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Thriving Business Coach, Thriving Businesses

Thrive Time Show on your radio. All right. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. I did start from the bottom and now I am here as a top business coach. My name is Clay Clark, the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and now a business coach, the father of five kids and I am absolutely honored to have the opportunity to broadcast to you in Tulsa live and to you the listener all over the planet. In fact, moving forward I’m just gonna call you the Thriver. Because that’s what you are. You’re not a listener. You’re a Thriver. You’re a diligent doer. You’re the kind of person that, once you know what to do, you do it. You’ve always been that way. You’re always the person who says, listen, I might not be the smartest guy, but I’ll always outwork you. I will always do what I need to do.

Business Coach 213

And so on this show, we’re talking about how you specifically can live a life by design. To live a life on purpose. To live a life of intentionality. We’re talking about purpose. And so once you know your purpose, there’s seven steps that you must take to guarantee your success.

One is you have to recognize- step number one, you have to recognize- step one, you recognize the negative powers of drifting and you must commit to not drifting. You have to understand that that’s a huge issue. That’s like the number one reason that people don’t succeed is they just drift.

Society says, “oh, you need to get a degree,” and you’re thinking, well I don’t know if I need a degree. But you get a degree and now you have student debt. And then you want to do something else with your career, but then you go, well I already have a degree in this subject … And then society comes along and says, “well, Greg, you already have a degree in that so you should probably do that for a living.”

And then you think about buying an old car, paying cash for it, having no debt because you’ve listened to some Dave Ramsey. And then society comes along and says, “No, you should finance a brand new hybrid Prius to be a responsible human.”

And then you say, you know maybe I want to live debt free, I want to live like one of those small tiny homes or something where I can live debt free. And then society comes along and says, “You need to get a mortgage and guess what? You’re pre-qualified to pay off a mortgage until you die!”

And that is how the average American, okay, the average American according to USA Today- this is not good stuff. The average American- seven out of ten Americans have less than $1000 saved. According to The Atlantic, the average American has less than $400 saved. And according to Gallup- How did we get here? I mean how did we get here? We got here by drifting. According to Gallup, 13% of people like their job. Everybody else is not liking their job.

So you’ve got fight for the life that you want. So write down your F6 goals, your goals for your faith, your goals for your family, your goals for you finances, your goals for your fitness, your friendships, and fun. And if you missed those F6, again that’s faith, family, finances, fitness, fun, faith, family, finances, friendships, fitness, fun. That is the F6, okay.

Now the next thing, step number three is that you must avoid the hypnotic rhythm of failure by living a non-purposeful and non-intentional life. You must avoid the hypnotic rhythm. So here’s the rhythm that I see all over the planet all the time. Here it is.

I’m gonna go to work because that’s what I’m supposed to do. Then I’m going to- when I come home from work, I’m gonna basically honor a bunch of obligations. I’m gonna do a bunch of things that I didn’t sign up for, but I’m gonna go ahead and do those obligations. And then I’m going to- So here’s an example.

My son decided to play hockey. And one of the things is like, hey, you know, the parents as a- you know. Because you’re a parent of a hockey player, we need you guys to- one of you parents needs to go to the store and get ice cream or get carbonated beverages for the kids, and candy bars. That way after the game all the kids have refreshments. Well that seems- to me it seems like a reasonable ask, except I didn’t sign up for it. I don’t want to do it. No. So I’ll pay for them, I’ll gladly donate money to the cause, but I’m not gonna go- I have a very busy schedule! You do, too. I’m not gonna take time out of my schedule to drive around like a wild man right after work at five o’clock and you drive around to Walgreens or Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club or wherever, and to try or make- what is the one? It is over there, you can picture- Walgreens, you’ve got CVS, you know.

I don’t want to drive around picking up refreshments! I’m not gonna do that! I am a business coach, I have stuff to do!

My homeowners association. We have a monthly meeting. We’re gonna meet and talk about the association and what we’re gonna do and our plans to modify the pool. We’re going to make our home association great again. Well nope, like I said I am a business coach. That’s why I’m no longer in a home owners association. That’s why I live off the grid, but that crap used to fill up my schedule.

And then the Chamber of Commerce has a monthly meeting, the state of the state where the mayor’s gonna come in and tell us how he’s gonna fix everything, all the new regulations they’re passing. They’re gonna make it more difficult for people like you and me to do business. I used to go to that stuff! Legislation meetings, legislative meetings. Meetings for my association, meetings with my peer group, meetings with- Get out of here! As a business coach, who has the time??

I’m saying, now I live a very purposeful life. But I’m telling you if you’re not careful, you’re going to drift and your schedule’s just going to get filled with all this crap that society says you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to watch the news. You’ve got to watch the news.

Let me just go to our local news and read you what you’re missing if you don’t watch the news. Because I think it’s powerful, I think we need to know, if we miss the news, if we’re gonna be complete morons and miss the news, here’s what you’re missing out on today. And hopefully it doesn’t auto-play the stupid video that it’s gonna show. But I’m gonna read you the local news here that we’d be missing.

Okay. “Severe weather is possible.” I mean isn’t severe weather always possible at some point? I don’t know. Maybe I’ve never, not one time in my entire life, that I can think of, since I’ve been like 18 years old, since I could make decisions- I’ve never looked at a weather report and thought, well I’ll let that get in the way of what I had planned.

If you own a business, work with me on this. Years ago we had this crazy snow storm in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was like multiple feet of snow, and you know what I did? I went to Lowe’s, I bought generators, and I fired up our call center because the clients we’re working with in different states, Florida, Texas, if you’re a listener right now in California- you don’t care what the weather’s like in Tulsa, Oklahoma! You just want great customer service. And so that’s what we did.

Then it says, “Police found man dead inside a North Tulsa home.” Doesn’t that happen every day? Isn’t- They always find a man dead! They found a man dead in Broken Arrow. They found a man dead in Tulsa. I mean, that doesn’t help me to know that.

Then it says, “At least one dead, more than a dozen injured critically in a shooting accident in Cincinnati. “What am I- why am I watching this stuff?

My friend, we’re not gonna be young forever. We’ve got to understand that life is not a dress rehearsal. We’ve got to take the action to design the life that we want right now. Today is your day. And so to help just hammer this idea into your head, I’ve recorded a lyrical miracle for you. If I was more talented, then I would sing but I am a business coach not a singer. You want to hear it? Here it goes.


I throw it out, you can throw it back to my business coach face if you want to. Stay tuned.


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