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Thrive Nation Business Coach Teams

All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back into the conversation from your business coach. This is your chance to be mentored by people who know the way, who go the way, and put it all on display. I mean Dr. Z and I, we’re not perfect, we’re not error proof, but I will tell you one thing that we’ve been able to do is produce a lot of fruit in our lives and many of you who are listening go you might say I think that crazy guy’s company DJ.’d my wedding. Maybe you might look across the dinner table and say I think that crazy guy’s company is cutting my husband’s hair. You might be saying I think I bought those glasses from that optometrist guy. I think I bought that car from his auction. I think my kids go to that basketball camp. Because we now have the founder of SCORE basketball Coach Calvert has now joined us inside the box that rocks as well. Sir, how are you doing?

Business Coach 265

Speaker 4: It’s Final Four season so I’m doing great, how’s the business coach team doing?.

Speaker 1: Now, Final Four talk to me about what is your feeling about the way the games have been going? What did you like? I mean, let’s just hit the first couple rounds. Is there any game you saw that you said, “Now that was awesome.”

Speaker 4: Well, isn’t it interesting that Kansas blew through everybody, and then the first time they ran into resistance they fell apart? I thought that was really interesting.

Speaker 1: I think that … Z, I know nothing about Kansas and I know nothing about really the whole March Madness, so I have nothing to add to that other than just to say you’re probably right.

Speaker 4: Probably.

Speaker 1: Z, do you have … Did you harshly disagree? Do you have a strong-

Speaker 2: No, I tell you what? I’m a big, big, big fan of Bill Self. He used to coach here at Tulsa University.

Speaker 1: True story, I know that.

Speaker 2: Back in the day and the team is doing really well I really admired him and thought it was a great coach and obviously a great person and I had six seats on the front row and I’d go to all the games and was just a big fan and then of course you know he went to … He actually went to Illinois.

Speaker 4: Illinois.

Speaker 2: First, and then came back went to Kansas and so I root for them, but yes I was surprised he let the team kind of fall apart. I mean, he’s normally a better motivator than that. Anyway I was very surprised just like you were Coach, that Kansas caught a little resistance and then just you know.

Speaker 1: Are you guys calling out Coach Self? Is that’s what’s going on here?

Speaker 2: No, no, no. Now that you’re giving him props, I’m just saying I’m surprised that his team, you know, rolled over and just, you know, showed their soft underbellies as quickly as they did.

Speaker 1: Coach I just want you to know Coach Self, if you’re listening, I want you to know that I thought your team overachieved all year. Although I don’t know the players that are on your team-

Speaker 4: Even though they had the player of the year.

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4: They have a incredible business coach system –

Speaker 1: I’m sure he had a ton of personal problems and he just coached them to victory and then you ran into a spiritual force that you could not … I mean who can overcome a spiritual force? I mean it’s almost a spiritual force of negativity. Z, there’s a law of attraction, he ran into the law of repulsion and he just couldn’t do anything with that, so anyway I just want you guys to know anybody out there who knows Bill Self. Bill Self, I’ve got your back. These guys are just putting you under that bus, but not me. I’m a shameless apologist and I’m glad to know that you’re … You had in fact coached a basketball team.

Okay, so now we’re talking today about … We’re answering the questions from Thrivers just like you and we’re also talking about wins from Thrivers like you. Now, Z we’re going to get into Facebook ads because that’s a big part of the marketing component. For Coach Calvert it was SCORE basketball and so many of the Thrivers and business coach listeners out there, so Z, I’m going to break it down into five parts and I want you to pontificate. Are you ready to pontificate, sir?

Speaker 2: I’m ready. I have my pontification voice set to go.


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