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Waffle House or Business Coach

Dr. Zellner: You and I are a couple of business coach experts and we are passing each other at Waffle House. I’m actually leaving it to go home and go to sleep and you’re just, you’ve just awoken. That’s why sometimes I leave a little waffle behind for ya. I be like, I know Clay’s favorite booth and so I just leave, I don’t eat all my waffle and I just put a little note there.

Business Coach 279

Clay Clark: Do you like Waffle House?

Dr. Zellner: I been to it. I’m doing kind of a low carb thing, so it’s hard to do a low carb diet and go like to Waffle House or IHOP.

Clay Clark: What are you eating right now? What are you eating?

Dr. Zellner: Fish and vegetables a lot.

Clay Clark: Where are you getting all that fish? You going out to eat a lot? Are you making the fish? What’s your move?

Dr. Zellner: Oh, no. I’m not a cook. Are you kidding?

Clay Clark: Are you buying fish at Whole Foods? Where you getting your fish?

Dr. Zellner: Well, I normally would get it from restaurants. They’re places where they actually cook it for you.

Clay Clark: So you’re eating, at a lot of restaurants eating fish right now?

Dr. Zellner: Well, that or take out or sometimes I’ll go by Whole Foods or I’ll go and have it precooked and you just buy it and take it home, heat it up kinda stuff. You know what I mean.

Clay Clark: When did you decide to go low carb you business coach?

Dr. Zellner: I don’t know, a few months ago. It just kind of a healthy, I mean I’ve done kind of seasons of it and it’s just once you kind of get going down that and been kinda working out and kinda making the best version of me.

Clay Clark: Are you working out?

Dr. Zellner: Yeah, a little bit.

Clay Clark: Where you working out? Are you doing a lot of indoor soccer? What are you doing?

Dr. Zellner: This is 20 questions for your local business coach? Well, I’m actually doing stuff around the house you can do. Sit ups and push ups and then doing a little aerobic stuff, on the little things with the- I got shin splints. I don’t run as much, so, we’re going through the whole thing. Your gotta new trainer.

Clay Clark: I do, and what’s happening is I’m going in the mornings. 4 am, it’s a good time. I don’t have any excuses, I’m showing up. The problem is, there’s this lady today who is freaking jacked and she’s, I wanna get there at four but part of me wants to be there because I want to be the first one in.

Dr. Zellner: Oh yeah.

Clay Clark: I wanna be sweaty before other people show up. This lady’s already jacked. She’s already sweating. She’s already, and I’m going, no. What time did you, I’m thinking, what time, she had headphones on so gym etiquette, you don’t ask. But the trainer guy, he’s like, she’s been here for like an hour. I’m like, what does she do for a living? How is she here at 3-

So thrivers here’s the deal, this show is dedicated to helping you become the best you that you can be and if you wanna get your financial future in order, again Chris, what’s that website?


Clay Clark: And thrive nation, I’m gonna challenge you right now to do one thing, one action item. Go to and read the reviews about our business coach team. That’s all I’m asking you to do.

Dr. Zellner: Just read the reviews. And the great thing about our in person workshop, Clay, there’s two things that are great about it. One, we have scholarships. It’s $500 and you can bring three employees with you. But we have scholarships so if you say, listen, I can’t afford that just let us know. We’ll help you out. There’s no reason for you not to be here and the second one, when you come, we’re not gonna upsell you. We’re not here just to do a bunch of trickery on you to say hey, we’re really here to sell you the $10,000 secret to success. That ain’t gonna happen.

Clay Clark: I’ve noticed that a lot of people are reluctant to attend seminars because when you read the ripoff report, there’s all this high pressure, back of the room, that’s the normal THat’s the default in these speaking seminar realm, is high pressure back of the room upsells. But Z, that’s not our heart. That’s not what we’re about and we encourage you to go to and read those reviews. And, I encourage you to go check out A great website by some great guys, and get your financial future in line, Z. You gotta get it in line.

Dr. Zellner: You gotta plan for it. It’s not gonna happen magically.

Clay Clark: As always, three, two, one, boom.


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