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Success Stories From Business Coach Clients

 Speaker 1: Now, here’s the deal Thrive Nation our business coach listeners. We’re talking about how to market on Facebook which we will teach you at our next in-person business coach workshop, but the final step, okay, once you have nailed down a demographic, once you have a solid call to action, once you have a great ad, once you’ve called your leads, Z, you’ve got to follow up. You’ve got to follow up and then follow up and then follow up.

Business Coach 270

Speaker 2: You’ve got to follow … You’ve got to make them, I love your site and you’ve got to make them cry, die or buy.

Speaker 1: Why do you say that? What do you mean?

Speaker 2: I say that because when you call somebody a lot some of you are going to listen and go I disagree with you, you’re badgering me.

Speaker 1: I don’t really agree with you. Here’s the thing is, we have so many people that will fill out a form to attend our business coach workshop. This just happened at the last business coach workshop. They fill out the form and they say, I want to attend the workshop, please call me, so Victoria or a member of our team will call you, but you don’t recognize the number, so you don’t answer the phone and then she shoots you a text and you’ll respond who is this, and so this goes around and around and around.

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1: When you follow up eventually they cry going “I didn’t fill out the form, why are you calling me all the time?” or they buy going hey, let’s go ahead move forward or they die, meaning they’re physically dead and gone and their survivor will answer the phone going, “Leroy has passed.”

Speaker 2: Oh, well Leroy wanted to buy this so I guess-

Speaker 1: Would you want to sign up?

Speaker 2: Yeah, would you want to sign up?

Speaker 1: All right, so when we come back what’s going to happen is our guest today he is going to be telling us everything there is to know about his cause, his organization. It’s Mr. Garland McWatters. He’s going to be getting into the details of the Nextgen Project because he celebrates Oklahoman’s who have actually done the thing. They had the big idea but they’ve executed it and they’re having success and, Garland, they’re under the age of 30, right?

Speaker 3: Some of them are, not all.

Speaker 1: Not all. [crosstalk 01:05:06].

Speaker 3: Not all.

Speaker 1: What’s the cut off for the age?

Speaker 3: There is no cut off, but I really look for the young ones.

Speaker 1: If someone’s like in their late 60’s but a youthful late 60’s.

Speaker 3: Absolutely, they’re still doing great things. Hey look at me.

Speaker 1: All right, Z, when we come back we’re going to learn all about the Nextgen Project. Stay tuned.

All right Thrive Nation, welcome back into the business coach conversation. Soccer moms, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show, and why am I talking about soccer moms? Well if you missed it, we were talking about how to market effectively via Facebook and how to market effectively just overall and one thing that we talked about was you have to know your demographic, and inside the box that rocks I am joined with Dr. Robert Zoellner, a man who has built his entire optometry empire based upon the loyalty and really the success of marketing to soccer moms. Z, if you didn’t determine your demographic very early on, I mean if you were trying to run ads like in Gun and Ammo Weekly or something, your business might be very different at this point.

Speaker 2: We’d probably have like two or three guys with like beards and cammo with little shifty eyes come in there per your day, you know, and like, “Hey, man, do you have a room right in the back corner where I could sit watching everything and get my eyes examined at the same time? Who’s that behind me? Like don’t walk up behind me.”

Speaker 1: Do you get mailers from Atwoods?

Speaker 2: No, I don’t.

Speaker 1: You don’t really?

Speaker 2: No.

Speaker 1: Do you get it there Coach?

Speaker 4: Yeah, I do.

Speaker 1: Do you get mailers?

Speaker 4: Mm-hmm.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: I might get them, I just don’t always look at the mail so.

Business coach 1: Garland, do you get mailers from Atwood’s?

Speaker 3: I don’t know. I don’t look at the mail.

Speaker 1: Really?

Speaker 3: No.

Speaker 1: Really? Not at all?

Speaker 3: Not hardly. No.

Speaker 1: Well, I’ll tell you, one of the things I look forward to a lot is the mailers from Atwoods, because we have chickens, we have bunnies-

Speaker 4: I like Atwoods.

Speaker 1: We have cats, and they always have a gun on sale, a tree on sale, rock formations on sale, a fountain on sale, hay. Z, bedding for chickens. I mean they have the whole game on lock. They have beef jerky. Unbelievable. I love that publication.

Speaker 2: Well I can see why. I mean you’re right in there, boom. You’re the demographic. I love the part where you said they have stuff for chickens, you have your chickens. By the way, have you gotten rid of your bobcat problem?

Speaker 1: We have a trapper who keeps trapping things that are not the bobcat.

Business coach 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: What’s happening is my wife goes hey, “What are you going to do with that armadillo? What are you going to do with that possum?” Or what are you going to do with that … Because he catches something every day and he recently has said, “Ma’am, I don’t want to talk about it.” and then what we found out that he said to the three daughters-

Speaker 2: He’s relocating them.

Speaker 1: He fed them to his dogs, and I guess like it just rocked the mind of-

Speaker 2: Oh, you can’t tell little girls that.

Speaker 1: Yeah, and, so-

Speaker 2: It’s the proper 101.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you can’t say you’re feeding the possum to the dog.

Speaker 2: No, you’re taking them to a better place, you’re relocating them.

Speaker 1: Okay, so here we are on the Thrive Time Show. We like to celebrate great Oklahomies. People who are making a difference right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we have today on the show Garland McWatters. Now, he’s a personal development and business coach expert and he has started this thing called the Nextgen Project. Garland can you tell us about this project, my friend?

Speaker 3: Well, as we were talking in the last segment about knowing your audience and things, a lot of deja vu stuff was going through my mind because when I moved back to Oklahoma, one thing I realized after living in Oklahoma over 30 years ago was that Oklahoma doesn’t know its demographic. It’s skewing itself still toward the older people, toward the people who in a sense have already made it. They’re in their 50’s and 60’s and so forth and they’re the ones who are leading all the think tanks, and they’re the ones who are giving all of the … Getting all the effort and attention into deciding what the future of Oklahoma is going to be and building the vision for Oklahoma and no one’s asking the people who’s going to live here in the future. No one’s asking the under 30’s or in the young 30’s, the Millennial generation.

They’re acting like they’re not really there, but they’re already 35% of the population, pretty soon they’ll be 50% of it. They’re 35% of the voting age people. They are a powerful … They’re the largest generation that has ever been in the United States and they’re just being ignored and so we decided that if we’re going to get people to stay in Oklahoma we need to recognize that generation and know our market, and our basic market is young people between the ages of about 25 and 33, so all of our programming is geared toward the things that they want to do and that’s what we’re trying to roll out an offer around the state now, how to connect these young people in that age group with their communities to get them engaged in their communities, to participate in the communities, and to live and thrive in their communities.

Speaker 1: If somebody wants to learn more about your organization where can they find out more information, my friend?

Speaker 3: gives you the whole kit and caboodle about where it came from, where it is now and where it’s going.


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