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 My friend, you can learn how to start a successful business. Dr. Zoellner and I have both learned the business coach Force. We know how to do it. There’s no smoke and mirrors. You’ve got to learn search engine optimization. You’ve got to learn sales. You’ve got to learn marketing. You’ve got to learn how to build a pro-forma. It’s not that complicated I’m telling you. You can do it. It’s not that complex. It’s just, you need to know what to do and you have to be a diligent doer.

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You know, Proverbs 10:4 says that God blesses the hand of the diligent. But you’ve got to apply effort. You’ve got to do what you can do and let God do what he can do, okay? But you’ve got to first take the first step and get out there to an in-person Thrive Time business coach workshop.

Now step number six is you must focus on increasing your self-discipline to increase your time and financial freedom. Again, if you want to increase your time and financial freedom, you’ve got to increase your own level of self-discipline.

And I don’t know what it is, I just feel like there’s- I feel like there’s somebody listening right now who- you are going through something. You’re going through a major business crisis. You find yourself right now where you’re working all the time. You never have a chance to see your kids because you’re working seven days a week. And at the end of the month, you’re running out of money. And you’re going, “how is it possible that I’m working so hard and I’m not getting ahead?” But you feel like maybe you’re too old to figure it out, you know what I mean? You feel like, “hey, I’m in my fifties, I can’t do it.”

Well guess what? Colonel Sanders, you know, the KFC guy, he did not have any success at all until later in life. Did you know that Ray Kroc didn’t have any really success in the world of business until his fifties? Fifties! So Thrivers, listen. You can do this especially if you call a business coach.

Did you know Walt Disney was dead broke at the age of 36? He had spent all of the money he had to produce a feature film and he had to go out there and get another loan just to pay the bills. So I’m telling you what, I just know there’s somebody out there who, it feels like you can see your future. And you’re saying to yourself, farther along here, “I want to be in a different spot. If I go a little bit farther along in my life, I want to be in a different spot than I am now.” But you realize that if you stay this course, and you don’t have the self-

If you don’t have the self-awareness and the self-discipline needed to get out to a transformative business coach workshop- if you’re thinking, “well what do I have to lose?” But if you don’t actually book the ticket, you’re never going to get out of that cycle. So I’m telling you, you’ve got to go to

We have a scholarship available, so if you can’t afford it, guess what? It’s Christmas, so now you can. We want to have you come out here. We’re gonna sit down with you, we’re gonna teach you what you need to do to start or grow a successful company.

Google Barbie Cookies. Google the Tulsa Oilers. Do a Google search for Elephant In the Room. Look at Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates. Look at Dr. Z66 Auto Auction. Look at our businesses. Look at Epic Photography. Look at the fruit of our lives and know that we are here to help you get to where you want to go. You can do it, my friend! Your success doesn’t have to be super far from now. It could be just a little bit farther along.

You can do it! Stay tuned.

Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio, the place that you go to make your wallet grow. My name is Clay Clark, I’m a former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, and something magical happened at our last workshop, something incredible. Something life-changing.

We had a woman from Tucson, Arizona that’s one of the members of the Thriver community. She listened to the podcast, she’s a member of the online school, you know, the $19 a month and she came here from Tucson and she testified in front of a group of her peers that she’s been able to double the size of her business over really the span of like 18 months.

Well a guy comes up to me, and he says that he just feels overwhelmed and that, like, he doesn’t have what it takes to be successful. He just feels like that he couldn’t do it. And I was trying to explain to the guy, man, listen. I dropped out of college, I took algebra three times, I struggled immensely in a great many areas, but then once I learned the proven business systems, life was much easier for me. Well then he goes on to explain some personal situations he’s dealing with and then that’s when it happened.

My dad passed away this year of ALS, which is Lou Gehrig’s disease. So what that does, and what that feels like is it’s basically your body over time gradually atrophies, but your mind is there. And they put you on increasingly more medication and more medication, and every time I came to visit my dad he knew less and less of what was going on. And then on the fourth of September, he suffocated and passed away. And luckily we were there at the home, looking him in the eyes when it happened. And it didn’t feel good but because I know of my purpose for my life, and because I know where I’m headed, I- and what I’m all about- I can honestly say that I miss my dad on a daily basis more than you could possibly know, but yet, I didn’t feel like I was living an empty life. I didn’t feel like, okay, because of this breakdown that we had emotionally, all of a sudden now I need to find a breakthrough or some meaning to life. I actually know what I’m doing.

I think as a business coach, success is knowing where you’re going, and knowing that you’re en route to that place. Just knowing where you’re going with your life, and then knowing that what you’re doing right now is getting you a step closer to that. I think that hopelessness is when you’re drifting. When you’re not getting closer to where you want to go and you actually feel as though your actions you’re taking today are getting you further away from where you want to go. And that is why if you study the lives of every success story out there- and I’ve read so many autobiographies, and they all- when you boil them down and say what are the common denominators? What are the things in this success story that are similar to this one? Reach out to our business coach team and let us know your feelings.


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