you know it right. It’s going to get stuck in your head like the Robertson Tire. Remember Robertson Tires?


That’s how we want this song … We want this tip top jingle to get stuck into your cranium where you can’t get it out. Then we’re going to get back into discussing what is your core differentiator. What makes you different in the marketplace. So here is, without any further ado, the tip top canine jingle I’ve been working on for several months.


Yes. That was one take Thrivers. One take. I’m talking about that right there deserves an immediate complaint or an immediate thank you. I’m willing to take whatever you’ll give me at this point. But Thrive Nation I’m telling you, I love being the business coach for the guys at Tip Top Canine. I know they now think less of me as a result of that insanely just brutal butchering of the Diff’rent Strokes soundtrack. Well you know, remember the show Diff’rent Strokes? I mean I feel like I haven’t seen that show for a long time and I had to find a way to bring life back to it while celebrating the success of Tip Top Canine here in Tulsa. That was the best that I could come up with. Please definitely email your complaints to [email protected]. I’ll keep them coming in hot.

If you want a jingle for your business let me know, and we’ll probably decrease the amount of business that you get but as it relates to growing your business, but when it comes to business coach advice, graphic design, marketing… everything else you need, we can do that for you. Thrive Nation, we’re now talking about your differentiator. Your core differentiator. What makes your business different, and on a scale of one to ten we asked you to rate yourself. If ten is, “Wow we’re so different, and everybody knows we’re different, we’re totally unlike anybody else,” and a one is your business is like the vanilla. You know you’re the same … You’re trying not to offend anybody. You’re trying to appeal to everybody and so you’ve named your company something like A-1 Home Remodeling. You know, A-Best Roofing. Something … I don’t know, something like that. Where it’s a name that is safe. It’s fine. But then when you look at your website your products are professional. You’re saying … Here’s a little advice from a business coach for you.

If you had to explain to somebody three ways that your business is different from your competition and you can’t say professional, and you can’t say great customer service, and you can’t say high quality, what would you say? That is what I am getting at. You need to know how your business is different. Seth Godin wrote a book called Purple Cow. Where he says in a world where there’s so much going on, so much advertisement, so much marketing. We’re being inundated with marketing through text messages, through Facebook, through email, through billboards. We’re just being bombarded with messages. Take it from the world’s best business coach: Not being remarkable is the same as being invisible, and you don’t want to be invisible. People need to remember your business, and so as example of how to do it we named Elephant in the Room the Elephant in the Room because it begs the question, “What is the elephant in the room?”

When you come in you’re going to be greeted with an adult beverage. You have a paraffin hand dip. You have a hot towel treatment. It has that man décor. It is an incredible game changing experience. When people come in they go, “Oh my gosh this is so different from anything else I’ve ever been to.” I challenge you, go to and book your first haircut. It’s only a dollar. Check out the differentiator.

Stay tuned to the world’s best business coach and The Thrivetimeshow.


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