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The Vision of a Business Coach

Super Business coach Clay Clark: SO you had this vision in your mind of what it’s gonna look like and then Vanessa over here had a vision for what she wanted her kitchen to look like, right? So, Vanessa I wanna ask you, what is the way, how do you, cause you have a lot going on, you’re obviously a mom of five kids. You obviously help with a lot of the accounting. There’s so many different hats you wear as a business coach, owner, or entrepreneur. We’ve got a video shoots we schedule for the thrivers and photography shoots and radio shoots and podcast shoots. You schedule all that stuff. How do you remember it all? Where do you keep your big to-do list?

Business Coach 292

Vanessa: So, you put items on my to-do list. I add items to my own to-do list. People who are constantly adding to my list so I check it every day and kinda see what’s new, what needs to be done. And then I look at what is top priority, must be done like this minute and then the rest that can be done later on that day. So, I just check it every day and we actually use is an Excel sheet. And so, it’s constantly changing and just being added to. I also put, if there’s some family things that are out of the ordinary, I’ll put it on there. Otherwise, if they’re weekly occurring in my schedule, like taking the kids to lessons I have that memorized I guess. That’s my mom hat. You just kinda know and take them.

Clay Clark: Well planning our son’s big birthday party. I get the water slide, you gotta get the homies over there, gotta get the cake. All these things we have to do and I’m just telling you cause I don’t wanna be a bad dad, but I would forget major things if I don’t put it on the to-do list. And Z, I, Z do you know why cause I’ve coached with hundreds of clients. Do you know why it is, why most people don’t try to use a to-do list or some kind of bucket to dump their ideas in and why they’re trying to memorize things? Do you know why that is?

Dr. Zoellner: Cause they don’t know any better? Cause that’s what they been taught. Because that’s what really smart people do.

Clay Clark: Yes, that’s the idea. They think that smart people have it all memorized. I’ll give you an example. There was one thriver, you probably remember this situation. There was a thriver who had asked you what kind of insurances that you take. Or how do, there’s something about what insurances do you take over there at the Robert Zellner and associates. And your response to that was what?

Dr. Zellner: I don’t know. But I know somebody who does know. Call this person, ask for this person and the day I have to know all that I’m gonna fire somebody.

Clay Clark: And I will tell you what, one thing that frustrated-

Dr. Zoellner: Did that sound mean?

Clay Clark: No, no this is true. Back in the day, when Rockefeller had to go to court for the monopolies that he was creating, he frustrated attorneys endlessly, cause they said, Mr. Rockefeller, do you own such and such llc? And he says, I don’t know. And they’re like, did you order yada, yada? And he says, I don’t recall. And they’re going okay, do you own this subsidy of that company? I’m not sure. He honestly did not know and the issue was is when he grew the company, he was, if you took business coach Bill Gate’s net worth and you multiplied that times 20, that’s what his net worth would be. He’d be the wealthiest man in the world times a factor of 20. You just can’t build something that big and be focused on the myopic details of trying to memorize everything. So, what advice, what encouragement, Z would you give to the thriver out there who’s prided themselves on memorizing everything forever? What advice would you give to them?

Dr. Zellner: Well, congratulations. The problem is you probably don’t even remember what you don’t remember that you’re supposed to remember. I would challenge you, that if you want to be an entrepreneur, or a business coach, if you want to start and grow your business, we know a lot of you listening to this show want to, right? If you don’t have a to-do list, make one today. That’s the challenge I’m gonna give you. Get out a piece of paper. What? A piece of paper?

Clay Clark: Do people still use paper?

Dr. Zellner: Use paper, and you can use, I’m like Clay. Clay likes writing little small font that nobody else can read and he’s gotta have these decoder glasses to even see what he wrote himself.

Clay Clark: That I buy from Dr. Zoellner and associates.

Dr. Zellner: Yeah, exactly. You know, but I used to have my little to-do list and it was a thing, and what was fun was checking stuff off of it. That was really cool.

Clay Clark: It’s almost an inappropriate endorphin rush that I feel, that I can’t, this is a family show. I can’t relate to the experience of crossing stuff off. I can’t say what it really relates to. All I can say is-

Vanessa: It’s non-relatable, really.

Clay Clark: Yeah, it’s a endorphin rush. It’s a climactic experience, I’ll say. Now, when we come back we’re gonna be teaching you more about how to get stuff done. But during the break, go to and check it out. Go to, click on the conferences button, and reserve your seats for our next in person workshop. It’s a game changer, check it out. for more business coach tips


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